Friday, August 31, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 31

How Obamacare Robs Medicare and Hurts Seniors
Top 3 Small Business Struggles
Staged crisis leading to suspended elections

Why Are the Big Banks Suddenly Afraid?
Why the Jackson Hole Fed Meeting Will Look Familiar
Ryan Pledges GOP Rebirth
'The Economy Stole My Retirement'
Barack Obama, Global Has-Been
The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream
By Focusing on the Economy,

Voters, Are You Bluffing?
Paul Ryan's Night
How Obama Succeeds By Failing
Ryan Rocks Republicans
Yuan Tipped to Replace US Dollar, Euro in Southeast Asia
Paul Ryan Speech

What Now for Ron Paul Libertarians?
Keiser Report: Fat Gorillas vs Middle-Class Monkeys (E333)
Gerald Celente - Mitch Henck:

Paul Ryan Speech

Paul Ryan Speech

Clinton staying as far away

Economic Crisis:  Riots, Food Raids, and the Collapse of Spain
Ron Hera:  We're at 2008 Crash Levels
LIBOR Rates.
Get Your Money Out of Morgan Stanley Fast
'Real' Homeownership Rate at Nearly 50-Year Low
Why Aren't Candidates Talking More About Housing?
What no-stimulus speech by Ben Bernanke can mean
Java zero-day exploit goes mainstream,

The Fed's Radical QE Policy Is on the Chopping Block
America, the Insecure
Gun ID legislation may trigger exodus

Apple will give you up to $345 for your iPhone
Mitt Romney appeals to America's optimism in RNC speech
A "close call" on more Fed easing
Romney makes appeal

TacSat-4 Participates

UN, Iran leaders duel over nuclear issue
US-China missile race
Carrier strike group rushes to PersianGulf
US pushes for a new phase of arms race
China's fears grow over eurozone crisis
Germany Calls for New EU Treaty
Illinois Credit Rating Cut Over Pensions
RNC 2012: Mitt Romney speech to GOP convention (Full Text)
Romney: Election about jobs, Obama failures;

Microsoft, Atari Bring Arcade Classics to the Web
Watch Your Back, Hasbro, 3D-Printed Games Have Arrived
New Flat Lens Could Revolutionize Cameras as We Know Them
Atari Arcade - Behind the Scenes
Dinesh D'Souza Obama 2016 YouTube
Monsters With Ominous Acronyms:

Is Cashin Cashin' In On Obama?
The Election: It's The Food-Stamps, Stupid!
Gold Option Traders Most Bullish

Spanish Bonds Slump Most In A Month As Europe Turns Red

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 31

Germany, Italy stay opposed to IEA oil release
US June oil demand down 1.76 pct from yr ago-EIA
Ireland's Oil Field at the End of the Rainbow
Interior Dept.: Shell can prepare for oil drilling in Arctic
$100b LNG projects imperiled by African gas rush
Natural Gas Demand Forces Fracking Issue
Why Gazprom is halting Arctic gas field development
Global coal and gas markets to be balanced until 2013
New EPA Regulations Not Driving Coal Demand SA to source coal from Botswana
IAEA: 'Significant progress' in N. Korea's new nuclear reactor
Construction of nuclear power station in Kazakhstan requires brain of mankind: Japanese deputy
Chinese solar industry hits at protectionism
Solar panel set to meet power demand at affordable cost
Ethanol Heads For First Monthly Drop Since May On Ample Supply

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 30

Behind the New View of Globalization
Why Does The U.S. Government

Federal Reserve To Crash Markets Before Launching QE3?
Business Spending Plans Hint At Factory Weakness
Banks labeled 'slumlords' over foreclosure neglect
The Truth About Gasoline Price Volatility
The Real Reason Behind Oil Price Rises -

GM Temporarily Halts Volt Production over Low Sales
Ryan to Pledge 'Responsibility' in Convention Speech
U.S. Firms Move Abroad to Cut Taxes
A Grand Old Growth Party
Did China Cause the Financial Crisis?
Don't get Your Hopes up for Jackson Hole
Gasoline Prices Fast Approaching New All-Time Highs
Obama Has Stolen $5.3 Trillion From Our Children In Order To Make Himself Look Good
Romney pledges he will return US military resolve

Ryan's speech: After four years of 'runaround,'

Rand Paul:

LIBOR Rates.
SunTrust updates smartphone app to accept mobile deposits
Two-fifths of all Americans are middle-agers
Houston Community Newspapers sold to Nevada company
US Capital Goods Orders Decline Most Since November
Gross Says QE3 Likely Even If Bernanke Doesn't Provide Hint
Treasuries Snap Loss As Gross Says Fed To Implement QE3
Profit taking, buying on dips occurring in Gold

The Mega-Rich and the "Useless Eaters"
Rising home values in the face of stagnant incomes â€" Home prices are rising at a rate three times faster than the CPI. Lowest available inventory in over 30 years
Firestorms & Currency Twisters
Why We Are on the Brink of the Greatest Depression of all Time
Chinese banks step up lending in the US
Even talk of a gold standard would boost the price
Gold ends lower on caution before Bernanke speech
Half of Americans die with almost no money
QE3 and the looming currency war
Should we run government as a business?
Zero effective policy and stalling QE3 – Why QE3 will have little financial impact if implemented. Deposits at US commercial banks quickly approaches $9 trillion
An Autumn Abyss?
China is Okay
Europe's Necessary Union
Is Inflation Returning?
On Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and Private Equity
The Last Gasps of the Ron Paul Movement
California Is Suddenly Adding Jobs Faster Than Texasâ€"Why?
Syrian Conflict Not Just Battle Against Assad
Syria: The Kurdish Wild Card
At pivotal moment, Bernanke low on economic ammo
Citigroup agrees to $590 million subprime settlement
Romney vows to reverse defense cuts, improve VA
Ryan to vow health care repeal fight just beginning
Dinesh D'Souza Obama 2016 YouTube

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 30

Venezuela's largest oil refinery may re-open in 'two or three days'
Pemex finds first deep water light crude: Mexico's Calderon
S.Sudan could take 6 months to resume oil output
TABLE-Japan July crude oil imports by source; up 2.5 pct
Brazil Petrobras: Presalt Oil Discovery Rate Nearly 80%
Russia 'to cut gas exports'
Europe's resistance to shale gas could boost renewables
Israel to export gas, but domestic use comes first
Indonesian Lower-Quality Coal Swaps Fall; China Prices Decline
Midwest coal plant expensive for cities, utilities-report
Can India, Pakistan cooperate in civil nuclear programme?
South Africa Hasn't Determined Nuclear Plan Cost, Motlanthe Says
U.S. puts more effort behind solar energy
Making Dye-sensitized Solar Panels More Efficient
French fin min announces gasoline price cut

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 29

Is the U.S. Headed for a Double-Dip Recession?
The Hon. Chris Christie - Speech RNC
Gold Prices Going Up Regardless of Jackson Hole Outcome
Networked Energy: Transforming the U.S. Electrical Grid
Radioactive Fish off Fukushima Coast
The Self-Service Airport
Bibi's Secret War Plan
Risky Business
Is There Going To Be A Stock Market Crash In The Fall?
FCC eyes tax on Internet service
Feinstein urges Obama to issue cybersecurity executive order
GOP votes to nominate Romney
LIBOR Rates.
Gold to focus on upcoming Bernanke speech
Bernanke: To Print or Not to Print…?
Central Banks Digging a Deeper Hole
Gold: First Mover Advantage
Brain-dead politics assures chaos till 2016
What's really wrong with our economy
In Defense of Liberty Extremism
The New Endangered Species:

Boston Fed again sought discount rate cut,

Further Fed easing not "predestined": Fisher
Deposit flight from Spanish banks smashes record in July
The Untouchable Economy:

Ann Romney Republican National Convention Speech Excerpts
Romney's Big Challenge:

Why Everybody's Going To War in the Middle East
Meaningless Words in Politics
Ron Paul and the Future
Why Is the UN Installing

The Deception at the Heart

You Are Probably Worse Off Than You Were Four Years Ago
Ron Paul, Republican problem child
Lexmark to stop making inkjet printers,

The Mean Economy: A battered American Dream
A big wind blows through Tampa
We Don't Need No Stinking Warrant:

Truths behind global debt crisis with Max Keiser
Financial Crisis Special / Convergence & Bible Prophecy
Tim Geithner to Paul Ryan:
"We don't have a definitive solution...


Country Joe McDonald - "Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die"
Interview Judge Napolitano on the 2012 Election
European Bank Run Watch: Swiss Edition
Judgment Day For The Euro And What's At Stake
Weak Two Year Auction May Be Jackson Hole Harbinger

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 29

G-7 calls on oil producers to raise output
Brazil to deploy world's first floating oil terminal
Kurdistan warns Baghdad it will halt oil exports again
India to remain Iran's main oil purchaser despite sanctions
UAE to expand oil production capacity to 3m bpd this year
Tokyo Gas signs deal to buy LNG from Malaysia
Isaac Won't Save Natural Gas, Demand and Infrastructure Will
World's biggest LNG supplier, Qatar, partners with ExxonMobil in US export venture
India Inc says coal block cancellations will hurt sentiment
US OTC thermal coal prices settle mixed Tuesday
Big Coal Faces Steel Slowdown Amid Shale-Gas Pain: Commodities
Iran will never stop uranium enrichment
Nuclear energy production centers move to the East
Nuclear row splits French government
Germany's New 'Renewable' Energy Policy – OpEd
Westinghouse and CBD Energy in Italian solar joint venture
Stimulus to Power Asia-Pacific Solar PV Demand to New Heights in Q4
Ethanol output to drop 10 percent as price rises:Think tank

Friday, August 24, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 24

Hedge funds are betting on disaster
Oil near $100. Thanks a lot, Fed!
Big Income Losses for Those Near Retirement
Why A Gold Supply Crisis Looms?
Jim Rogers:  It's Going To Get Really "Bad After The Elections"
NIRP: The Financial System's Death Knell?
Why Cybercrime Is Such Easy Money
Venezuela Ramps up China Oil Exports Unsettling Washington
The Truth About Gasoline Price Volatility
IAE, Iran to Meet in Vienna
North Korea Progresses on New Nuclear Reactor
A Romney-Ryan Revolution?
Obama's Death Knell for the Elderly
The God Particle: I Don't Think So
Three Minutes to Midnight
Why Government Needs a Diet
GM Goes From Bad to Worse Despite Obama Bailout
Startling Evidence That Central Banks and Wall Street Insiders are Rapidly Preparing for Something Big
LIBOR Rates.
'Gold factoring in potential Fed QE but not aggressively yet'
Is the golden era of Silver about to dawn?
US job data drives MCX Silver to dizzying heights
US, UK, French elite units on standby

Is Germany Entering a Recession?
Fiscal Choice For America: Gloom Or Doom, Says CBO
Will Bernanke Pull The Trigger Or Pocket His Peashooter?
Former RBS trader claims 'anyone' at bank could change rate
RBS may be bigger Libor culprit than Barclays, says MP
Aurora shooting suspect was banned from campus over threats
US and Turkey meet to discuss Syrian chemical weapons
[UK] Bank's stimulus plan 'has lined pockets of the rich'
German dip sounds the alarm in eurozone
Obama asks eurozone to keep Greece in

Spain mulls bailout request

West could intervene on use of chemical weapons in Syria
US government developing ultimate cyber weapon; Prime-factoring quantum computing makes encryption obsolete
Wall Street falls as Fed doubts knock equities
PIMCO's Gross says Fed easing "almost a done deal:" CNBC
Fed's Bullard plays down odds of imminent easing
Fitch is targeted by Italian magistrate
Fed joins stimulus party as global trade slumps
The Cheapest Generation Objects:

Greece ready to start selling islands to pay down debts.
What does it take to be middle class?

Keystone pipeline clears a hurdle
For Russians, August is the cruelest month
Obama to break recent precedent, will stump during RNC
Top U.S. General:

Google Crunches One Trillion Pieces of Data With Single Click
Michael Levy interviews Doug Casey
'Greece is bankrupt. Full stop. Game over'
Fed's Finger On The Trigger
2012 ~ Think it's a Fairytale?

Main Show Only -

The Vatican and Alien Connection / Petrus Romanus
Keiser Report: Liquidity Drought (E331)
Keiser Report: Suicidal Skullduggery (E330)
War on the Saints steve quayle full length
'China real target for US missile shield in Asia'
'US not our daddy to punish us' -

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 24

Syria casts net wide in search of oil deals
Nigeria to reach 2.9mbpd of crude oil by year end
Venezuela imports oil despite having largest reserves
Shell unveils oil search agenda
Bangladesh gas production falls 37% on week over Muslim Eid holidays
Japan Tepco mulls importing 1-1.5 mil mt/year US LNG from 2016: source
Coal plants still pressured despite Romney plan, EPA court loss
Australia gives India's GVK coal mine green light
Australia coal miners see short-term gloom, long-term boom
India builds cheapest nuclear reactors in the world: Govt
Nuclear reactor shuts down in southern Korea
Autumn nuclear power refueling seen up 5 percent year per year
BP blames faulty refinery unit for recalled gasoline
Suntech Debuts 300 W Solar Module For The North American Market
Vestas, World's Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer, Cuts Thousands of Jobs
Calls to lower ethanol quota rise as U.S. corn crop withers

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 23

Shhh...It's Even Worse Than The Great Depression
Why Investors Are Hoarding Silver
The Commodities Survival Kit Guide: Gold, Silver, Timber, Farmland, Stamps, & Antique Guns
Pussy Riot, the Unfortunate Dupes of Amerikan Hegemony
Where homes are affordable
The Endless War:

Coal Wins Minor Battle with EPA, but Still Loses to Natural Gas
The Setting For Ben Bernanke's Speech At Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole: Monetary Policy Under Financialism
Jackson Hole To Create Euro Rally
Will FOMC Minutes Sway The Dollar?
It's Not Just Greece - Spain Is Now Printing Euros
Gold, Silver And Miners Setting Up For A Rally
Quantitative Easing: The Ultimate Faustian Bargain
Escape From Debt Slavery With Gold?
Hey, Ho, Let's Gold! (So Says The Fed ... And Silver Too)
Hurricane forecasts heighten anxiety about GOP convention
CBO warns of deep recession

Treasury 10-Year Yields

LIBOR Rates.
How Volcker Created a Gold Standard w/o Gold
Fannie Mae Tightens Mortgage Standards

Many On FOMC Favored Easing Soon If No Pickup In Growth
West Nile Virus Kills 41 People In Biggest U.S. Outbreak
West Nile outbreak largest ever in U.S.
'Gold is exploding, Silver catching up'
Shrinking Income for America's Middle Class â€" Pew Research
Federal Reserve prepared to take action

Top Iran official: If Israel attacks,

U.S. 2012 budget deficit $1.1 trillion: CBO
CIA spies 'smuggle 14 Stinger missiles into Syria

Economics in Denial
U.S. Treasury Has Sealed Fannie and Freddie's Fate
Fed looks set to ease fairly soon barring swift rebound
Germany May Be The Country That Brings The Euro Crashing Down
America May Have Too Many College Graduates
CBO: U.S. Is on Track

How the Syrian Crisis Will End
Lebanon Headed for Civil War?
Did Someone Say 'War'?
Federal Reserve minutes:

Recession imminent if 'fiscal cliff' of tax hikes,

The survivalist: [Congressman R-MD]

Could Hurricane Isaac derail the GOP convention?
Russia: Western powers 'instigating'

Islamic law rises as Sinai lacks order in the courts
Unlimited data plans making a comeback

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 23

U.S. Oil Imports to Seen Hitting 20-Year Low 42% of Use
China's Oil Demand Rebounds in July
UPDATE 1-New Canadian oil refinery to be profitable: backer
US crude oil supplies drop by 5.4 million barrels
Shale gas failure offers rescue for EU green energy drive
Thermal coal prices drop on resumption of Colombian exports
China coal imports in Jul up by 15pct YoY
Global nuclear industry growing steadily as new markets open up
India's nuclear safety report warns of Fukushima-like disaster
US to become third largest solar market in 2012, says IMS Research
Chinese solar industry faces weak sales, price war
Brazil To Import U.S. Ethanol If Fuel Blend Raised, Bunge Says

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 22

Syria's security vacuum and WMDs
Lockhart's Outlook Suggests QE3 Isn't A Done Deal
What Does Liberty Really Mean to You?
Thanks Obama - Here Are 24 Stats That Show How Much You Have Royally Messed Up Our Economy
Dollar Index loses minor trendline support -

Does "Austrian Economics" predict inflation or deflation?
Even '60 Minutes' Misses

Fiscal Cliff Fears Chill Corporate Hiring, Economy
Venezuela Ramps up China Oil Exports

How the U.S. East Coast Just Dodged an Oil Supply Shut-Down
Why China Needs Peace in the Middle East
More Firms Bow to Generation Y's Demands
Jacob Rothschild, John Paulson And George Soros

More Than Half Of All Americans

LIBOR Rates.
Wall Street Sets the Rules for Regulators
Wall Street Leaderless In Rules Fight As Dimon Diminished
Americans Having Fewer Babies

Euro Near 6-Week High On Europe Debt Crisis Optimism
Last Man Standing Means

Lockhart Says Fed Faces Risk Of Excessive Accommodation
Reinhart Says Failing Fed Should Commit To Stimulus
Wells Fargo Complicates Ally's Independence Plan
Muni Bonds: Riskier Than You Think
FHFA Announces New Standard Short Sale Guidelines

Fed Report: No More Monetary Gas Needed
Love Trade Cools as Central Banks' Gold Demand Heats Up
In a Paper System, All Assets are Backed by the Treasury Bond
Most Bullish Thing the Market Can Do Is Go Up
Where to Cut the Federal Budget?

Clearing Skies for Private Jets
U.S. Companies Worry About Effect of Russia Joining W.T.O.
Amerika's Future is Death
Spooked by Glass-Steagall's Ghost?
The Media Cold War
'Zero Inflation' in U.S. = Hyperinflation Warning?
Dental health linked to dementia risk
Fed's Lockhart says monetary policy not a panacea
The Beginning of the End of Print:

What Does Groupon's Collapse

America's New War Over Civil Rights
Millions Now Stuck in the Rut of Self-Employment
Cyber War: Why the Government Can't Keep Us Safe
Get Ready for the Fall
Hedge Funds Double Down on U.S. Debt
3 Energy Issues No One's Talking About
How China Is Driving Federal Reserve Policy
Against big banks, state regulators flex their muscles
Gun control and the security illusion

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 22

Oil prices rise on Europe optimism
Sudan security deal to get oil flowing eyed
Petrobras says found "good quality" oil in Brazil offshore
Syria says preparing to finalize oil deal with Russia
UPDATE 3-China, India slash oil imports from Iran in July
China, S'pore wealth funds invest US$1bil in US LNG export plant
India implementing 14,000 km natural gas pipelines: RPN Singh
Eni and Vitol Sign Memo Of Understanding To Develop Gas Block in Ghana
Court strikes down EPA rule on coal pollution
Sri Lanka Chinese-built coal power plant broke down 12 times since opening - Minister
Progress in sea uranium extraction
Iran nuclear issue no more dangerous than other intl. problems: Russia
Wind farms provide only 3.5% of U.S. energy
Cheaper solar panels on the way, say scientists
UPDATE 2-Georgia, New Mexico join call for end to US ethanol rule
U.S. gasoline demand dips as prices rise - MasterCard

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 21

Fisking Ferguson I
Junk Bonds: Wall Street's Newest Bubble?
U.S. Government's Foreign Debt Hits Record $5.29 Trillion
Rand Paul's Tea Party Manifesto
Welcome To The Third World, Part 7:  Bye, Bye Public Services
Obama should have fired Bernanke a long time ago
Data Points To Lackluster Economic Growth
Wal-Mart International Growth Slows, Shares Fall
Still no escape for taxpayers if banks go bust
Hyperinflation Is Not Inevitable (Default Is)
Banks Can Legally Steal Customer Funds

Government Funded Bullet Trains

Synthetic Police Are Coming:

New Retrofit Kit can Turn Any Car into a Plug-In Hybrid
LIBOR Rates.
An Obama Visit to Israel Could Stall Iran Attack
Banks Use $1.77 Trillion To Double Treasury Purchases
Spanish Bond Yields Fall To 7-Week Low

How Volcker Launched His Attack on Inflation
Fed Studies Show Damage To Labor Market Is Reversible
Meredith Whitney's Muni Prediction Gets No Boost From Fed
Private-Market Tooth Fairy Can't Cut Medicare Cost
Are biometric ID tools evil?
HARP: TBTF banks laughing all the way home
On the origin of specie - Fate of the Dollar
Italy's tax hunters target super-rich and their yachts off the Sardinian
Jackson Hole Preview: Draghi's Plan


A Flock of Black Swans
Euro woes tilt financial power in Asia's favor
Germany backs Draghi bond plan against Bundesbank
Bank of England deputy governor Paul Tucker

A Full Fact-Check of Niall Ferguson's

What's the Single Best Explanation for Middle-Class Decline?
Ferguson's Newsweek Cover Rebuttal:

Obama warns Assad of US military action in Syria
Obama's Gotta Go
An Obama Visit to Israel Could Stall Iran Attack
Israel a 'cancerous tumor' and

Netanyahu 'determined to attack Iran'

Let's Get Ready to Crumble
False Piety and the Medicare Debate
The War in the Shadows
German central bank warns

Rense & Celente - Society is Now a Rotten Fish
Glenn Beck talks some seriousem> economic gloom and doom 15 August 2012, Lindsey Williams, Other radio show hosts don't allow me to speak about The Energy Non Crisis
Re: Senator Daniel Inouye on the shadow government
States Can Shut Down ObamaCare's

Max Keiser: Collapse is Imminent!!
ObamaCare Exchanges and the IRS

Barry Ritholtz on the Ghosts

Endless QE, Ryan budget all hope no change,

Major General: Why Are Domestic Government Agencies Purchashing Enough Lethal Ammunition to Put 5 Rounds In Every American?
Shhhh… It's Even Worse Than The Great Depression
Silver Jumps To Two Month Highs As Oil Reverts
Treasury Spasms

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 21

US says oil firms should respect Baghdad government
Gulf producers prevent global oil crisis
Shell paid Nigeria millions to guard oil facilities: group
Eni has no plans for Kurdistan oil deals: CEO
South Korea to resume Iran oil imports from September
Shell, Chevron to swap LNG assets in Australia
UPDATE 3-Nearby US natgas futures end up, 1st gain in 4 sessions
U.S. State Department: Turkmenistan may provide India with natural gas
Queensland's coal mining future drowning as exports plunge and capital programs wind back
China, India continue to fuel demand for affordable coal supply
Korea & U.S. to Hold Nuclear Cooperation Meeting Next Month
Nuclear power project in Canada receives site preparation license
Affordable wind energy not just hot air
China says U.S. support for clean energy violates WTO rules
Solar powered LED lighting across Africa
Iran to inaugurate world's largest gasoline refinery in 2-3 weeks
Ethanol Production in U.S. Low Enough to Drain Surplus, CME Says

Monday, August 20, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 20

Sunny skies: China's gold ambitions
Foreclosures Called Into Question by MERS Ruling;

How Dangerous Is America's Debt?
Nassim Taleb: In the Investment Biz,

Standard Chartered and

Unemployment Rate Rises in 44 States in July
Why the Deflationists Are Wrong
Fiscal Cliff 2013 Will Bury Debt-Ridden U.S. Cities
Oil Prices Headed Higher after this Week's Boost
Wall Street Has Set You Up Like a Bowling Pin
Could the Organic Singularity Occur

Illuminati Networks Exposed
Obama's Federal Land Grab
The New Face of Health Care -- the IRS
Germany's New Breed Of Neo-Nazis
22 Stats That Show How The Emerging One World Economy Is Absolutely Killing American Workers
Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG
The Superfluity is Near:

LIBOR Rates.
HUD to Sell $1.7 Billion of FHA Delinquent Loans
Factory Output In U.S. Climbs As Prices Remain Tame
Diamond Censured Over Evidence In Barclays Libor Probe
Gold Bulls Expand

Google's Motorola Files New Patent Case Against Apple
Deutsche Bank Among Four Said To Be In U.S. Laundering Probe

Big Changes Ahead: Gold Just Became Money Again
Gold bullish for next week;

Chance of Fed Printing More Money Jumps to 60%
With friends like these ...
Singularity University: meet the people who are building our future [whether you like it or not]
Is Mark Zuckerberg in over his hoodie as Facebook CEO?
Debt bubble amnesia – 40 percent increase of Americans with accounts in collection in the last decade. System still heavily reliant on extreme consumption.
Is the singularity near, or is it already history?
Skilled Work, Without the Worker
Singularity Summit Exposed as Nazi Superman Project
More on Singularity...
Russian Bear stops Finland leaving euro
Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro
Greece must remain in eurozone, minister warns
Long-Term Unemployment Is Much Worse Than You Think
Germany's Neo-Nazi Flash Mobs
2012 Gas Prices Head For Record
N.Y. Fed says municipal bond defaults


2045: A New Era for Humanity
DARPA: Military's Martial Law Robots Herding Humans?
The Singularity - Terence McKenna
Keiser Report: Consumption-tration Camps (E329)
Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers
Ray Kurzweil about GF2045 and 'Avatar'
"The Euro Crisis May Last 20 Years" -

Gold Continues To Be Money:

The Portuguese Run Out Of Gold To Sell
The US Money Markets And The Price Of Gold

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 20

Europe starts stockpiling oil as Iran conflict looms
Nigeria launches fresh bid to overhaul oil industry
Japex delays Canada oil sands investment decision
UAE's oil output in July rose 0.8%
Bulgaria's Gas Link with Romania to Be Ready by End-May 2013
ConocoPhillips Ships Third LNG Shipment From Alaska To Japan
Republican US Senate candidates accuse democrats of waging war on coal
Merkel's Green Shift Forces Germany To Burn More Coal
Call to limit China's UK nuclear stake
Mena N-plans make waves
Bill Gates to Develop New Nuclear Reactor with Korea
Sunflowers inspire more efficient solar power system
U.S. solar power market boomed in 2011
Biofuel fails EU sustainability test, German researchers claim

Friday, August 17, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 17

Tax Policy Center:

The Singularity: Science's Quest

Ben Bernanke's Waiting Game
Welcome to the Third World, Part 7: Bye Bye, Public Services
Max Keiser:  We're In A Financial Holocaust
Why More States May See Gas Prices Above $4
The Fiat World
Will Bernanke Save the Equity Markets?
What has been Driving Global Oil Prices Recently?
Court Orders a Halt on Construction

Time to Pick Up Some Gold
Future of Data: Encoded in DNA
Germany, Not Greece, Should Leave the Eurozone
4 Myths Both Parties Want to Maintain

Romney and Ryan Would Return Us to the Bush Years
The Bogus Attack on Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan
Municipal Governments: Default Rates Higher Than Thought
Transhumanism Agenda: Super Race, DNA Manipulation, Evolution's Dehumanization Of Man
The Transcension Hypothesis -

Technological Singularity Evolution:

Trans-Humanism: Mixing Human DNA

Documentary- A Silent Forest. The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees - Full Movie
Disney Developing 'Physical Face Cloning'
LIBOR Rates.
Ethanol in Gas Tanks Makes Food on Your Table Cost More
Is Israel's Rush to Strike Iran Based on U.S. Politics?
JPMorgan, UBS Said Among Banks Queried In Libor Probe
Fed's Kocherlakota Says Inflation Target May Have to Rise
Living Paycheck to Paycheck: Personal Finance for the 40%
Pessimism About Jobs Grows Worldwide
Food Inflation on the Rise
How to Introduce a Gold Standard
Banking Damage:  ATM, Checking And Overdraft Fees Rise In 2012
Syria's conflict has crossed the border,

11 reasons to leave your 401(k) behind
Iran threatens to disconnect from the Internet
When will the euro collapse? It's already dead
An introduction to Divinity Now:

NaturalNews seeks grassroots visual storytellers

Facedeals: Facial recognition marketing

Calling the Big Banks' Bluff
Jobless rates rise in NY, NJ and Connecticut in July
U.N. monitors quit, saying Syrians choose "path of war"
Fed's Plosser, George signal opposition to more easing
Finland prepares for break-up of eurozone
The Political Euro Revolt Spreads To Austria: “Europe Can Only Function If Every Country Has Its Own Currency”
What Everybody Gets Wrong

No Matter Who Wins, Health Care Rationing Is Coming
College Dreams Are Dashed by the Housing Bust
Jim Rogers on the Coming Fiscal 'Catastrophe'
Iran's nuclear program designed

Will Egypt cancel peace treaty with Israel?

Keiser Report: Frankenmarket (E328)
Ann Barnhardt - A Matter of Record
Ray Kurzweil: After the Singularity, We'll All Be Robots
Michio Kaku on The Singularity
From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life:

Fed vs. Private Sector Treasury Holdings
Physical Face Cloning
Behold The Fed's Takeover Of The Bond Market
Deleveraging Needed In Next 4 Years: $28 Trillion
The Truth About How The Fed

Will Bernanke Bail Out An Incompetent Congress Once More

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Aug 17

Iraq To Boost Basrah Light Oil Exports In Second Half Of August
Mexico's big oil problem
U.S. Reliance on Saudi Oil Heads Back Up
Norway Oil Output Growth Strangled by Rising Rig Costs, Red Tape
Cairn India, PetroSA join forces for oil hunt in S.Africa
Weekly LNG imports into N Asia rise 7% on surge in Qatari supply to China
T&T's gas reserves declining more slowly
China imports 2.1 mln T of S.African coal in July-exporters
Colombian strike likely to end the frolic in coal market
Thousands of cracks found in Belgian nuclear power plant
Westinghouse to jointly decommission nuclear power plants in Europe
China Government Asked to Probe EU Solar Dumping, Xinhua Says
Germany delays wind farm because it's not fit for porpoise, yet
Lobao Says Brazil Considers Raising Mix Of Ethanol In Gasoline