Friday, July 22, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 22

Relax: it’s not all under control
The CON Game:  Confidence, Spending, and Inflation Expectations
Euro leaders agree second Greece bailout and overhaul of rescue fund
Debt Worries Drag Down the Stock Market
Fears About Debt Send Gold Price to Record
The Fed Is Now More Leveraged That Lehman Brothers Was
Back-to-school sales expected to be down slightly from last year
California will borrow $5 billion from banks
The Correlations are Failing Karl Denninger
Global Economic Crisis: Finance is the New Mode of Warfare
Debt ceiling: What happens if Congress doesn't raise it?
Crisis in Confidence?
America: Why Aren’t You Protesting?
Iran Opens Oil Bourse -
Yen's Hidden Global QE Signal and Gold Breakout
Living Through a Currency Devaluation
Hong Kong Metals Exchange Opens Silver Contract Friday!
The Fed Is Now More Leveraged That Lehman Brothers Was
CVN 77 G.H.W. Bush Enters Persian Gulf
Retirement Accounts & The Coming Tax Code Revolution
An Intransigent President
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Obama Redefining 'Poverty'
U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It
Erdogan Boom Under Threat
Consumers in U.S. Relying on Credit as Inflation Erodes Incomes
Democrats Balk at Potential U.S. Debt-Limit Deal
S&P Reiterates Warning of 50% Chance
U.S. Consumer Confidence Stagnates
20 Banks That Are Praying For The European Bailout To Work
Poor Man's Gold is Breaking Out -- Sell Your House and Buy Silver?
Record highs broken in slew of cities
Gold edges up but may fall after Europe talks
Gold to move heavily after Europe talks
Massive short squeezing on the way for Silver
Why physical gold buying tops investments chart
Spheres move over San Jacinto while military jets seem to respond
Here's How to Tell if Housing Has Bottomed
David Morgan on Silver Price Manipulation,
The Debt Crisis and the War Cycle
Has the Gold and Silver Market Topped?
Avoiding the "Mistakes" of the Depression
European crisis summit: 'Marshall plan' emerges for Greek economy
Bailed out â€" again. Eurozone throws Greece €109bn lifeline
Understanding would go a long way towards ending terrorism
Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?
Why Apple, Soros Fund are Hoarding Almost $100 Billion in Cash
Raising The Debt Ceiling Does Not Fix The Problem
$5 Trillion of Financial Assets Go Up in Smoke
Five buys, Five sells for 10 long years of no growth---Commentary: Recession hits in 2012, and things don’t get better
Laurence Kotlikoff on the US Fiscal Meltdown
You Want to Fix the U.S. Economy? Here's a Start
Corporate Tax Holiday in Debt Ceiling Deal: Where's the Uproar?
Europe steps up to the plate
Federal Reserve making plans for US debt default
Greece to default as EU agrees €159bn bailout
Euro in Crisis: Will the Latest Deal Restore Confidence?
Should the U.S. Support Regime Change in Syria?
Biden's Burden: Last One Standing in Afghanistan Policy Wars
What Does the Country Want?
DARPA project seeks immortality, suspended animation
Could U.S. debt default ding money market funds?
The Gang of Six’s $3 trillion tax hike
The Half-Trillion Plan
Debt-limit talks:
Debt Crisis Being Used as Shock Doctrine
Secret Papers Reveal: There is No Chinese E-Bomb. Yet.
Portugal Joins Spain and Greece in Lying About its "Colossal" Deficit

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 22

Oil Exploration Approval by U.S. 'Dramatically' Slow, IHS Says
India can cope with oil supply halt
Canada to step up oil sands monitoring
Nigerian crude oil exports down in September: trade
RPT-WRAPUP 1-China, Japan LNG imports hit record, may boost spot prices
Natural-Gas Supply Probably Rose 60 Bcf, Bloomberg Users Say
Chinese coal imports to stabilize - Deutsche Bank
Southern African cooperation needed to unlock coal potential
Russia takes Bulgaria to court over delayed nuclear plant
China Connects First Fast Nuclear Reactor to Electricity Grid
Iran cautiously welcomes Russia's nuclear plan
Mainstream signs deal with China's Sinovel to deliver 1,000MW of wind power projects in Ireland by 2016
Gasoline Stockpiles Fall in Northwest Europe Hub, PJK Says

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 21

The Two Sides of Precious Metals Propaganda
Three questions the Greek debt summit must answer
The impact of U.S. credit rating downgrade
Britain's deleveraging nightmare threatens its triple A rating
Study: China Getting Fatter, But Not Like U.S.
The Ultimate Knock-Off: A Fake Apple Store
Fed hits Wells Fargo with $85 million fine
German-French Harmony on Greece
Layoffs Deepen Gloom
IMF Urges Boosting of Yuan
2012: The End of the World As We Know It
Computers Are Weapons of War
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Banks in Arizona need cash
Obama Open to Short-Term Debt Increase
Existing-Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall 0.8%
U.S. Moves Toward Home 'Rentership Society,'
Treasuries Fall for Second Day After Merkel,
Gartman reduces gold exposure as too many join the rally
Gold above $1600;
Gold and silver due for a short term pullback
'Gold set to go $2000, silver may breach $50'
Who Would You Stop Paying First If Debt Ceiling Isn't Raised?
Germany and France reach Greek accord
FTC mails $108 million in refund checks to Countrywide borrowers
Debt fight may already be hurting U.S. economy
More Thought Turning to Short-term Solution Until Bigger Debt Plan
Central Falls retirees asked to accept pension cuts
R.I. releases Central Falls pension information
Arizona starts raising funds for Mexico border fence
Police to begin iPhone iris scans amid privacy concerns
Fed planning for potential default
Gold in a Deflationary Period
Franco-German axis loses its wheels
Euro reaches eleventh hour as Angela Merkel
Books, Borders and Beyond: How Digital Tech Is Changing Retail
New Effort to Prevent a Million Foreclosures Takes Shape
So Many Ideas, So Few Jobs:
Teach Job Creation at Our Business Schools
Sorry Elizabeth, Wall Street Said No
Columbus [Georgia] Forms Copper Theft Task Force

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 21

IEA says further oil reserve release unlikely
US panel backs Canadian oil pipeline
Niger says oil reserves may be triple pvs estimate
TABLE-Japan Jan-June crude oil import volume -1.0 pct
Gas Stockpiles Probably Rose 61 Billion Cubic Feet, Analysts Say
Gazprom signs 4th memorandum on LNG supply to India
Study says U.S. shale may weaken Iran, Russia
Qld coal exports fall short of target after floods
Japan progressing toward nuclear plant shutdown
EDF admits French nuclear reactor delayed but says UK projects on target
Phoenix Solar Looks to the U.S. to Offset European Sales Slump
New solar energy partnership in Spain and Italy
Ethanol Production Little Changed, Energy Department Says

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 20

Central Banks Unanimously Prefer Gold Over Paper
Dow soars 200 points on 'Gang of Six' debt plan
Minnesota shutdown nearer to an end
IMF: Debt threatens to engulf Europe
Iran Opens Oil Bourse -
Where Will Silver Prices go from Here?
18 Signs That Global Financial Markets Smell Blood In The Water
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Gold to Extend Record Rally If U.S. Increases Debt Limit:
Greek Crisis Poses Serious Contagion Risk
Obama Embraces Senators' Deficit-Cutting Plan
Europe Update: Next Key Meeting on Thursday
On Track for Record Low Housing Completions in 2011
Default 'Off the Table,' Debt Deal Will Be Struck: Geithner
If US Loses Triple-A Rating, Almost Anything's Possible
Former Chilean President Allende's death confirmed as suicide
Gold rally to continue after a pause
Israeli navy takes over Gaza-bound French ship
Bonds, Inflation Expectations, and QE3
Obama erred in dropping Elizabeth Warren to head agency
And Then They Came For Your Gold
Mastering the Machine
Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio foresees a U.S. Dollar collapse by 2013
Bernanke: Gold Isn't Money
The Talmud and Greek Debt
Greece Threatened with Widespread, Long-Term Poverty
Return of the Gold Standard as World Order Unravels
Only Germany can save EMU as contagion turns systemic
Bernanke Warns Congress On Debt Default
S&P Joins Moody's to Warn of US Downgrade if No Debt Deal Reached
Slouching Toward Default, on Both Sides of the Atlantic
Israel's Boycott Bill and the U.S.-Israel Alliance
Elizabeth Warren Makes It Personal
Moody's eyes possible credit downgrade on 5 states
Some federal workers more likely to die than lose jobs
House approves balanced-budget bill
IMF says euro under 'a shadow,'
Obama backs 'Gang of Six' debt plan
Soros Goes To 75% Cash As Fed No Longer Telegraphing Trades
A Trillion of revenue is on the plate

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 19

Iranian currency revamp
Daily brief: Report - bin Laden wanted 9/11/11 attack
What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund?
Portugal Loses Patience With Europe
Deflation and the Gold Price Trajectory
As The Dollar And The Euro Continue To Collapse,
Goldman says recession risk rising
Economic Outlook Grim If No Debt Deal Reached
Regulators Shut Two Banks in Georgia, One in Florida
15 Examples That Show Many Americans Have Become So Desperate That They Will Do Almost Anything For Money
The US Tax Burden Falls Disproportionately
GAZA STRIP: Israeli military warns Gazans in leaflet drop
The Critical Flaw in Keynes's System
The problem with 'Cut, Cap and Balance'
Borders Forced to Liquidate, Close All Stores
Debt Worries Roil Markets
What the Debt Limit Battle Is All About
THE QUIET COUP: The implementation of Agenda 21
Don't Fumble the Debt Ceiling
It's About Jobs
Too Big To Fail?:
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Doing The Global Currency Shuffle
Moody's Will Cut 7,000 Top-Rated Muni's if U.S. Downgraded, Reviewing More
More Bidders at Foreclosure Auctions
Central Banks' First-Half Gold Buying Surpasses 2010 Total
Comex Gold hits new record high above $1,600;
Dollar landslide imminent; commodities can go up
Gold buying by central banks rise sharply this year
Gold creates another history, breaks $1600 mark
Silver is the new gold
Speculators take big long positions in gold: CFTC
A Critical Difference Between U.S. and Europe
U.S. Approaching Greek Style Debt Trap
Earnings Season Kicks Off, Gold Reaches New All-Time High
US Debt Standoff Threatens to Turn Crisis into Catastrophe
Debt Ceiling Drama
Facebook Foreclosure Notices
Gold's Historic Rally Fuelled
Gold and Silver Ready for Big-Time Run
Four Charts: Shanghai, S&P 500, U.S. Dollar and the Dow
15,000 US Troops to Remain In Iraq, Renamed "Diplomats"
Defaulting to Big Government
The Eurozone’s Last Stand
Interest on U.S. Debt â€" Big Problem!
Portugal's Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho
Another Dust Bowl?
The Head Of The World's Biggest Hedge Fund
Steve Wynn Annihilates Barack Obama:

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 19

Report: Iran threatens to cut oil supply to India by August if $5 billion in payments not made
Saudi Arabia ups oil output in May to 8.89m bpd
Nigerian Unions Push Wage Strike Tomorrow That May Curb Oil Exports
IEA not decided on 2nd IEA oil release - Tanaka
Iran's Oil Refining Capacity Rises 18% in 2010, OPEC Says
Barclays: Volatile trend seen in US nat gas
Indonesia allows LNG imports
Ukraine Agreeable to Building LNG Terminal Together With Belarus
Import window opens for S.African coal, China unmoved
Europe's coal consumption rises for first time in 20 years
India may soon join nations exporting nuke reactors: US
Iran installs 'speedier' nuclear centrifuges
U.S. nuclear chief urges rapid overhaul of rules
Japan to build solar energy plant in Egypt
India Denies Loosening Funding Rules for Solar Auction Winners
Gasoline Falls as European Debt Crisis Threatens Fuel Demand
Russian gasoline price rise despite high export duty

Monday, July 18, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 18

Police Shut Down Lemonade Stands And Cookie Stands
CIA veteran: Israel to attack Iran in fall
Andrew Jackson On the Paper Money System and Its Consequences
A Short History of US Credit Defaults
U.S. credit: Raising debt ceiling isn't enough
How the US debt ceiling could hit your finances
How Gold Performs In Deflation
Jim Grant still can't figure out why the dollar has held up so long
World Wide Bailout
'Exchange' You Can't Believe In
House Votes to Block Light-Bulb Efficiency Bill
Regulators Shut Four Banks
Federal Land Up for Budget Grabs
Credit Suisse Is 'Target' of Inquiry
Senate Debt Plan Promises Months of Budget Wrangling
Get Ready for a 70% Marginal Tax Rate
10 Signs That The American People
If The U.S. Government Loses Its AAA Rating
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Will debt ceiling hit businesses?
S&P upgrades Ohio rating, warns on U.S. debt
Premier American Bank gets failed First Peoples Bank
Testimony before Congress back in 2005
Michael Berry predicts $1,700 gold by year-end
Nervousness on global economy to support gold this week
Fraud! FCC Takes Aim at the Scammers
Big Move Coming for Precious Metals in 2nd Half - Part 1
History of Economic Recession in America
Faber: Ben Bernanke doesn’t understand international economics
Granger, Lowey:
Wall Street will not let Republicans pull the debt ceiling trigger
Republicans edge US nearer debt crisis
If the debt limit isn't raised ... what's next?
Latest reports from the epicenter of crisis due
Employer-Provided Health Insurance Costs
USDA trying to run organic leafy green growers out of business
'US riding second wave of depression'
A modest proposal for eurozone break-up
Germany says Greek debt hit 'unavoidable'
European stress tests:
Should We Worry About a AAA-Rated Debt Bubble?
Keepin' It Cool: How the Air Conditioner Made Modern America
A New Egypt on the Brink of Being Born
NUGENT: You have the right to remain stupid
Clinton: U.S. backs tough Greek austerity measures
The True Elephant In The Room Appears:
Why The Latest European Bailout,

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 18

Brent Crude Oil Falls on Concern Europe Debt Crisis Will Slow Fuel Demand
Surging Saudi crude burning to cap exports - IEA
Japan power sector oil demand may triple as nuclear output falls
Yemen says it begins pumping crude oil through repaired pipeline
Iran denies gas export proposal to Jordan
Shell unveils plan to build first floating gas platform
Floods cut US Q2 coal production - EIA
India begins construction of 25th nuclear plant
Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, Japan to discuss N. Korea, Dokdo
CP: India courting Canada for nuclear joint venture
Suntech Unveils High-Efficiency and Innovative Solar Module for Israel
No future for solar energy in Gulf without help: Microsol, Masdar
Brazil May Have to Import Ethanol Due to Surge in Demand
Iran to export 2.6 mln litres of gasoline per day

Friday, July 15, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 15

Why an Economic Downturn Begets a Technological Renaissance
11 Mentality Shifts of Silver Investors
The Dangers of Legal Tender
The Only 6 Choices In Your Russian Roulette Future
Economy Faces a Jolt as Benefit Checks Run Out
Fed Divided Over More Stimulus as Economy Weakens
Markets May Turn Turbulent Waiting For Debt Deal
Motorists Driving Less, But Gas Prices Keep Rising
Silver Dealer Inventory Continues to Spiral to New Lows
PIIGS, Presstitutes, and the Global Meltdown
Scary Times Ahead
Psychology of the Political Class
Obama "Cannot Guarantee" Social Security Benefit Checks Will Be Paid If Debt Deal Isn't Reached
Fed Dissatisfied with Current Pace of Economic Recovery
Tajikistan, A Frail Nation-State Amidst the New Great Game
Executive Order # 13575:
Imperial Decline:
Unforeseen Demand Coming In The Physical Gold And Silver Markets
We Give Up!
Why Bernanke And Pals Will Soon Need a New Pair of Pants
15 Examples That Show Many Americans
Outcasts: Tonight Tens Of Thousands
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Bernanke Says Failure to Raise Debt Limit
Bernanke: No Plans Now for Bond Purchases
Congress Can't Have More Time: Geithner
Gold May Extend Gains on Fed Stimulus Signal
Dollar Falls Versus Euro
Jamie Dimon Explains Why No One On Wall Street
More Layoff Carnage: UBS Slashing 5,000 Jobs
Debt Ceiling Charade: S&P places U.S. on Credit Watch Negative, Possible Debt Deal taking shape
Bernanke: Fed May Launch New Round of Stimulus
Gold extends gains in Europe as dollar weakens
Silver use in healthcare grows exponentially:
Europe's Default Crisis: It's the CDS, Stupid
US debt ceiling talks deadlocked as Moody's warns on AAA rating
US debt standoff threatens to turn crisis into catastrophe
Italian Senate passes key austerity package
California may join probe of Wall Street's role in mortgage meltdown
MillerCoors must pull beer from Minnesota shelves
Why the U.S. could use a strategic default
Israel Bans Boycotts Against the State
Minnesota Leaders Reach Deal to End State Shutdown
Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels
Europe descends into monetary madness
Italy money supply plunge flashes red warning signals
Moody's: Raising the Debt Ceiling Might Not Prevent Downgrade
Bernanke rejects alternatives to raising debt ceiling
Boehner rejects Camp David meeting
DoD: 24,000 files swiped in March from military contractor systems

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 15

Canada Seeks to Grow China Sales Amid 'Exaggerated Rhetoric' for Oil Sands
Colombia stakes its claim as major oil producer
Abu Dhabi agrees to supply China with 200,000 barrels of oil a day
Petrobras Says Brazil Oil Reserves Similar Size to North Sea
Italy's ENI agrees to $2 billion in financing for Venezuela's state oil company
Canadian Natural Gas Declines on Higher U.S. Fuel Stockpiles
UPDATE 2-S.Korea's June LNG imports rise 5 pct yr/yr
Germany to grow involvement in Nigerian LNG: Merkel
Lithuania Wins on Germany's Nuclear Exit With Hitachi Offer
US weighs nuclear subsidies amid budget crunch
S. Korea, U.S. start talks on renewing nuclear accord
Offshore Wind Farm Area Cut In Half By Feds
Italy "Made in EU" policy to benefit Taiwan-based solar cell makers
Ethanol Little Changed Near Three-Year High as Corn Declines
U.S. ethanol move could aid Brazil business -Itau

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 14

Syrian opposition tells EU that Assad will fall in 'weeks'
Ireland downgraded to 'junk' in spiralling euro-crisis
Gold hits new high,
Ron Paul: 'I don’t think I was cut out to be in politics'
Debt ceiling: Moody's puts U.S. on notice
Could Silver One Day Be Worth More Than Gold?
As Talks Stall, New Debt Plan Offered
Debt-Limit Harakiri
The World Says China Will Overtake America
Repeal of Light-Bulb Mandate Fails to Pass House
Where Have America's Jobs Gone?
Frustration Bubbles Up in Minnesota
Obama Owns the Debt-Ceiling Fiasco
Gerald Celente:  Arab Spring + European Summer = Winter Of Discontent
How China Intends to Take Down the Comex
Rampant Unemployment = The Death Of The Middle Class - 40 Facts That Prove The Working Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Ou
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Obama's Secret Wars
Greece Gets World’s Lowest Rating From Fitch
Moody’s Places U.S. on Review for Downgrade As Debt Talks Stall
Central Falls, Rhode Island, struggles to step back from financial abyss
Moody's Places US Government Bond Rating
Killer Combo of High Gas, Food Prices are Here
US Default Inevitable: Fund Manager
Falling Home Equity Spurs Fear of Strategic Default
What's Behind the Dismal Jobs Picture
US Mint to release final 5-oz Silver Bullion Coins
Social Security: Why Seniors Are Mad as Hell
'Ghetto loans':
The Road to Perdition
Gold Thoughts
A Dramatic Juncture for the US Economy
Moody's Considers Downgrading U.S. Credit Rating Amid Stalemate Over Debt Limit
Greece Set to Default on Massive Debt Burden
Ireland's debt junked as euro crisis spreads
Hi-yo silver!
Fed's Ben Bernanke opens door to further economic stimulus
Debt-ceiling talks continue as Moody’s warns
Drought in 14 states means disaster for many
Bernanke: Fed will help if economic weakness persists
Gold hits record high on Bernanke, euro worries
Italy teeters on edge of escalating debt crisis
German Banking Expert on Euro Crisis
CIA Veteran Robert Baer Warns That Israel Likely to Attack Iran
Robin Hood in Reverse
Soldier Suicides and the Politics of Presidential Condolences
The GOP’s Sick Priorities
Obama "Abruptly" Walks Out Of Debt Negotiations
Vladimir Putin Calls Bernanke A Hooligan,

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 14

Nigeria's Crude Oil Production Soars to 2.6m bpd
Mexico's 1st half oil production down 1 percent, continuing 6-year slide
Iraq the last untapped oil source
UPDATE 2-China's CNPC in talks for possible Cuba oil block
Study calls for scaling back Canada gas projects
Media: Turkmenistan begins industrial gas production in Caspian Sea
German hard coal imports seen up in 2011
Peabody Energy adds more coal assets in the US, China news
U.S., Europeans Blocked Anew at UN Over Syrian Nuclear Plant
Poland should drop nuclear, study for Greenpeace says
China's Largest Wind Farm Developer Marches into Canadian Market
Germany warms to Kenya's solar potential
Europe Gasoline Crack Rises, Cargill Buys Barges: Oil Products
Talison Lithium Announces Preliminary Fiscal Year 2011 Production Results...
Western Lithium Significantly Upgrades its Kings Valley Lithium Resource in Nevada, USA...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 13

Another credit union bites the dust...
How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs,
The Beginning of the End of Europe
Gold hits record high on debt fears and chance of more Fed stimulus
California companies fleeing the Golden State
Light bulb ban riles up lawmakers
Fed chairman Bernanke faces firestorm
Connecticut employees get layoff notices
Why the U.S. Should Return to the Gold Standard â€"
The Unemployed Worker's New Friend: Outsourcers
Google Makes Facebook Look Socially Awkward
Today's Special at Wal-Mart: Something Weird
Hedge-Fund Investors Scout Out Web Firms
As Italy sinks, France is leaking
A Bad Mood Has Descended On World Financial Markets
Uh Oh â€" Italy Is Coming Apart Like A 20 Dollar Suit
Gold Dreamtime, The Euro And Other New Moneys
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Federal Reserve Needs QE3 to Boost Economic Growth,
Defaulted Greece May Have to Rescue Trichet
Bernanke 'Lays Down Law'
Fed Officials Divided on Further Stimulus
Central Falls, RI stares down 'painful' bankruptcy
Failing Liberty 101
Conservative Ben Stein Calls For Tax Hike
Federal Tax Revenues Have Exceeded Interest Payments20-Fold â€" Since U.S. Hit Debt Limit
Sebelius: Obamacare's Penalty on Small Businesses
NRA Will Sue Obama Administration Over New Gun-Control Measure
Macro-economic factors still support gold as safe-haven asset
Gold attains fresh record in euro and sterling
Central banks pull most gold in a decade from BIS
Pimco reverses course on US government debt
Why the euro is not worth saving
Ebay and marketplace sites may be liable for trademark abuse
'South California' for 51st state?
Just what is the federal debt ceiling?
Obama: Debt-limit impasse could halt Social Security checks
Silver Poised for Powerful Rally
Gold and Silver Summer Trend Update
Big Banks Waging Warfare Against the People of the World
Europe steps back from the abyss, for a day
US trade deficit tops $50bn on rising oil prices
US Federal Reserve faces split if economy fails to pick up
Irish bonds cut to junk status on bail-out worries
Fed: The Recovery Has Stalled, but We Won't Help
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
The 20 Most Successful Projects in Kickstarter History
Something to Squawk About
Fannie Mae changes all-cash financing options
Fed worries about job market, considers more stimulus
Raising the debt ceiling is critical for small business

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 13

Oil prices rise as Europe fears ease
China's Oil-Processing Falls to 9-Month Low on Maintenance
Path appears clear for oil pipeline from Canada
World Oil Demand Will Increase at Slower Pace in 2012, OPEC Says
Gunmen blow up Egypt-Israel gas pipeline for fourth time this year
UPDATE 1-EIA sharply raises 2011 US natgas production growth
Chinese coal imports in H1 down by 12pct YoY
Euro Coal prices drop USD 1 per tonne
U.S. Nuclear-Plant Owners Should Upgrade Safety, Task Force Says
Uranium sector shows signs of returning to life
Global Wind Energy Capacity to Triple by 2017
Europe debt crisis might affect the solar industry
What the U.S. can learn from Germany to promote clean power
Ethanol Rises to Four-Week High on More Expensive Output Costs
US gasoline demand down last week as prices rise

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 12

Are French Banks Next On The Block After Italy?
30 Reasons To Get Out Of Real Estate and Into REAL Assets
Defaulting on the Fed's Bonds
The Italian effect: Gold and U.S. dollar rise
China on its Way to the Leading Global Currency?
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Fed chief to face grilling after weak jobs report
Southwest: Layoffs not part of merger
35% of Americans own a smartphone
Amazon to put fourth facility in Phoenix
Promenade in Scottsdale sells for $110 million
Why China's Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 5:
Best Currency Forecasters Say
Cisco Said to Be Cutting as Many as 10,000 Jobs
Euro Falls to 4-Month Low
Treasuries Snap Two-Day Gain
Comex Gold ends higher on fresh safe-haven demand
Gold backing monetary system in the making?
Gold to climb as fresh debt concerns hit Europe
Newest Line of Business for Big Banks: Slumlording
The Financial Landscape:
Here's Why Small Business Isn't Hiring, and Won't be Hiring
Commercial Traders Covering Short Positions on Silver
A Wile E. Coyote Market
What Happened to the Jobs?
Fidelity settles with HUD over mortgage kickback claims
PMI to pay underwater borrowers to stay put
Recession proves asset price bubbles should be popped:
No, We Can't? Or Won't?
Debt Contagion Threatens Italy
U.S. Mired in Quicksand?
German 'Nein' leaves Italy and Spain in turmoil
The economic pain grows in Italy
Just 58.2% of American Adults Are Employed
Carlos Montes and the Security State: A Cautionary Tale
Minnesota shuts down â€" to Pawlenty's benefit?
Partisan divide on debt talks growing deeper;
Geithner: "[For A Lot of People] It's Going to Feel Very Hard,
Jobs numbers underscore dilemma over agreement
U.S. debt default could be 'real nasty'
China's top general calls U.S. naval exercises inappropriate
Survey finds small businesses not ready to hire
How the Bailout Killed Local Lendingâ€"
The Biggest Fed Money Pump Since Lehman Went Under...
Oxford Economics Looks At The Role Of Gold
Understanding Unintended Consequences

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 12

IEA trims oil volume planned in release
Chevron's Profit Rose as Oil Prices Climbed, Refining Improved
Middle East Oil Falls as Saudis Keep Supply; China Imports Drop
South Sudan - The World's Newest, Fragile, Oil-Rich Petrostate
Mexico Energy Profile: Still Second Largest Source Of US Oil Imports
Chesapeake Forms $1 Billion Fund to Boost Natural-Gas Demand
Canadian Natural Gas Gains as Hot U.S. Midwest Boosts Demand
Japan utilities June LNG consumption rises sharply y/y
Record Australia coal bid shows industry healthy: PM
U.S. on Both Sides of New Battle Over Assistance to 'Ugly' Coal-Fired Power Plant
China set on nuclear path
Kuwait no longer interested in pursuing nuclear energy
France launches 3GW offshore wind tender
MIT demos flexible solar panels printed on paper
West Spot Gasoline Strengthens on Work at California Refineries
U.S. EPA to end outdated gasoline pump regulation

Monday, July 11, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 11

Thieves In Chatham Targeting Air Conditioners
Could Energy Resources Cause Russia
Negative Real Interest Rates
Truck Firms Gird for New Limits
Small Businesses Decry Regulation
Boehner's Obama Gamble
The Handwriting Is on the Wall
Boehner to Seek Smaller $2 Trillion Deal
Taxes Upon Taxes Upon . . .
For Small Businesses, Recession Isn't Over
New Flare-Up in Light-Bulb Wars
Rampant Unemployment = The Death Of The Middle Class
The Sovereign Debt Crisis Is Never Going To End
Behind the Dismal Employment Numbers, Rogue Wave Coming
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The 10 Scariest GOP Governors:
(401)k law actually hurts savings
Greece Gets Approval for $4.6 Billion
Euro Falls to Two-Week Low on Debt Concern
Geithner Wants Biggest Budget-Deficit Cut Possible Now,
Fed on Hold Longest Since 1940s
Firmer outlook for Gold as US debt-ceiling talks continue
Gold is now in transition from commodity to currency
Gold price to go bullish next week
US unemployment data and how it will impact gold, silver
The Silver Platter Opportunity
The Greek B.I.S. Currency Gold Swap
U.S. Default Would Be 'Catastrophic'
EU stance shifts on Greece default
Los Angeles braced for 'car-mageddon
US suspends Pakistan military aid as diplomatic relations worsen
How the bubble destroyed the middle class
Italian sell-off prompts emergency euro zone meet
The next, worse financial crisis
Gold and silver as money - reasons and relevance today
A Ceiling We Can't Wish Away
Economy Faces a Jolt as Benefit Checks Run Out
EU calls emergency meeting as crisis stalks Italy
Regulators Close Three Banks; Failure Toll Rises To 51 In 2011
Italy and Spain must pray for a miracle
Lessons of Argentina crisis ignored in handling of Greece
The West is in for a rude awakening
Top EU officals meet over Italy debt contagion fears
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp could face $100m bill
Credit Cards Stage a Comeback! Time to Worry?
Obama: Debt deal or danger within 10 days

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jul 11

Oil drops on China, U.S. economy concerns
Oil imports fall to eight-month low
Iran to spend $18 billion on south oil
Iraq says willing to supply Europe with oil, gas
Iraq, Shell to sign $12 bln gas deal
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