Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Headlines in the News March 03, 2015

Weak U.S. consumer spending points to slower first-quarter growth
4,500 state workers to be offered early retirement - Massachusetts
U.S. restaurant count declines
U.S. millennials post ‘abysmal’ scores in tech skills test, lag behind foreign peers
Gross Says Fed May Raise Rates 25 Basis Points in June
Ron Paul: Shut Down Unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security
Gold Is Poised For A Second Leg Up
Gas Prices Rising at Quickest Pace Since 2013
Nasdaq hits 5,000 for the first time in 15 years
Spain: 3rd Bailout for Greece Being Mulled for up to $56B
Lumber Liquidators stock plummets after 60 Minutes investigation over toxic flooring
How Much More Economic Pain Can Vladimir Putin Take?
$4.8 million in gold stolen from truck in North Carolina
Barnett: Oil’s marginal cost is as low as $5-10 a barrel
How Much Will Banks Charge to Park Cash?
U.S. Department Of Education Cuts Ties With Five Debt Collection Agencies To Protect Borrowers
The Internet Of Things: A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything Will Be Monitored On The Internet
Bankruptcy trustee opposes bonuses for RadioShack executives
Gregory Mannarino-Staring Down Barrel of Worst Financial Cataclysm Ever
Obama hopes for U.S. embassy in Cuba before April summit in Panama
ECB plays down virtual currency risks
The Goldman Sachs primary
A New Front In The Ukrainian Conflict: Russian Gas Imports
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Energy Stories in the News Mar 03

REUTERS SUMMIT-Kenya plan needs oil price rebound-Africa Oil
Oil prices steady along with global markets, but oversupply remains
Saudi king keeps close hand on oil in remodelling strategic team
Russia, Ukraine agree on gas delivery deal through March
Australian LNG exports to push Asian prices down – analysts
Romania Natural Gas: Country Cuts Imports Of Russian Fuel By 61%
Market for Canada's natural gas emerges in parched California
Iran discovers new iron, coal mines
China aims to reduce coal use 80mn tonnes by 2017
India examines coal mine bids amid reports of discrepancies
Obama: Iran must halt nuclear work for a decade
'We want to buy Japanese nuclear reactors': Iran atomic energy official
Recycling nuclear waste for power generation
Planning underway for $55m Barcaldine solar farm
Work on Oman's first large-scale wind energy project will start in June
100 MW KaXu solar power plant launches in South Africa
Kazakhstan to ban gasoline,fuel imports from Russia

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 03

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Headlines in the News March 02, 2015

China in surprise rate cut to prop up economic growth
Cashing Out of the “Bet on America” Might Get Messy
Homeland Security funding drama darkens U.S. fiscal outlook
Thousands March In Moscow After Boris Nemtsov Murder
Should the government profit from student loans?
Iraq predicts oil will rise to $64-65 per barrel
Ukraine unofficially has 272 percent inflation
Goldman Sachs: Has US Preeminence Already Played Out?
Rise of the mobile on-demand economy
Uber Data Breach Put 50,000 Drivers’ Info at Risk
Fed Vice Chair Fischer says rate hike most likely June or September
A Farewell to Mallrats
More hassles this tax-filing season for 800,000 people, due to error on health care forms
ECB braces for QE as others shift rates
When Will The U.S. Have Its Next Recession?
Fed’s Williams Sees Full U.S. Employment by Year End
Tax-evasion allegations aren't HSBC's only problem
Keiser Report: Inflation = War
Can New McDonald’s CEO Turn Tide Against Antibiotic Abuse In Farm Animals?
This is America: Injured veteran gets mortgage-free house
'Jihadi John' Now the Most Wanted Man In the World
Jobless recovery is now the job-led recovery
More Flash Crashes To Come As Shadow Banking Liquidity Collapses
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Energy Stories in the News Mar 02

UPDATE 1-Russian daily oil production unchanged in February
Oil Extends Second Weekly Drop as U.S. Idles Fewer Drilling Rigs
Turkey eyes oil in northern Iraq
Iranian Oil Exports to Japan Jump by 34%
Natural Gas Futures Little Changed on Mixed Weather Outlook
Dutch, German prompt, front-month gas prices ease on bearish fundamentals
India's Tata strikes a deal with Russia's biggest coal producer
Campaigners call for UK coal power phase out deadline
Taiwan Controversial Nuclear Waste Plan Hits a Snag
Iran shuts down Bushehr nuclear plant
Nuclear Plant in France Shut Down Due to Pipe Defect
Solar PV at grid parity in 80% of globe by 2017
China builds Solar Power Photovoltaic in desert
Siemens wants to lower offshore wind costs
Iran's mega methanol plant work on track
Pan Orient Energy Corp.: Thailand Update...

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 02

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