Thursday, May 14, 2015

Headlines in the News May 14, 2015

Imagine a Perfect World… and Wake Up
Why Is The U.S. Importing So Much Silver Bullion??
The real sign that Greece’s financial turmoil is getting worse
Ban cash, end boom and bust
Ohio now recognizes all other state CCW licenses.
Flawed Encryption Leaves Millions of Smart Grid Devices at Risk of Cyberattacks
With $26.2M bid, Standard General wins control of RadioShack trademark, customer data
Felling Giant Trees
The global economy has a 'titanic problem'
Delta Air Lines Approves $5B Common Stock Buyback, 50% Dividend Hike
Reckoning for the Fed
Would you let your employer track your location 24/7?
Yellen is Half Right About the Market
Oil’s Not Coming Back. Here’s Why
Growing pains: how eurozone economies are faring
Cost of Federal Regulation: $1.88 trillion
Morgan Stanley fined $2M over short-interest violations
Macy's Sales to Overseas Tourists Pinched by Stronger Dollar
Big Data, Big Business, and Big Government
Rickards: The Fed has been tightening into weakness
Stop using ISIL footage, Obama administration asks networks
US Isn’t Invading Texas, But Pentagon Is Prepping For Mass Civil Unrest
Orioles to compensate stadium workers for games lost during Baltimore riots
Why You Can't Read Obama's Free-Trade Deal
Greenspan sees another taper tantrum once rates rise
China, Belarus Ink Currency Swap Deal Worth 7 Billion Yuan
Baltimore rioting damage estimate at $9 million: U.S. government
U.S. to Spend $2 Mil on Attorneys for Illegal Alien Minors
Amtrak train crash rider: Felt like it 'lifted off'
How ‘Top Gun’ Explains the TPA Trade Bill
Hackers steal money from Starbucks mobile customers using linked credit cards
BlackRock says regulators misunderstand securities lending risks
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Precious Metals Stories in the News May 14

class="highlight"> May 14 Carlin Trend's Gold Standard  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
May 14 Part 1: QE is over, is not working! Interest rates will continue higher, risk is coming to the fore  Groenewegen 321gold   
May 14 What The Bond Market Massacre Means For Gold  HAI   
May 14 Why Is The U.S. Importing So Much Silver Bullion??  SRSReport   
May 14 A Tale Of Two Graphs - Why Bubble Finance Will Fail  DSCC   
May 14 Red Eagle [web] Site visit report  CaesarsReport   
May 14 Industry Standard be Damned!  CE   
May 14 34 percent of Americans financially carry the country  MB360   
May 14 Amnesty International: Whitewashing Another Massacre  CounterPunch   
May 14 Everything you think you know about diets is wrong  DailyMail   

Energy Stories in the News May 14

Abu Dhabi Pivots for Asian Partners in $22 Billion Oil Push
Shale-oil producers ready to raise production
Nigerian Economic Growth Slows on Oil Industry's Contraction
Oil sees choppy trade as the market grapples with global-oversupply worries
Petrobras to Export 50 Percent More Oil
15 gas-based power plants win subsidy to import LNG
India's natural gas output to increase 52% in three years: Dharmendra Pradhan
Pacific NorthWest working to keep B.C. LNG export project alive
Poland will not increase number of coal power plants
China's coal use declining
Indian Prime Minister Prods Coal Monopoly
Hungary to start drawing on Russian loan for nuclear plant in 2016
Why it Took 36 Years to Build America's Newest Nuclear Power Plant
Russia-Jordan nuclear cooperation
United Photovoltaics Buys 210 MW Solar Power Projects In China
New $5b Vic wind farms wait on RET
Today's Solar Panels Can Power The World, MIT Study Finds
World's First 'Solar Road' Is Generating Even More Power Than Expected
Ethanol industry able to get more fuel per bushel of corn
US Atlantic Coast sees steady influx of gasoline cargoes

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Headlines in the News April 16, 2015

Guess who holds even more US debt than China or Japan
Ron Paul on CNBC: ‘The whole system is built on fractional reserve banking, accumulation of debt, and malinvestment….Things are very, very fragile.’
Negative Interest is Here
Why Is WalMart Mysteriously Shuttering Stores Nationwide For “Plumbing Issues”?
Greece Running Out of Time as Officials Draw Contingency Plans
Draghi’s Deranged Paranormal: European Banks Paying Borrowers To Buy Homes
Ron Paul Another Showdown? Armed Members of Oath Keepers Group Preparing for Standoff Against BLM
Federal court rejects Third Amendment claim against police officers
Inventor of Antivirus Sofware: “Encryption Doesn’t Matter In a World Where Anyone Can Plant Software On Your Phone and See What You’re Seeing”
Ruskin mailman tries flying to Capitol in gyrocopter to deliver campaign reform message to Congress
What Would Beaver Do? 2
OPEC Going Broke, Dumping Dollars. Is That Good Or Bad?
Deutsche Bank's Ominous Warning: A "Perfect Storm" Is Coming In 2018
Ex-Im Bank Official Hit With Bribery Charge
Pilot explains his mission before Capitol landing
Will J.C. Penney Ever Make Money Again?
How a $30 million fine against a for-profit college could be a win for students
Problems in Europe, yet the ECB is accountable to no one
Martin Armstrong â€" Gold Bullion To “Max Out At $5,000 Per Ounce”
Burger King Founder Says Higher Wages Could Kill Off ‘Dollar Menus’”
Oil layoffs hit 100,000 and counting
Jack Lew: U.S. Economy Is Doing Much Better
California Water Supplier Cuts Delivery To 19 Million People This Summer
What Is The Fed?
Do American Millenials Make Bad Employees?
Bank of America says it’s not worried about losing its customers to robots
Personality Tests Raise Bar for Job Seekers
Fed: U.S. economy still struggling to gain traction
Madoff trustee Picard seeks to pay investors $1.25 billion
Economic Uncertainty Driving Corporate Buybacks?
Protester glitterbombs European Central Bank's president
$1,477,901,000,000+:Tax-Day Tax Record
China Finally Stops Fighting the Stock Market-Peter Schiff
Fed Beige Book offers tepid view of the economy
Survey: McDonald’s franchisee outlook worsens
Witness Describes Capitol Landing
Target announces $19 million data breach settlement with MasterCard
New Lending For A New Economy
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Energy Stories in the News Apr 16

Russia's oil giant Lukoil reopens office in Iran
Increasing oil prices spell trouble for India?
Iraq oil minister says crude exports to hit record in April
No Room For Iranian Oil In Current OPEC Strategy
UK GAS-Prices ease on expectations of higher LNG supply
South Korea's March LNG imports fall 26% on year to 3.05 million mt
Four LNG carriers diverted from Yemen
Indonesia coal royalty hike to cost jobs, increase illegal mining -industry group
India to overtake China as biggest thermal coal importer
Australia, India work on closure of civil nuclear agreement
Nuclear deal to double Iran growth next year
China Approves First Locally Designed Nuclear Reactor to Spur Economy
Ten top trends for U.S. wind energy in 2014
How the US solar giants could take down Australian utilities
India's share of global funding for solar power in January-March just 1 per cent
Strong Dollar Threatens U.S. Ethanol Exporter Gains Over Brazil
U.S. ethanol plants idle earlier for maintenance due to weak margins

Precious Metals Stories in the News Apr 16

Apr 16 China Finally Stops Fighting the Stock Market  Peter Schiff 321gold   
Apr 16 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen 321gold   
Apr 16 IMF close to giving up on Greece  DailyMail   
Apr 16 The Global Debt Binge Is Worse Than You Imagined  Bonner&Partners   
Apr 16 Almaden [web] Completes Additional Infill & Stepout Drilling Program, Hits 19.50 meters of 1.52 g/t Au, 55.6 g/t Ag at Ixtaca  AMM   
Apr 16 Unraveling at the Seams: EU on Verge of Collapse  sputnik   
Apr 16 The Frankenstein Economy  acting-man   
Apr 16 American Weapons to Ukraine: Beyond the Point of No Return  RI   
Apr 16 Smartphones could be charged in 60 seconds with new battery  Telegraph   

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Headlines in the News April 15, 2015

What Happened When Maine Forced Welfare Recipients To Work For Their Benefits?
The Six Too Big To Fail Banks In The U.S. Have 278 TRILLION Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives
Q1 GDP Expectations Are Crashing
David Morgan James Turk Global Collapse with a Golden Backlash
Fed Official Warns ‘Flash Crash’ Could Be Repeated
Storey’s Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance
Good-Bye April 15Th!
Lone Survivor
Combat Shotgun
TSA Screeners At DIA Manipulated System To Grope Men’s Genitals ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm
Jade Helm 15 exercise, Colorado backs out
Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You? (Part One)
Ron Paul: Watch out. Dollar's in a 'huge bubble'
Why one CEO raised the minimum wage at his company to $70,000 a year
U.S. Shale Oil Output Set to Fall
Greece and the Euro Breakup; Why the US Dollar Is Facing an Even Bigger Crisis
Target nears $20 million MasterCard data breach settlement
Ford plans $2.5-billion investment in Mexico, sources say
JPMorgan Loses Bid to Renew Security of $1.5 Billion GM Loan
Hank Paulson: U.S. tax system is a “disgrace”
HUD Awards $36 Million in Housing Counseling Grants to Prevent Foreclosures
Economic Conundrum: Weak Inflation vs. Slow Retail Sales
BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink To Corporate Execs: Stop Dancing To Wall Street's Tune
China’s growth poised to fall below 7%
47% of Americans Can’t Save Any Money
Obama to take Cuba off US terror list
$5.9 billion profit for JPMorgan Chase: Happy now, Jamie Dimon?
Top 1% Pay Half Of The Income Tax
Labor Dept. Pledges $13 Million to Promote Employment for Youth--in El Salvador, Honduras
Americans Are Spending More To Dine Out Than On Groceries For The First Time
The Fed Never Learnsâ€"â€"Another Inventory Dump Is Brewing
It's Tax-plicated: Complexity Rising with Obamacare Burden
America's Poor Rich Middle Class
Which Fortune 500 Companies Pay No Taxes
Greece Out of Funds by Month End â€" Default and Drachma Imminent?
Economists Still Think Economics Is the Best
The Six Too Big To Fail Banks In The U.S. Have 278 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives
'Sharing economy' apps to boom with their lure of cheap and easy
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