Monday, June 29, 2015

Headlines in the News June 29, 2015

Nature Provides Novel Solution To Energy Storage Problem
A Wary Athens Awaits the Referendum on Austerity
Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Mounts With Key Deadline Just Week Away
Greece Update: Run On Banks Risks Leaving Them Cashless
The world is defenseless against the next financial crisis, warns BIS
Greek Capital Controls Begin: Greek Banks, Stock Market Will Not Open On Monday
Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny
Tom Hammond’s Soldering Tips
‘Sneak & peek’ warrants allow police to secretly enter homes without notice
Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country
Some 17,000 anti-bailout demonstrators rally in Greece
Puerto Rico governor calls for bankruptcy; adviser says island 'insolvent'
What Makes America Different?
Report Finds 100+ Products Labeled “Made In U.S.A.” That Were Made Elsewhere
Microsoft Said to Exit Display Ad Business, Cut 1,200 Jobs
China Resets The Currency Markets
S&P Downgrades Greece
Greek banks are bankrupt but who’s to blame for crisis?
The 99% did better last year; the 1% did great
Obama signs trade bills
Several Factors Could Impact Early Payrolls and Unemployment Report
$43.1 million intended for veterans sat unspent for 3 years, auditors find
Why Is Gold Not Reacting To Greece? - RBC's George Gero
Feds predicted surge of illegals, see another 127,000 this year
$15 Minimum Wage Advocacy Group Posts Job Paying $12.25 an Hour
Can China Save Greece - and the EU?
App Let’s You Track Anything, Even The Location Of President Obama, Pope Francis
What Do Rating Agencies Think about “Too-Big-to-Fail” Since Dodd-Frank?
The $3 Million Federal Grant to Cure ‘Pot Addiction’
Most Dangerous Time-Since the History of Economics, Gold and Silver Update and More!
U.S. Office of Personnel Management to suspend IT system after hack
Recession vs. Wealth Inequality
Panicked Hedge Funds Now Praying for a Miracle in Greece
Facts About The Tremendous Financial Devastation That We Are Seeing All Over The World
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Energy Stories in the News Jun 29

Greek worries push oil below $62 to three-week low
Gulf Keystone signs domestic oil sales contract in Iraqi Kurdistan
Baghdad-Erbil oil deal crumbling
U.S. light oil exports double in May, mostly to Europe
Pakistan likely to sign USD 2 billion LNG pipeline deal with Russia
Japan May LNG average import price hits lowest since 2009
China starts building spur to Power of Siberia gas pipeline - officials
Australia's coal miners struggle to tell a good story amid falling public opinion and prices
China's May thermal coal imports collapse 41% on-year to 6.48 mil mt
Britain, Canada to strengthen cooperation on nuclear energy
Germany's Oldest Remaining Nuclear Plant Shuts Down
Wind power installations expected to grow
Punjab invites investors to set up solar power projects
U.S. gasoline prices dip for first time in more than two months -survey

Precious Metals Stories in the News Jun 29

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Jun 29 The Financial Times blasts Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras in brutal editorial  BI   
Jun 29 Durable Returns, Transient Returns  HussmanFunds   
Jun 29 When Will US Debt Hit the Wall?  DI   
Jun 29 UN report on Gaza war includes stories of civilian executions, attacks on ambulances and targeting of humanitarian facilities  Mondoweiss   
Jun 29 Your Eyes See Everything Upside Down  MF   

Friday, June 26, 2015

Headlines in the News June 26, 2015

The Mystery Of The “Missing” Inflation Solved: Record Number Of US Renters Can’t Afford Housing
When Will US Debt Hit the Wall?
Forget Grexit, “Madame Frexit” Says France Is Next: French Presidential Frontrunner Wants Out Of “Failed” Euro
The Economy’s All Fixedâ€"â€"Only 70 Million Adults Teetering On The Edge Of Ruin
Chart Of The Day: Greece’s Money Goes Under The Mattress
Credit Market Warning- Chris Martenson
U.S. Power Grid Being Hit With ‘Increasing’ Hacking Attacks, Government Warns
Uber’s Anti-Gun Policy Is Working Out Really Well For Armed Robbers
Australia is selling a ranch the size of New Jersey
Cliven Bundy will be held accountable, Interior secretary says
The OPM Infobomb Explodes
No deal for Greece, creditors; top-level talks resume Saturday
Millennials outnumber baby boomers in US: census estimate
San Francisco-area employees make nearly 50 percent more than U.S. average
Has Obamacare turned into SCOTUS-Care?
General Mills plans to cut about 700 more jobs
Consumer spending increases as economy gains momentum
For The First Time Ever, QE Has Officially Failed
Greek Crisis: How Long Before a Fed Bailout?
China’s Gold Hoard Will Slay the Mighty Dollar â€" Here’s Why…
44 Percent of Texans Think U.S. Military Might Be Coming to Impose Martial Law
Here's why gold will rally: RBC's Gero
Independence Day gas prices will be the lowest in five years
When your Social Security check disappears because of an old student loan
Chinese Central Bank Edging Closer to Backing Yuan With Gold
6.4 million keep their Obamacare subsidies
The Crucial Thing to Know About This Economy
Markets Headed to ‘Bubbleland,’ Warns Jeremy Grantham
Why Banks Rob Depositors: “Because That’s Where The Money Is”
Keiser Report: Grexodus, Brexit & Too-Big-To-Fail
Millennials are a 'nightmare' for Wall Street
U.S. government investigating breach that led to theft of as many as 18 million Social Security numbers
Obama Secret Trade Deal Serves Corporations and Banks
Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up?
Is Financial Repression Here to Stay?
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Energy Stories in the News Jun 26

Oil falls as market awaits Iran, Greece talks
India to auction oil and gas blocks in this fiscal
China moves controversial oil rig back towards Vietnam coast
Where is Future EU Gas Demand Going? Implications for Russian and US LNG Exports to Europe
Russia's Gazprom does not rule out participation in Iran LNG projects
Coal worth more to SA than gold
Biggest Coal Shipper's Power Plan Offers Relief From Bear Market
A New Look for Nuclear Power
Turkey's energy watchdog issues pre-license for nuclear plant
US adds 1.65 GW of wind, 447 MW solar in Jan-May 2015
General Electric Company To Build Wind Farm In Australia
Solar energy use is growing, getting cheaper, studies find
US: EPA to propose increased use of ethanol in gasoline
Gasoline has 'extreme downside' ahead after passing high

Precious Metals Stories in the News Jun 26

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Jun 26 Gold – The Big Picture!  David Chapman 321gold   
Jun 26 The Rosen Market Timing Letter: Report  Ron Rosen 321gold   
Jun 26 Supreme Court Rules 6-3 to Save Obamacare Tax Subsidies  Bloomberg   
Jun 26 Look Who's Trying to Squash Fears that the Bad Old Times Are Back for US Airlines  WolfStreet   
Jun 26 Countries Are Teaming Up To Take Down The U.S. Dollar  ETFDN   
Jun 26 Icebergs ahead for expensive US, UK aircraft carrier projects   
Jun 26 What Happened to the Hanging Garden of Babylon?  WAM   

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Headlines in the News June 25, 2015

Forget Greece, Portugal is the eurozone’s next crisis
Gold & Silver Eagle Sales Spike In June As The Market Senses Financial Turmoil
Investing In Nuclear Power Just Got More Interesting
Billionaire Warns of Looming Disaster: “Derivatives Are Still Weapons Of Mass Destruction”
Cockroach bot that can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps
You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church
Most California farmers ignoring water restrictions
‘Finish the mission, kill slave masters’
Refurbishing an old crosscut saw
tribute to his father
More than 4.5 million job openings in the US cannot be filled, because of the skills shortage
The U.S. And EU Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic ''Contagion''
Uncle Sam Fined This Farmer $680,000 For Selling
Should Government Bail Out Big Banks?
European Deal Creates U.S. Grocery Giant
Lake Mead sinks to record low, risking water shortage
Homeownership rate at 10-year low
Is Greece Lehman Brothers, or Is It RadioShack?
Why Subprime Loans Are Causing Concern for Auto Sales
Greece’s creditors face ‘Sopranos’ moment: How do you get money from someone who doesn’t have any?
Forget the Hamilton-$10 idea! Let’s abolish fiat currency altogether
'Data Dependent' Fed Eyeing GDP Revision
Can you put a price tag on moms' stress from kids?
Eurogroup meeting ends without Greece reforms agreement
Bank of China Joins London Gold Auction, Promises Boon for Domestic Market
IRS Paid $18.8 Million to Contractors With Unpaid Back Taxes
Bill Gates on tax, climate and Microsoft | FT Business
Crying Wolf?
Bank of England Could ‘Trigger the Next Financial Crisis’
Senate Grants Obama Fast-Track Trade Authority After Contentious Battle
Americans waste $640 in food a year
How Could Yuan Reserve Currency Status Affect Gold? - Jim Rickards
Millennial consumers opt for car-sharing over ownership, Ford is adapting to their needs
The Money Printers’ M&A Ballâ€"â€"Where The Debt Zombies Mate
JPMorgan executive chosen to rebuild transaction-policing unit leaves
Why bankers believe Arizona's economy is stronger than what the numbers show
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