Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Headlines in the News May 25, 2016

France Hit By Gas Shortages, Rationing After Refinery Workers Go On Strike
The case of the $629 Band-Aid â€" and what it reveals about American health care
ETF Gold Holdings Rise At The Fastest Pace Since 2009 As Central Banker Credibility Plunges
More than one-in-five working age Millennials live at home: California has two of the top four metro areas with Millennials living at home
Dark Waters
Alone, but not Alone
After imprisoning Oregon ranchers, Obama to sign an executive order legalizing BLM tyranny to take over any land it wants
Baby boomers to blame for lost generation of gardeners
Finally Getting Serious about Identifying Islamists?
There’s No Place To Hide From Surveillance Technology In 2016
Obama banishes Vietnam war era with lifting of arms ban
Boeing plans hundreds of layoffs
Close to 1,000 laid off from Halliburton Duncan plant
Shell is cutting another 2,200 jobs
Toyota Financial to provide leasing options for Uber drivers
Ex-McDonald’s CEO says raising the minimum wage will help robots take jobs
Fed: Nearly half in U.S. would have trouble with emergency $400 expense
DoubleLine's Gundlach: US Stock Market Is 'Dead Money'
Bill Gross: U.S. Needs to 'Re-Normalize' Interest Rates
Microsoft retreats from phone business with more job cuts
Manufacturing recession goes global
Fed survey lays bare U.S. economic divide
TreeHouse Foods plans to close two production plants - 720 jobs eliminated
Helen Chaitman-Big Bank Customers Destroyed in Next Economic Meltdown
Data Breaches Up 22% to Date in 2016
Tiffany’s Sparkle Dims as Q1 Sales Drop 7%
Dear Fed Policymakers: Please Heed Venezuela for Lesson in Hyperinflation
Biggest banks in the world list: China dominates, US fades
More Syrian Refugees To US: Costs And Consequences
Walmart Ending Price Matching Of Local Competitors’ Ads At 500 Stores
Five arrested in $36.5 million IRS impersonation scam
USDollar/USDX Index
The American People Have Been Conquered: “Change Through Peaceful Means No Longer Possible”
“Slacking Off”: Young Adults Living In Parents’ Basement Most Common For First Time Ever
All Of Our Children Will Be Microchipped in the Future: “Testing Is Being Done Right Now”

Energy Stories in the News May 25

Oil prices push closer to $50, U.S. crude hits highest in 7 months
Iraq Reaches 4.5M Bpd Oil Production, As Cracks Start to Show
OPEC's ability to ease oil supply shock is fading – Report
Chinese Company Searching for Billion-Dollar Oil Deals in Texas
Exxon, Chevron face investor scrutiny over climate change restrictions
Slump in LNG prices delays production at Mozambique gas field
Natural gas prices to stay low, US renewables to grow: survey
Trans Adriatic Pipeline to cut Europe's reliance on Russia for natural gas
Chinese April thermal coal imports down 18.8% on-year to 7.11 million mt
Greens urge halt to G7 nations' funding for overseas coal
US thermal coal market to drop to 500 million-550 million st/year: CEO
Korea, China to discuss nuclear energy partnership
Indian steps address key concerns of our nuclear industry: US Govt
Nuclear threats in US worse than previously known — study
India to use International Solar Alliance to push solar water pumps
Nanomaterials could double efficiency of solar cells by converting waste heat into usable energy
5 Floating Solar Farms Helping Power the World
World's 1st Public Transport System To Run On Solar
Brazil ethanol sector sees rebound ahead
Electric-car energy density to approach gasoline by 2045: report

Precious Metals Stories in the News May 25

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Headlines in the News May 11, 2016

A New Digital Cash System Was Just Unveiled At A Secret Meeting For Bankers In New York
What OPEC Has To Fear From The New Saudi Oil Minister
Credit Suisse Posts Loss as CEO Signals Cost-Cuts Progress
Record-Breaking Container Ship Ends Brief U.S. Service
The Invisible Front
The Way
The River
The War Journal of Major Damon “Rocky” Gause
The Porcupine Option: What Christian conservatives can learn from the Free State Project
Take the Fifth — And Face Life Imprisonment Without a Trial
Prepping for Doomsday: Bunkers, Panic Rooms, and Going Off the Grid
19 Unexpected Life Hacks Using String
building a Mosquito trap from old tires?
Global Monetary Elites Scream, “Buy Gold”
Jamie Dimon gets into war of words with banker he called a 'jerk' on CNBC
Too Big to Fail Still Too Big a Problem, Fed President Kashkari's Quest for Solutions Continues
Schiff: Gold is just getting started
3 Ways to Cut USPS Losses: Chop People, Offices and Delivery Days
T. Boone Pickens gets behind Trump
Xerox Reverses Plans to Lay Off Workers at Colorado Springs Call Center
$1,914,651,000,000: FY2016 Taxes Set Record Through April; $12,679 Per Worker; Feds Still Run Deficit of $354,592,000,000
Painful Process Coming for America Not Going to Be Pretty
America's middle class is shrinking almost everywhere
Payday Loan, Check Cashing Operation Trained Employees To “Never Tell Customer The Fee”
A Central Banker Officially Loses It: "We Are Magic People"
Is Donald Trump Behind This Year's Rally in Gold? Maybe...
The Frogs Are Boiling Againâ€"â€"Why Wall Street Stays In The Pot
Italian Judge Rules It’s Okay For The Hungry To Steal Food
Singer Says Gold Rally Just Beginning as Goldman Sees Losses
Puerto Rico Defaults on Debt, Worse Yet To Come
Report: Oil, Gas Job Cuts Top 350,000 Worldwide
Should Europe follow Germany’s export-led economic model?
Chipotle spends $1 billion on stock buybacks as recovery lags
Macy’s first-quarter sales slump wasn’t just a tourism problem
USDollar/USDX Index
Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While “Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food”
Consolidated Power, The End of Independent Business: “What This Reset Means”
Overpopulation? Economic Ripple Effect From Fewer Babies: “Market Is Not Going to Grow”
Putin is Less of a Communist than Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton

Energy Stories in the News May 11

Iranian oil may be headed to Europe soon
Oil price to be dragged down by more Saudi pumping
Shell 'halts' production over pipeline bombings
Kenya may have a lot more oil than it previously thought
Iran ends free shipping of oil to India: Oil minister
Bulk of Canada's Oil-Sands Plants Seen Starting in Days to Weeks
French minister eyes shale import ban as US LNG exports build
Azerbaijan may double gas purchases from Gazprom — official
Long-term gas contracts still needed in Europe, but with flexibility: Uniper CEO
Petronas launches hull of new floating LNG facility
Plans Move Forward for U.S. LNG - for Next Decade
The Plan To Revive Big Coal's Fortunes Isn't Panning Out
First Korea, now Japan: Colombian coal exports to Asia spread
Coal made its best case against climate change, and lost
Britain gets no power from coal for 'first time on record'
Africa going nuclear?
Australia Should Cash In On A Single Global Nuclear Repository
Why China's nuclear exports may struggle to find a market
Competition hits EDF sales, nuclear production target cut
SA to Add 7,000 MW of Renewable Power to Grid by Mid-2016
Global Utility Scale Wind Turbine Market Poised to $130 billion by 2016
Is solar power really cheaper than wind in Australia?
Oil-rich Alaska has surprising solar power potential
Export progress for corn, ethanol and distillers' grains

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