Friday, July 22, 2016

The dumbed down internet - we need your input and your insight

Time for a little rant...  I spend a lot of time doing research, digging up facts, details, reviews, and information on topics, products, and ways to continue to improve my own preparedness.  Lately I have been finding a disturbing trend when doing internet searches for information, and for videos on YouTube.  EVERYTHING has gone commercial.  You do a search and about the only thing you get back are the same canned PR statements by the companies with all the various outlets down to blogs, and web sites that are not commercial entities.

This is reaching a new level of ridiculousness.  Don't real people post blogs anymore?  Don't real people do reviews anymore? Don't real people offer their opinions, insights, and experiences anymore online?  What was once a very powerful way to get information is becoming practically useless very quickly. 

The other thing is when you do a search you find the exact same public relations article, post, or advertisement repeated EVERYWHERE!  It is all the same canned, scripted nonsense.  The wild west of the internet is quickly being dumbed down and consolidated to very little is different and very little are people actually sharing anything of value.  It is as bad as watching the "news" on the TV.  All canned, scripted, with the intent of manipulating our thought process.  Nothing of value, no real input from real people. 

All I can says is that is is very sad to see the internet resources that are out there all being so lazy that we are losing one of the best things that ever happened for communication, information, education.  It makes me also realize that we all have something valuable to share and other people just like you are looking for your input.  Your thoughts, your ideas, your suggestions, your creativity, you caring to share online with the community.

I will try to do better in starting to share more of what sorts of things I am doing and posting some reviews and insights on things that I am trying, using, or investigating.  Hopefully by sharing it will help others as well.  The internet is quicly becoming sterile, and boring when we don't add our own individual uniqueness to the mix. 

Don't be a stranger.  Share with the community.  Offer insight that only you have!

Beware of the USD - learn about alternatives - Gold and Bitcoin

I know it may come as a surprise to some people, but the US dollar is backed by NOTHING... It is just digital or printed notes that are nothing but debt instruments used to manipulate the US government and governments around the world.  Every dollar that goes into circulation is issued as a debt by the Federal Reserve which is nothing more than the face of the international banks and the people I call the "money masters".  Money backed by nothing and can be inflated at will is called FIAT(no not the car company! HA!) currency.

Here is a news flash.  If you are issuing currency into existence you don't have to borrow it from a bank.  You can issue it directly, no debt attached.  You don't need banks at all.  Nor do you need a national debt.

Now be forewarned that letting this dirty little secret out of the bag while in a position of influence in government or a highly visible public figure will likely get you KILLED!  We can't have you going around issuing your own currency!

The point of this post is to raise awareness and to let you know that we need to use as many options as we can to not have all our eggs in the US dollar basket.  So have things you can barter, or skills you can trade.  Also look at alternative forms of currency outside of the international mafia of banking.  Some suggested ways you can do this is through precious metals which I know in times past I have talked about.  Also you can look at crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and many many others.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to invest in gold today is a company called Bitgold.  No, I don't have any affiliation with the company, and it is just a company that in fact makes it quite easy to invest in gold, even very very small amounts at your convenience and you can request they send the gold to you directly once you reach a minimum amount on hand.  You can have them send you bullion or even exchange them for coins like the Maple Leafs and Eagles for a fee.  It is very convenient and they will take US dollars or Bitcoin as payment.  Not an easier way that I know of to get into precious metals.  I don't recommend putting all your eggs into precious metals.  The market for them is too small and easy for the Federal Reserve and their minion banks to manipulate.  So I would only recommend a portion of your holdings in precious metals.

The next option I will touch on here is crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.  You can very easily convert USD into cryptos and there are lots of ways to do this.  My two favorite methods are through a company called, and another company called  You can link a bank account, or debit/credit card to your account and make purchases of Bitcoin.  Then transfer those funds to your own wallet which is done by installing software in your computer, tablet, or phone.  Then sending the funds to yourself.

This post isn't meant to be a tutorial on how to do these things.  I may follow up with a step by step example of how to use these services to help the beginner.  Again crypto markets are small so it would be easy for the monster banks to come in and manipulate prices by creating booms and bust cycles to drive people out.  So again only put a portion of your holdings in crypto currencies.

By holding other currency besides the USD, which is pure "faith" based debt that really is part of the international banking ponzi scheme, you are giving yourself some leverage in the event of national banking, international banking, or some other crisis making your holdings worthless, and your ability to feed you and your family practically impossible.  Don't trust the money masters.  They full well plan to collapse the fiat currencies in existence today to roll them up under regional currencies with a master currency as control.  People will be left with nothing before it is all said and done.  Don't get caught unaware.

Take the time now to learn about your options and how to ensure you have access to money.  The learning curve can be steep, so now is the time to Be Prepared!

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