Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Headlines in the News March 29, 2016

Peter Schiff- Two Down Two to Go.
Stockman CNBC Interview: Dead Cat Bounce Over, Bury The Cat!
Senator Probes $25 Billion in Federal Green-Energy Grants
Rubio’s Failure: How Our Broken Economy Fuels Voter Rage
Property Bubble Ghost Haunts Central Bankers Trying to Boost Prices
Cha-Ching: US, Cuba Ease Rules on Sending Cash
Ex-Cuban Prisoner Says Cuban Economy Thwarted by Its Own Policies
Flight Prices to Cuba Could Drop Almost 50% After US Travel Embargo is Fully Lifted
Michelle Obama’s Floral Outfits Cost 23x Average Annual Salary in Cuba
Here’s How this Family of Three Lives Well on a Single Income
Video clears Texas man of assaulting copâ€"did police commit perjury?
Z-Edge Z3 Full HD dashcams
Pope Francis Blames Weapons Manufacturers for Brussels Attack
Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP)
accurate model
Court ruling allows police to stop and question anyone within 100 miles of border
FBI employee charged with pointing a gun at woman’s head inside a restaurant
New Legislation Permits Authorities to Freeze Accounts and Use Them For Bail-ins
Taxing Yale’s Endowment - Liberal professors get an education in income redistribution
U.S. has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000
Keiser Report: Helicopter Money
June is off the table
SunEdison faces 'substantial risk' of bankruptcy
BP to cut 500 jobs in Houston
Sallie Mae To Offer Increasingly Popular Parent Student Loans
Major hospital chain targeted by hackers
A Universal Retirement Plan Could be Coming to California
Price Controls May Be On The Way
Gold-buying spree makes of Russia the world's largest consumer
The economic consequences of California’s $15 minimum wage
Lawmaker draws $71K salary from jail
Mortgage Lenders Prepare for the HELOC Wave
If consumers falter, so does the U.S. economy
Canadians against Trudeau's "bail in" scheme that lets banks steal your money
Goldman Sachs: The US Manufacturing Recession Might Be Over
How and Why Janet Yellen is Driving the Gold Train Much Higher
USDollar/USDX Index
Trend Forecaster’s Dire Warning: Massive Crash Will Wipe 12,000 Points Off Dow Jones By Late 2017
Dystopian Fiction of Yesterday is the NWO of Tomorrow: “The Shift is Toward Totalitarianism”
Urban Survival: When the Cities Fall Apart, These Strategies Will Keep You Alive

Energy Stories in the News Mar 29

Oil could fall back to low $30s or below: Analysts
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait agree to resume output at disputed oilfield
Rosneft is set to lower oil output, Russian minister says
Saudi Arabia loses oil market share in key countries
LNG from new US and Australia projects head to Middle East and South Asia
Chance to supply LNG to Japan fading fast: ambassador
Russia's Gazprom to cooperate with Fluxys on Europe's small-scale LNG market
Australia's cheap coal dilemma
Bangladesh to import coal from Indonesia, Australia
China's Biggest Coal Company Looks Overseas to Weather Downturn
Nuclear too costly and SA does not even need it
India to get over Rs 5,600 crore for development of solar parks by USAID, ADB
EDF ER signs UK wind turbine tower agreement
Qatar's QSTec to help Turkey develop solar industry
EDF Renewable Energy leads U.S. wind energy in 2015
US petroleum product exports continue to rise
Brazil ethanol prices fall as cane crushing gathers pace

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 29

Mar 29 Gold: Yen Lightning & Love Trade Thunder  Stewart Thomson 321gold   
Mar 29 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen 321gold   
Mar 29 Marc Faber: Gold Still Most Desirable Currency in Wake of Brussels Attack  SR   
Mar 29 Guessing the future without Say's law  GoldMoney   
Mar 29 'Rich Dad' author says the 2016 market collapse he foresaw in 2002 is coming  MW   
Mar 29 Eric Peters: How Government Ruined Cars  TDB   
Mar 29 Israeli soldier filmed executing wounded Palestinian man  Mondoweiss   
Mar 29 These bacteria can help you find rich platinum deposits  Mining   

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Headlines in the News March 23, 2016

Recession Time
Barely Half of Student Loans Are Being Repaid
The number that tells us the economy might be doomed
Orwellian economy? Millennials get paid like it’s 1984
What Comes Next Will Make 2008 Look Like A Stroll On A Warm Spring Day
Credit Card Debt Is at Dangerous Levels
Detroit, despite bankruptcy, launches “free” college
Record Breaking Silver Factors In 2015 Can Make 2016 Quite Interesting
Ron Paul: America Must Do This to Avoid an Economic Collapse
Epic oil glut gets worse
The Truth Behind the Affordable Care Act
Wall Street's 'Flash Crash' Trader Will be Extradited to the U.S.
Two Down â€" Two to Go
Keiser Report: Warnings from Confucius
US Economic Growth Is Not Accelerating
“The Greatest Crash Of Your Life Is Just Ahead…” â€" Harry Dent Warns
When $250,000 per year salary could qualify you for subsidized housing
Fed’s James Bullard: We Are Overshooting On Inflation
The great Visa Waver Program debate
Ford Boosts CEO Fields's Pay 17% Amid SUV Surge
Toys "R" Us employee accused by U.S. of $2 million card theft
USDollar/USDX Index
Surviving a Terror Attack: Strategies To Save Lives If the Worst Happens: “Run, Hide, Fight”
“The Cult of Cultural Marxism”: Foolish of the Forces They Are Ushering In to Destroy America
The View Hosts Admit Trump Was Right About Brussels: “I Can’t Believe It, He Seems Reasonable”
Terror in Brussels: 7 Questions The Media “Doesn’t Want You to Ask”
Video Technology Can Hack Faces in Real Time: “Why You Can’t Trust What You See On The News”

Energy Stories in the News Mar 23

India in final stage of talks with UAE for strategic crude oil storage tie-up
Baghdad calls for striking new oil deal with Erbil
Oil slips after U.S. stock build reasserts glut concerns
Saudi petrochemicals giant sees oil at $60 by year end
Oil Security Seen at Risk by IEA on `Historic' Spending Cuts
Russia's Novatek CEO admits sanctions hurt Yamal LNG, upbeat on plans
Woodside halts $40bn Browse FLNG development in Australia due to weak oil prices
Japan warns Canada LNG delays could cost contracts
Australia Newcastle 6,000 NAR Coal Soars as Japan Talks Positions Narrow
US' Corsa seeing 'signs of life' in met coal export market
India, France sign MoU for construction of six nuclear reactors at Jaitapur
China's state nuclear energy giant completes deal with Malaysian firm to buy clean energy assets
Swiss Energy Transition without Europe
GE Is Building America's First Offshore Wind Farm
U.S. oil states leading in wind power
87 MW of PV plants completed and connected to the grid in Japan

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 23

Mar 23 Whither Peak Silver?  Silver Analyst 321gold   
Mar 23 Here We Go Again: Government Ramps Up Borrowing As Private Sector Slows  John Rubino DollarCollapse   
Mar 23 Silver – A Long-Term Perspective  DI   
Mar 23 The Fed Calls its Bluff & Blesses Gold  MA   
Mar 23 My Cynicism with the Stock Market  JB   
Mar 23 Catalonia Nears Default, Threatens Spain's Debt  WolfStreet   
Mar 23 The housing bubble is getting ready to implode  MB360   
Mar 23 Home of Key Palestinian Witness in Dawabshe Terror Murders Destroyed in Arson Attack  RS   
Mar 23 Shipwreck believed to be part of Vasco da Gama's fleet  CNN   

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Headlines in the News March 16, 2016

World’s Second Largest Reinsurer Buys Gold, Hoards Cash To Counter Negative Interest Rates
Wall St. gains as Fed signals fewer rate hikes for year
The War on Cash Is Already Lost
China to Close 240 Steel Mills, Fire More Than 1 Million Workers
Debate heats up about Fed policy after March meeting - with Peter Schiff
QE Program â€" An Embarrassment Of Stitches
Here Is What Janet Yellen Answered When Steve Liesman Asked If The Fed "Has A Credibility Problem"
JPMorgan and Citigroup Investors Are Asked to Vote on Breaking Up the Banks
LivingSocial Lays Off 280
Best Bet for Gold? U.S. Global CEO says This Candidate Sticks Out
Former Fed Employee Avoids Jail, Gets $2,000 Fine For Stealing Fed Secrets On Behalf Of Goldman Sachs
Carl’s Jr.'s CEO says he dreams of a day when human workers are obsolete
Michael Pento-Global Currency Depreciation Derby-Gold Big Winner
Is America Facing Another Real Estate Bubble?
Citigroup Mulling Job Cuts, Numbers to Base on Q1 Results
Americans fear a life of 'dead-end crap jobs with crap wages'
Doctors On Demand: Would You Use an Uber for Doctors?
UBS to cut around 300 investment banking jobs
Largest U.S. Coal Producer On The Edge Of Bankruptcy
US inflation rears its ugly head as global cycle nears danger zone
Big-Oil Bailout Begins as Debt Spirals Down
The Fed under Yellen and the gold trade
USDollar/USDX Index
‘Thunderstorm Spiral': Pentagon Trains for Underground War/Disaster In Densely-Populated MegaCities
Trump is Riding a “Rising Tide of Discontent Within the U.S.,” But Can He Really Change Things?
China’s 7,000 Year Old Strategy Hints That A Massive Move Is Coming : “Largest Gold Rally Of Our Lifetime… It Will Go Ballistic”
How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse?
Self-Driving Cars Programmed to Sacrifice As They Hit the Road: “Someone Is Going to Die”

Energy Stories in the News Mar 16

Freezing crude oil supply won't rebound oil price – Experts warn Nigerians, others
Iran, Greece seal oil sale deal
Oil up 4 percent as OPEC firms up meet, U.S. gasoline demand soars
A new oil discovery in Kenya is "very encouraging indeed" for its export ambitions
Fuel oil play yields near-record volumes in March, discounts flip to premiums
Singapore LNG Buyers To Be Allowed To Import Up To 10% From Spot Market
Repsol scraps plans to convert Canaport LNG to export gas
Decision time for Trudeau: climate commitments or LNG legacy
Two Czech firms bid for Vattenfall's German coal and power business
Peabody, the U.S's Biggest Coal Miner, May Seek Chapter 11
Reliance Power gets nod to mine more coal from Sasan coal blocks
No New Nuclear Power Plants Should Come up in India: Karat
ESKOM: We're Ready for Nuclear Project
Nigeria To Partner IAEA, NAEC On Law To Use Nuclear Energy For Power Generation
Gamesa bags 20 MW solar power project in Sri Lanka
Siemens to Build Wind Turbine Blade Factory in Tangier
US home installs drive 2015 growth; Europe's solar firms call for 35% green energy target
Bringing up the throttle on cellulosic ethanol
Brazil hydrous, anhydrous ethanol remains firm

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 16

Mar 16 Gold Miners: A Correction in The Wind  Bob Kirtley 321gold   
Mar 16 Voting to Destroy the Establishment  TBP   
Mar 16 Zika, ZIRP, and NIRP Viruses  DI   
Mar 16 Gold is the only sound money  GoldMoney   
Mar 16 Protect Your Wealth – Buy Gold Before It Reaches $2,000  GOLDswitzerland   
Mar 16 Novo [web] Advances Toward Test Mining at Beatons Creek  NVO   
Mar 16 Torchlight [web] Unlocking value into the oil bear  EnergyReport   
Mar 16 Great Quest [web] Receives Second Tranche of Convertible Loan  Yahoo!   
Mar 16 The 80/20 Rule and How It Can Change Your Life  Forbes   
Mar 16 Global Liquidity Falls to 2008 Crisis Level  FS   
Mar 16 Haaretz Columnists Propose Genocide In Lebanon  MPN   
Mar 16 This guy stumbled upon an ancient underground city...  Brightside   

Monday, March 14, 2016

Headlines in the News March 14, 2016

Food Stamp Beneficiaries Exceed 45M for 56 Straight Months
Hold off on buying forever stamps until after April 10th Senators Accuse State Department of Defying Congress with $500M UN Climate Payment
Puerto Rico’s Game is Rigged
Blue Cross Parent Lost $1.5B on Individual Health Plans Last Year
Maine Nonprofit Health Insurer Lost $31M in 2015
Oil Rally is Too Little, Too Late for Cash-Strapped Producers
Grexit Back on the Agenda Again as Greek Economy Unravels
Chinese Steelmaker Readies 50,000 Job Cuts as Industry Crisis Deepens<\a> (The Telegraph) Excerpt: “…Chinese steel companies have debts of $520bn, mainly held by Beijing-backed banks, noting: ‘Do Chinese banks and policymakers have the stomach to manage an impending default crisis that will naturally come alongside steel plant closures?'” If You Press 1 When You Get This Robocall, It Will Open You Up to Identity Theft
Chaffetz wants to take guns away from ‘Rambo’ BLM, Forest Service agents
Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Unflinching Faith in America
A remarkable, tasty, healthy treat when TSHTF Hubertus Knabe: The dark secrets of a surveillance state
There coming to take me away, ha, ha!
Avon to cut 2,500 jobs, shift headquarters from NYC to UK
Evidence Mounts for U.S. Recession in 2016
The US economy is levering up, and that's great news
Government: Is it Ever Big Enough?
Layoff Warning Notices Sent To 45,700 State Of Connecticut Workers
Your Personal Gold Standard
China Burns Hedge Funds as $562 Million Yuan Bet Turns Worthless
$10 billion lost in one day as LinkedIn shares plunge
Is Italy the Next Greece?
10,000 jobs are set to disappear from Wall Street this year
Estimated $9.2 Billion Expected To Be Wagered On March Madness In 2016
More than 100 illegal immigrants charged with murder after release since 2010
Will Gold Prices Hit $6,500 by 2019?
CNBC’s Santelli Decries Anti-Wall Street Sentiment: ‘Maybe We Should Shut Wall Street Down for 24 Hours
Marijuana economy may hit $44 billion by 2020
Morgan Stanley: Global recession risk rises 30% this year
Americans don't think inflation is dead
Chicago Political Violence: Whose Fault?
Chipotle co-CEOs still make $14M after 50% pay cut
Why the Fed can't fix the economy
USDollar/USDX Index
How to Dress to Avoid Suspicion, Blend In During a Crisis: “Be a Grey Man”
Law Enforcement Turn to NSA Surveillance Data to Track Crime: “It Was Only A Matter of Time”
Action Star Jean-Claude Van Damme Calls Out Rockefeller/Rothschild Puppet Masters Who “Won’t Let Trump Win”

Energy Stories in the News Mar 14

Saudi oil output steady in Feb after preliminary freeze deal
Iran says 'leave us alone' on oil freeze
Oil producer meeting on output freeze likely to be in mid-April
China To Request For More Nigerian Crude Oil
Oil starts pumping from world's northernmost rig
India Oil Demand Seen `Taking Off' as China Crude Growth Fades
Armenia still in talks over Russian gas price reduction: Minister
PTT insists LNG fuel safe after Bangkok bans usage in commuter boats
EGAS issues delayed payment to LNG suppliers
India delays plans to open up coal sector to private firms
China coal protests highlight overcapacity tensions
Mapping Antarctica's coal
EU Approves Nuclear Plants Partnership
French nuclear-build bidders will seek private partnerships
A Nuclear Deal for Pakistan?
South Australia Urged to Dump Nuclear Waste Plan
Chile hands environmental permit to 600MW solar project
South Africa turns on R5 billion Saudi-built solar to cut coal reliance
Western Australian eye off-grid solar+storage in wake of bushfires
Global cellulosic ethanol developments
Climate Change Deal Could Boost Ethanol Push
U.S. Gasoline Demand Sizzles

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 14

Mar 14 Gold & Silver COT Update - Get 30,000 Coffins Ready. . .  CliveMaund   
Mar 14 BSBSB This past week in gold  Jack Chan 321gold   
Mar 14 Special Update - The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen 321gold   
Mar 14 Welcome To The Currency War, Part 22: China Devaluation Watch  DollarCollapse   
Mar 14 Gold Firms as the Euro Squirms  Demeadville   
Mar 14 Defiance [web] Drilling Success Rate at San Acacio  DEF   
Mar 14 Bearishness Is Strictly For Informed Optimists  HussmanFunds   
Mar 14 Pictorial Essay: Message to the Voting Cattle  TBP   
Mar 14 McGraw-Hill Destroys Textbook After Complaints That Maps Are Anti-Israel  AlterNet   
Mar 14 11 examples of China making large-scale knock-offs of world-famous buildings  BI   

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Headlines in the News March 10, 2016

Death Of Paper Gold Picks Up Speed Big Time Today
President Obama Calls Surprise Meeting With Financial Stability Oversight Council
Thanks, Bush and Obama: 1 in 7 Americans Were on Food Stamps in 2015
The Hurdles to Getting US Workers Off the Sidelines
Medicaid Enrollment Surges Across the US
How Puerto Rico Got Into Its Current Financial Mess
Venezuela Struggles to Contain Zika Outbreak Amid Economic Crisis
Faith in “Healing” Central Banks Has Faded: BIS
Untapped Loans Double Canadian Banks’ Oil Exposure to $80B
Hackers Successfully Target Apple Computers with “Ransomware” for the First Time
Beheadings, imprisonment made 2015 worst year for Christian persecution, report finds
Churches Under a Curse
Honey Badger Wheel
Heizer’s Pocket Pistol
Owner Of Jos. A. Bank, Men’s Wearhouse Closing 250 Stores This Year
Central banks' steroids aren't working
U.S. Recession Chances Double
The real economy and markets are so far apart they look like 'two parallel realities'
Worries About China’s Economic Reform Progress Grow
GE shows how to make shareholders richer and retirees poorer
Gold could hit US$8,000
Anadarko Cuts 1,000 Jobs as It Idles Drilling Rigs, Sells Assets
A Rate Hike Next Week Is Still on the Table
ECB’s unconventional means explained
Deere to Cut 125 Jobs at Two Iowa Plants
March Madness Could Cost Employers $4 Billion
And Then There Was None: Canada Sells its Gold
A looming job fear: The rise of robots
Gold’s Sustainable Rally Coming, But Not Right Now: CPM Group’s Christian
Halliburton cutting back again, but not cutting jobs
The Fed's Dilemma: The Wrong Kind of Inflation
ECB fires monetary bazooka, markets unimpressed
USDollar/USDX Index
What Happens to Nuclear Power Plants Following an EMP?
Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Warns: Prepare For The Panic Of 2016: “History Will Remember This”
Drought-Stricken L.A. Admits to Using Weather Modification “To Produce More Rain”
Schiff: Obama Caught “Peddling Fiction” to Hide Pre-Election Recession
Urged by Obama, Illegal Immigrants Line Up to Vote Against Trump: “Donald Trump Never!”

Energy Stories in the News Mar 10

Iran offers Kurdistan region oil shipment through Persian Gulf
OPEC cuts unlikely before US, Russia, Iraq reduce output: FGE
Oil producers' meeting on output freeze postponed in Ecuador
Iran seeks to reassure oil investors
Russia's Novatek to launch 1st Yamal LNG train with no additional financing
India allows free pricing of natural gas for new projects
Minister: Azerbaijan's gas reserves enough to fill Southern Gas Corridor
Petronas Creates Offshore LNG Facility
Chevron starts mega-LNG project in Australia
Thermal Coal Imports at INndian State-Run Ports Over Apr-Feb Rise 13% on Year: IPA
Chamber of Mines applauds coal industry's improved safety performance
TransCanada dropping coal could cost consumers $500M, says Gary Reynolds
Coal Is Losing the Battle for the U.S. Market — Badly
Japan 'cannot do without` nuclear power: Abe
Unit 1 in UAE's first nuclear plant set to be completed next year
China boosts solar and wind energy in 2015
Europe's largest solar cell array floating on a reservoir near you
The US Solar Market Is Growing Ridiculously Fast

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 10

Mar 10 Are We "Topping"?  Avi Gilburt 321gold   
Mar 10 Stocks bear market to begin in earnest  Ken Ticehurst 321gold   
Mar 10 Inside the $4.8M gold bar heist  DM   
Mar 10 Why a Brexit Could Be a Losing Proposition for Everyone  VisualCapitalist   
Mar 10 Lies, Damn Lies & BLS Statistics  TBP   
Mar 10 Novo [web] Announces Closing of Non-brokered Convertible Debenture Financing with Gold Redemption Right  NVO   
Mar 10 Western Poverty: A Crime-Against-Humanity Proven In One Picture  BBC   
Mar 10 America's Ruling Classes: No Fear, No Caution, No Prudence  OfTwoMinds   
Mar 10 Countdown to the Destruction in Syria? Timeline of US and Allied Interventions in Syria (1916-2016)  Shoah   
Mar 10 The Exceptional Underwater City of Cuba: A New Theory on its Origins – Part I  AncientOrigins   

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Headlines in the News March 09, 2016

Walmart's customers are too broke to shop, and it's sending the brand toward crisis
Cash Could Be Victim of Economic Collapse
Operation That Illegally Debited Consumers’ Bank Accounts Must Repay $43M
Patriotic Millionaires want higher taxes
Lockheed Martin aims to trim 1,000 jobs with voluntary buyouts
Peddling Fiction, Ignoring Fact - By Peter Schiff
Gregory Mannarino-System Already Failed & Coming Apart
US Economyâ€"â€"â€"- Still on the Edge
Bernanke: A Fresh Approach to Fiscal Stimulus Is China's Only Solution to the Impossible Trinity
Billionaire to central banks: We don't want negative rates
There Is No Spending Growth
Fundamentals Lining Up For Higher Gold Prices - Pershing Gold CEO
Economists Weigh In On Obama’s Claim Financial Regulations Are Working
When Did the Recession End?
Freezing of Tax Refunds on Pre-Paid Debit Cards Disrupts Finances of Thousands of Americans
What's next for gold?
IMF Says the Global Economy Could Soon Go Off the Rails
China’s Shocking Drop in Exports â€" What Does it Mean?
Fed Fischer - "We Injected Cocaine & Heroin Into The Markets For A Wealth Effect"
Consumers ran up big credit card bills last year
Largest Primary Silver Mine Productivity Falls To Lowest Ever
USDollar/USDX Index

Energy Stories in the News Mar 09

Iran: Oil exports hit 1.8 million bpd
Russia may be running out of oil
U.S. Oil Output Headed to Four-Year Low as Shale Boom Wanes
Iran plays hardball with European oil buyers, slowing exports
Russia's Novatek Sees Yamal LNG Financing in 2-3 Months
U.S. 2016 natgas production, consumption at record highs - EIA
Australian coal prices under pressure from sagging Chinese demand
China's Coal Consumption Drops
Outlook for Indian coal demand remains strong
Turkey's nuclear sector needs Chinese experience: official
SA nuclear power plans going ahead this month: report
Japan court issues injunction to halt Takahama nuclear reactors
Uranium price increase around corner as China and India look to nuclear to reduce carbon emissions
GE To Design Wind, Solar Energy Storage Project In India
India to add nearly 4,000 MW of solar power in 2016: Mercom Capital
U.S. Solar Growth Will More Than Double in 2016, Study Finds
New Ethanol Plant For Jamaica
Iran May Become Gasoline Exporter as Refinery Plans August Start
EIA lifts US gasoline demand outlook

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 09

Mar 09 Peddling Fiction, Ignoring Fact  Peter Schiff 321gold   
Mar 09 Investors Buy Gold ETFs at Record Pace  VisualCapitalist   
Mar 09 Rescuing America From Itself  Takimag   
Mar 09 A "Sell The News" Event in Gold is Approaching  EAG   
Mar 09 In Terms of Debt, the Situation Is Way Worse than 2007  FS   
Mar 09 Gold Standard Ventures [web] Announces Exercise of $7,468,804 in Warrants  GSV   
Mar 09 A Note Of Caution (And Ambiguity) On Precious Metals  John Rubino DollarCollapse   
Mar 09 242,000 Jobs Added in February: 304,000 of Them Were Part-Time  MishTalk   
Mar 09 Reviving Napoleon's Army: "Cry havoc, and let slip the Frogs of yore"  LR   
Mar 09 World's best and worst passports revealed  CNN   

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Headlines in the News March 08, 2016

Fed's Fischer warns that U.S. inflation could be accelerating
Obama: “America’s Pretty Darn Great Right Now”...
Former Disney employee speaks out
Troubled Companies on the Rise; Levels Near 2009 Peak
Fed’s Fischer and Brainard disagree on inflation threat
BlackRock gold fund faces penalties over unregistered share issue
Is There Trouble Brewing in the Car Loan Market?
There's a 'gathering storm' in the global economy, and central banks are running out of options
US Consumer Borrowing Growth Slows in January
America's B+ economy: Is this as good as it gets?
Gold rush! The yellow metal is in a bull market
The Collapse Of Italy’s Banks Threatens To Plunge The European Financial System Into Chaos
Why Silver, Not Gold, Is The Ultimate Safe Haven - David Morgan
Federal Reserve Bank Hacked, Possible $100 Million Theft
If we want more economic growth, we need more workers
Goldman Sachs: Get Ready for Labor to Crush Capital in the U.S.
61 Million Immigrants Living in the US
Why Jim Rogers is long on the greenback when he’s calling a dollar bubble
China: A 5-Year Plan And 50 Million Jobs Lost
How Much Do You Trust Big Banks?
Will Machines Take Over Finance?
USDollar/USDX Index

Energy Stories in the News Mar 08

Oil edges lower after Kuwait dents hopes for output freeze
Trade for an oil rally, not a trend change
Opec targets $50 oil as Brent rally stalls at $40
Shell repays Iran 1.77 billion euros debt for oil deliveries
Despite slowdown, China's oil imports surge
Turkey could import spot LNG beyond April
Chevron's Gorgon start-up to hurry along Asian spot LNG trade
US LNG exports force Russia's hand on energy strategy
Malaysia's Petronas threatening to abandon LNG project over new climate change rules
BHP Billiton cuts 290 jobs from coal mine in New South Wales Hunter Valley
India buying coal from U.S. companies despite Paris climate talks
JPMorgan Won't Back New Coal Mines to Combat Climate Change
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation holds forum to showcase its award-winning initiatives
Statoil Energy invests $3 million in United Wind
Iran has excellent potential for solar power: German study
STX France wins substation contract at 300 MW wind farm offshore Belgium
China Takes U.S. Ethanol Export Market by Storm
Canada's biofuels industry facing increasing headwinds despite climate change push

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 08

Mar 08 Gold's Rally: A Study In Perfection  Stewart Thomson 321gold   
Mar 08 Golden Cross of 50 and 200-day Averages in Gold...  Bob Hoye 321gold   
Mar 08 The Art of Peace  TBP    Should Read
Mar 08 Gold Stocks Reverse at Resistance Targets  TDG   
Mar 08 Gold Hits Our Target for the Year ... Already  Demeadville   
Mar 08 Novo [web] Closes $2.35-million private placement  StockWatch   
Mar 08 British Central Bank Head Accuses Brussels of Creating Depression  TDB   
Mar 08 Chart Of The Day: Subprime Auto Delinquencies Surging Higher  DSCC   
Mar 08 Why the Arabs Don't Want Us in Syria  Politico   
Mar 08 At least 2,079 Clinton emails contain classified material  MCDC   

Friday, March 4, 2016

Headlines in the News March 04, 2016

Economy adds surprisingly strong 242,000 jobs in February
Goldman Sachs layoffs have begun
Americans Are Buried Under a Mountain of Debt
Anadarko Slashes 80% Of Onshore Rigs, To Lay Off 95% Of Contractors
Market Won’t Be Able To Handle Another Fed Rate Hike Says Analyst
Odds of U.S. recession still seen as low
This development in the about the auto loan market could be a bad omen
More "flipping" leads to fears of another housing bubble
Millennials Hire Computers to Invest Their Money
Costco's business model is showing major weakness for the first time in years
Downsizing at Chicago Nabisco plant draws political spotlight
Calgary plumber finds $50K gold brick stored under bathtub
Keiser Report: Global Housing Bubbles
Obamacare: Rewarding States for ACA Exchange Failures?
They’re Back!!! Here Comes The Interest-only Mortgage … Again!
Computer Hackers Wanted…by the Pentagon
DiMartino Booth and Rickards on investing during volatility
U.S. productivity stuck in slow-growth mode
Job Cuts Continue to Rise In Energy Sector
A World Without Cash
USDollar/USDX Index

Energy Stories in the News Mar 04

Iran's Oil Market Return Not Yet Fulfilling Grand Promises
Facing record oversupply, U.S. oil looks for a home in Europe
Kremlin – work on oil output freeze must be continued with some big producers
Thailand's PTT scouts for cheap oil assets
Oil prices pull back ahead of U.S. jobs, oil data
Brazil January oil, natural gas output falls to 14-month low
Aust to become world leader in LNG
Alaskan LNG firm seeks export permit from Canada's energy regulator
Shale gale crushing natural gas prices
Rio Tinto ups Australian iron ore, coal reserves
South Korea expects record coal demand in 2016
India Doubles Tax On Coal Again
World's largest private coal company could maybe, finally go bust
Another Chance for Nuclear Power?
S. Korea, US to hold high-level nuclear energy panel session next month
Belarus to use nuclear power plant electricity domestically
India Plans To Add 12 GW Solar Power, 4.1 GW Wind Energy Capacity In 2016–2017
`Made in Germany' Means Money for Solar Panel Makers Eyeing Iran
Solar thermal panels latest to be hit by UK subsidy cuts
Europe's largest floating solar farm to open
Asian Gasoline Market Flooded With Suypply as Refiners Chase Positive Margins
Low gas prices could force more ethanol plants to cut production, close
Iran plans to increase daily production of Euro 4 gasoline
US oil refiners paid over $1 bn to produce ethanol-infused gasoline in 2015

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 04

Mar 04 Gold Stocks: Bull Flags & Pennants  Morris Hubbartt 321gold   
Mar 04 Can Silver See A Lower Low Without Gold and GDX?  Avi Gilburt 321gold   
Mar 04 Massive Gold Investment Buying  Adam Hamilton 321gold   
Mar 04 Graphite: What iPhones, NASCAR and Tesla Have in Common  StreetwiseReports   
Mar 04 Growth or Inflation?  NFTRH   
Mar 04 Here Comes The Red Swan And Other Reasons To Be Very Afraid  DSCC   
Mar 04 Investors, Creditors Getting Demolished by this Global Renewables Giant  WolfStreet   
Mar 04 Israel's Ethnic Cleansing of Its Parliament  CounterPunch   
Mar 04 You Only Think You Know The Story Behind History's Most Infamous Act Of Mass Cannibalism  ATII   

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Headlines in the News March 03, 2016

Goldman Sachs layoffs have begun
Odds of U.S. recession still seen as low
Anadarko Slashes 80% Of Onshore Rigs, To Lay Off 95% Of Contractors
Market Won’t Be Able To Handle Another Fed Rate Hike Says Analyst
This development in the about the auto loan market could be a bad omen
More "flipping" leads to fears of another housing bubble
Millennials Hire Computers to Invest Their Money
Americans Are Buried Under a Mountain of Debt
Costco's business model is showing major weakness for the first time in years
Downsizing at Chicago Nabisco plant draws political spotlight
Calgary plumber finds $50K gold brick stored under bathtub
Keiser Report: Global Housing Bubbles
Obamacare: Rewarding States for ACA Exchange Failures?
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Energy Stories in the News Mar 03

China 2016 crude oil import growth may exceed 800,000 bpd: analyst
Meeting on Doha Oil Output Freeze Deal to Take Place on March 20
21% rise in India's oil imports from Iran in February
Russia to freeze oil output at January level - Putin
ECONOMIST: OPEC is no longer a cartel — it's become 'the central bank of oil'
Iran to pipe gas to Iraq in March as LNG supplies to take years
Gazprom Germania Carries Out First LNG Bunkering at Rostock
US becomes a net natural gas exporter for a week with a shipment to Brazil
China's coal-fired capacity rises as more power plants idle
Gladstone Port's Feb Coal Exports to China Hit 7-Year Low at 150,000 MT
South African Jan Thermal Coal Exports Slip 7.2% on Year to 6.16 Mil MT
Hungary, UAE sign nuclear energy, business cooperation agreements
Seven IAEA missions yet to examine Belarusian nuclear power plant before launch
China's Renewable Energy Sector Surges While Coal Consumption Drops
Gamesa gets 12-MW solar order in India
Engie Awarded 40MW Solar Power Project in Peru
Asia to see first gasoline squeeze in more than 15 years
2 ethanol tankers among derailed cars in NY

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 03

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