Friday, December 30, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 30

Maybe that war with China isn't so far off
Iran ends 2011 with a blaze of intelligence
Israel in the midst of the Arab winter
28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools

China gold demand robust amid falling prices
The End of Year Precious Metal Bullion Bear Raid -

Treasury offers a memory lane trip

Minimum wage increases for workers in eight states
Verizon to charge $2 fee for online payments
Judging, Properly
The Coming Collapse of Yemen
Budget Collapse: Too Much Free Money
Guess who plans to spend $21,000 on tablets next year?
Trends 2012:

N. Korea Tells World to Expect No Change
US New Homes Sales Heading For Worse Year Ever
No more paper savings bonds in 2012
Economic Downturn Took a Detour at Capitol Hill
Buying silver is better than buying gold
One good reason why Gold may have bottomed out
US Homes Lose $700 Billion In Value In 2011--And That's The Good News
Marginal revolutionaries
Leaked memo details Verizon's $2 fee for paying your bill; autodraft or ACH the only way out
Financial Crises and Narcissism
Investor Meltdown
Italian Bonds, European Banks, and Gold
US agrees sale of $30bn fighter jets to Saudi Arabia
Bailing Out European Banks:

Civilian contractors playing key roles in U.S. drone operations
America's Best Kept Secret: Rising Suburban Poverty
Get Money Out of Politics in 2012
"There Will Be Violence, Mark My Words"
Slip-Sliding to War with Iran
Another Face Of US Recession:  Homeless Children
A Christmas Gift for the Pentagon
Martin Feldstein:

Italian bond auction highlights eurozone nation's woes
Eurozone credit crunch fears on M3 money contraction
Major Dubai companies 'may need bail-outs'
Student Debt Isn't Just For College Kids Anymore
The 10 Biggest Business Stories of 2011
10 International Stories to Watch for in 2012
9-Foot-Tall Supersoldier Mourns Kim Jong Il

Apple Patent Describes New Type of Face-Recognition Tech
Stores See Busy But Not Bang-up Christmas Eve
Top 10 Companies Hiring This Week

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 30

Gulf Lease Sales Will Reduce U.S. Oil Dependence, Agency Finds
Libya to review contracts with Italian oil major ENI
Iraq's Halfaya Crude Oil Field Increases Output, Missan Says
US crude oil supplies grow by 3.9 million barrels
Russia's oil reserves grow 600 mln T in 2011– minister
Energy groups delay decision on giant Russia gas field
Lower-48-State Gas Output Rose 1.4% in October, EIA Says
Venezuela to Open up Massive Natural Gas Field with European Investment
Indian generator Essar Energy to build eight coal-fired power plants
US coal output dips 7.5% on week to 20.3 mil st in week ended Saturday: EIA
Nuclear regulators plan January meeting to talk about probe into cracks found at Ohio reactor
Russia stands strong on nuclear energy market
U.S. Proposes Wind, Solar Leasing Rule on Federally Owned Land
Solar energy use expands in South America
Ethanol Ends Rally on Speculation Production Costs Will Drop

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 29

U.S. Fifth Fleet says won't allow Hormuz disruption
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

Bank of America Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives on US Taxpayers With Federal Approva
If a Global Recession is Not Looming, then Why Are Bailouts Flying Around Like The End Of The World Is Coming
MSM Pushing Turnaround for Economy
Banker Who Fled Kim Jong Il

China and Japan plan direct currency exchange agreement
China, Japan to Back Direct Trade of Currencies
China-Japan Currency Deal

To save middle class, create good jobs
Build-A-Bear recalls nearly 300,000 teddy bears
US Retirement Assets Declined By $1.4 Trillion
Remarks by Governor Ben S. Bernanke
Transcript for Ann Barnhardt Interview
Why "Tax the Rich" Won't Solve our Deficit/Spending Crisis
China, Japan Bypass U.S. Dollar in Pivotal Trade Agreement
Japan â€" Land of the Rising Debt
State cuts to Medicaid affect patients, providers
US declines to cite China as currency manipulator
Fed seeks to curb repo market risk
Oil price climbs amid Iranian threat
Euro hits 11-month low

Morgan Stanley to slash more than 500 jobs in New York
Mayo Clinic plans to sequence

America warns Iran that blocking oil route will 'not be tolerated'
Kabuki financial theatre – Congress net worth up 15 percent from 2004 to 2010 while the average American sees their net worth decline by 8 percent in the same timeframe. Welcome to plutocrat USA.
Clouded Title: The Gross Illegality of MERS
Euro crisis blocks the path to full economic recovery
Bond sale puts Italy to the test
Arab Spring: the revolution has only just begun
US Navy 'will not tolerate' Iran closing Strait of Hormuz
Gold Near-Term Outlook 2012
Did Bernanke protect the U.S. from the euromess?
Postal Service’s

Iran unlikely to block oil shipments

Pentagon trimming ranks of generals, admirals
Being Christian is a death sentence
MF Global chief missing $1.2B is financial adviser to EPA
Tax bill set for increasingly rare conference committee
Iran warns of closing strategic Hormuz oil route
Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street
World's Second And Third Largest Economies

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 29

Oil Demand Projected To Grow 1.1 Pct Y/Y In Q1
ExxonMobil, ConnocoPhilips win oil bid licence
Bahrain oil output hits a record
Chavez: Venezuela Will Be World's Top Oil Exporter
Noble's Cyprus Gas Discovery May Be Complicated by Turkey
Qatar cements its global gas lead
Turkey gives Russia green light to build South Stream gas pipeline
China asks major energy users to save 250 million tonnes coal
Coal ship queue hits 60 at Newcastle Port in Australia
Russia quake halts coal mining ops in Siberia
Will The Nuclear Power Industry Regain Public Trust?
Japan starts operating new centrifuges for enriching uranium
Black Silicon Solar Technology Promises More Efficient Solar Cells
Solar in China: Booming beyond expectations
U.S. Gasoline Use Rises 7.7% as Shoppers Drive, MasterCard Says

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 28

Sears Will Not Close Enough Stores
ECB Blew Away 500 Billion Euros, and the Markets Still Fell
Economists React: China-Japan Currency Pact
Treasury Sees U.S. Debt Near Limit By End Of Friday
The Perfect Heist:

You Won't Believe How Corrupt,

"Full Faith and Credit"

A Run On The Global Banking Systemâ€"How Close Are We?
London Trader:  There are Tremendous Silver Shortages
Direct Government Interference with Consumption
Obama seeks $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase
Tokyo and Beijing Agree on Currency Pact
If Your Teeth Could Talk ...
Slowing Inflation Cheers Fed
How to Ace a Google Interview
Badly Written Bad Rules
Certain Prediction for 2012
The Worst Time Of The Year?
Firms Give U.S. Plans to Rent Seized Homes
U.S. Home Prices Fell More Than Forecast
Obama to Choose Powell, Stein for Fed Board
Real House Prices and House Price-to-Rent
Iran Could Stop Oil Flow If Sanctions Are Imposed
Peter Schiff predicts:

When can I buy gold and silver?

U.S. Homes Lose $700 Billion in Value in 2011 --

How Goldman Sachs Sees 2012
Hospital is facing a bleak prognosis
Sears to shut up to 120 stores as woes deepen
U.S. home prices drop in October: Case-Shiller
America's farmlands

Iran Threatens to Block Oil Shipments,

S&P Drops Second Downgrade Clanger on Goldman Sachs
If Our Debt Is So Dangerous,

President Obama and the Spread of Security Theater
The Big Lie
Will the payroll tax conference committee

Washington’s year of drama leaves little done regarding debt
Many Sears, Kmart stores to close
China spared penalty on value of currency

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 28

GLOBAL MARKETS-Iran oil threat buoys crude, curbs shares
Exxon Mobil-Kurd oil deal spat spotlights Iraq's juggling act between politics and investment
UPDATE 1-Japan total oil sales hit 26-year low for November
Saudi Arabian Light Crude Prices to Fall 12% Next Year, NCB Says
Chinese oil companies prepare to resume operations in Yemen
U.S. natural gas exports could surge if DOE approves applications
NYMEX January gas futures contract falls 2.6 cents midday Tuesday
Southeast Asia's Top Coal Producers Indonesia, Vietnam Undertake New Export Strategies
Pakistan coal reserves to provide electricity more than 30 years - Dr Samar
Japan utilities seal Australian coal deals on index-linked prices
S Korea's top nuclear envoy visits U.S. over DPRK issue
U.S. nuclear production falls as Mass., NY reactors undergo repairs
Wind energy achieves many milestones this year in USA
Latin America Flirts With Solar Power Development
Gasoline prices set December record

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 27

The IRS & DOJ Are Grabbing New Powers

Occupy Movement -

The Spread of Occupy Wall Street
Franklin Roosevelt's 1936 Address
NLRB could be shut down in new year
The GOP's Payroll Tax Debacle
'Dysfunctional' Government Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Nevada Legalizes Online Poker
Reading the Persian Tea Leaves
Rep. Paul says defense bill assures

A new banking crisis: You can bank on it
Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales
Big Brother Is Watching You Shop
Three Types of People to Fire Immediately
Worse Than 2008
Investors Lose Faith In Stocks As Billions Pour Out Of Funds
Gold price set for hyperbolic increase
The nightmare after Christmas
Gold and Dow:

US Gold Eagle mint sales headed for a decline,

Why silver is real money!
The George Soros Connection to 'Occupy Wall Street'
The Koch Brothers and MF Global - Friends to the End
George Soros Funds Occupy Wall Street
Denver Broncos Star

Iraqi interpreters for U.S. military in dangerous limbo
Gold The Protector As Democracies Move Towards Totalitarianism
U.S. commodity markets shrink after MF Global failure
Yuan hits all-time high
Paul builds campaign on doomsday scenarios
U.S. stores hope "Mega Monday" led to brisk sales
Gold hovers around $1,600; U.S. data, Europe eyed
Hey, Barney Frank:

Who Is Really Responsible for the Housing Crisis?
The Book of Jobs
Jim Rogers 2012 Outlook: Pessimism With Scattered Crises
Mark Faber:  "I Am Convinced The Whole Derivatives Market Will Cease To Exist And Will Go To Zero
World's Second And Third Largest Economies

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 27

China gets approval for Afghanistan oil exploration bid
Iran 4th largest world oil producer
IEA expects Iraqi oil boom
Sri Lanka oil exploration continues
Japex delays Canada oil-sands expansion decision
Turkey, Azerbaijan Deal to Transfer Gas to Europe
Pakistan State Bank fears gas crisis to be at its worst in 2016
Shenhua to Build Asia's Biggest Coal-Fired Power Station in Southern China
Babcock & Wilcox to supply equipment for 726MW coal-fired plant in US
India, Japan to Discuss Nuclear Co-op
Nuclear fuel storage to be commissioned in East Siberia
Wind Power Safety Increasingly Important as Industry Expands
Concentrating Solar Thermal Power India Map 2012 unveiled
Federal Gov't Finally Kills $6B USD Corn Ethanol Subsidy

Monday, December 26, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 26

No Christmas For Millions Of American Families This Year
"Full Faith and Credit"

Seeking to Circumvent Possible U.S. Trade Sanctions,

Iraq Under Seige
The Day After Christmas
A Very Scary Christmas

Think Your IRA Is Safe? Better Think Again...
BofA Prepared for 'Turbulent Times'
Iran says ready to expand military links with Iraq
Florida Bankers Association:

Why So Many Market Pros Made Bad Calls This Year
Gold hedging value increase in current scenario
How to buy Silver using your IRA account
If the S&P drops around 15%, printing presses will run hot
Why silver did not cross $50/oz?
European Debt Is 'Obviously Unserviceable'
The Three E’s: Economy, Election and Europe
The Four Companies

Sorry Brick-and-Mortar Retailers:

The Death Certificate Of The Paper Dollar: Where To Next?
Obama calls for payroll tax cut

Russian anti-Putin protests

Payroll tax cut may hurt housing market
Fitch again warns U.S. debt burden threatens AAA rating
Special Report: The watchdogs that didn't bark
Net liabilities hit $14.8 trillion in FY11: Treasury
Treasury naming housing finance adviser
Iran navy starts 10-day wargame in Strait of Hormuz
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's Predictions for 2012:

Weak consumer spending hits US growth hopes
ECB's €489bn will 'buy valuable time'

America's Most Depressing Employment Stat
Countrywide's Racist Lending Practices Were Fueled by Greed
In the New World of Safe Investments,

China’s local governments are taking on a lot of debt
Go Daddy pulls SOPA support
Payroll tax fight leaves Hill Republicans divided and angry
Justice to require sale before NYSE merger
'Anonymous' hackers target U.S. security think tank
FDA Won’t Act Against Ag Antibiotic Use

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 26

Oil rises on supply worries, supportive data
Global oil demand to remain stable in 2012
Ukraine to Invest 1 bn Dollars to Develop Three Iranian Oil Fields
UAE oil output at 2.6m bpd in December
'Tight oil' holds promise of ending U.S. oil imports
Chevron hikes gas supply by 30mmcfd from March
Bulgaria to Start Building Gas Links to Greece, Romania in 2012
Coal extraction poses climate challenge for Obama administration
Pakistan, India resume nuclear CBMs today
S. Korea plans to build more nuclear power plants: minister
Turkey surprises Russian nuclear firm with new conditions

Friday, December 23, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 23

The Worst Holidays Since the Great Depression
The super rich just don't get it
Ann Barnhardt Discusses MF Global with Peter Schiff -
"There Is No Rule of Law Anymore"

If Europe Is Cured, Why Are Central Banks Preparing For Its Collapse?
American dissatisfaction

Ft. Lauderdale To Offer Homeless Free Rides Out Of Town
Cash-Strapped U.S. Postal Service

North Korea Begins to Glorify Its New Chief
An Unlikely Bulldog for Mortgage Investors
The Financial Crisis on Trial
What Fannie and Freddie Knew
The Top 100 Statistics About the Collapse of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Should Know
2012 Economic Outlook:  Countdown To The End
Greece’s Creditors Said to Resist Pressure

New Bubble May Be Building in 30-Year Mortgages
Gold: 2011 recap and what you should expect in 2012
How the ECB’s Latest Move Is QE in Disguise
The Unfolding of a Global Economic Downturn
Currency Wars, Silver, and QE3
The Harsh Reality is that The EU Has Already Failed
Iran Announces Military Exercise

U.S. Jets Enter Iranian Airspace, Oil Depot Bombed
Americans continue to buy less gasoline
Oil could hit a new record in 2012
Who Will Fix the US Economy?
Fragile and Unbalanced in 2012
A Christmas Message From America's Rich
Fukushima Refugees Trapped By Uncertainty
Banks on 2012 Gold Price?
The Year in Review for the American Middle Class
The Classical Holiday Music You Should Be Hearing at CVS
House signs off on Senate plan for tax-cut extension
Iraq’s vice president accuses Iran

More bumps expected on economic path in 2012
Economy Shedding Debt But Shackled By Pessimism
Oil Prices Jump More Than 3%
We’ve reached the end game for Central Bank intervention.
The Fed vs The ECB -

It's Official: US Debt-To-GDP Passes 100%

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 23

OPEC Exports Rise to 9-Month High on Libya, Oil Movements Says
India aims to boost oil stockpile
Iraq Oil Output Has Reached a 20-Year High, Shahristani Says
U.S. to start developing Alaskan oil
UPDATE 2-S.Korea Nov crude oil imports down 5.2 pct y/y
Barclays:US nat gas weighs down to $3.17/MMBtu
Bangladesh, Russia's Gazprom To Drill Onshore Gas Wells
Indonesia's LNG Exports May Fall 'Slightly' on Domestic Use
Coal still king of the energy castle
China releases first batch of coal export licenses for 2012
Midwest says its coal-fired plants ready for new EPA standards
UPDATE 1-Hitachi signs interim deal for Lithuania nuclear plant
US approves new nuclear reactor design
Japan to expand wind energy
Germany's wind-power market only a puff for China
Gasoline Stockpiles Rise to Five-Month High in Europe's Hub

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 22

How Central Banks Attempt to Prop Up the Economy
Let the Depression Burn Itself Out
The Corruption of America
The New Republican Primary Rules

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

MF Global's missing $700 million could be in UK
Unemployment benefits extension: What's at stake
Medicare doctors fed up with Washington
National Defense Authorization Act's Torture Provision
Obamacare Abominations
Americans Angry at Senate Sycophants
Income inequality in the Roman Empire
If A Global Recession Is Not Looming,

Countdown to the End
Stolen Credit Cards Go for $3.50

Bernanke Prods Savers to Become Consumers
ECB to Lend Greater-Than-Forecast

'Medieval' Economy Is Kim Jong Il's Legacy
Putin Must Beat Own Economic Record

U.K. Stores Brace for Most Insolvencies

The 10 Biggest Banking Trends

8 Banking Horror Stories That Will Outrage Consumers
MF Global Client Attorney Explains In 1 Sentence

Over 20 million oz of silver does not exist in SLV vaults,

Reasons why silver, gold, platinum

Will Kim Jong-Il's death hit Asian gold prices?
ECB lends $641 billion to European banks
Will the Europeans have to sell their gold?
Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle
IBM Predicts Mind-Reading Machines
What If He Wins?

A Timely Passing

"We Own Wall Street"
Hey, Washington:

The Secret to a Merry Christmas?

It Begins? Anti 'Money Power' Lawsuit Filed in Canada ...
History Tells Us Not to Dismiss

The Drone That Fell From the Sky

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 22

Saudi oil weakens Iran's hand in China
Cuba Estimates 2011 Oil and Gas Output at 4 Million Tons
Oil companies invited to join Sudan oil talks
Shell shuts down Nigeria deep-water field over oil spill that leaked into the sea
Serbia Looks to More Than Double Russian Gas Imports in Contract
Shale gas policy only by end-2013
US coal producers to see softer export markets in 2012 - Fitch
China's Inner Mongolia coal output hit 908 mln tonnes in Jan.-Nov. period
Indonesia May Increase Coal Production 8.3 Percent in 2012
RIL buys stake in US nuclear reactor design company
Russia, U.S. ink uranium enrichment pact for 2013-2022
Finnish nuclear reactor project further delayed
China-invested photovoltaic solar power project put into production in US
BP abandons solar quest
Ethanol Production Gains 0.5%, U.S. Energy Department Says
Iran to become gasoline exporter by 2013-Ahmadinejad

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 21

Evidence of market manipulation in the financial crisis
Will The Newly Created "Killer Bird Flu"

Official: Israel unprepared for wartime
T-Mobile to gain licenses to AT&T wireless spectrum
Price of Oil to Remain High as OPEC Limits World Production at Oil Price
Rep. Jackson Lee:

Boehner urges Obama

Gadgets Under $300 Top Techie Gift List
Draghi Says

Doctors 27% Medicare Pay Cut

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Fed Bolsters Tools to Avert Collapse of Big Firms
Hedge-Fund Refuge

Real Reasons Bankers Don’t Like Basel’s Rules
China beefing up military presence in Indian Ocean
Panetta: Iran will not be allowed nukes
2012 Gold price to be 28% more than current levels
If you know this Gold-Euro connection,

Now, investing in gold a better choice?
The Fed Audit: 16 Trillion in secret bail outs!

'Bargain' gold spurs buying spree in Dubai
It Ain’t Over 'Til It's Over?
How Important Is North Korea’s Leadership Change?
IMF Loan Target Not Reached
Commodities Run in Supercycles
Spanish Auction and Housing Drive Global Rally Today
John Williams: No Way Out!
Celente's Trends Prove Accurate; What Will 2012 Bring?
IMF Warns that World Risks Sliding Into a "1930's-Style Slump"
Stocks soar on Europe hopes, strong housing starts
Capitol impasse boosts chances of tax increase
North Korean successor inherits troubled land
Global Economic Crisis:  The US an Insolvent and Ungovernable Country
Ultimate money magician in the Federal Reserve

Slapped Wrists at WaMu
Fearing Terrorism,

Two Earth-Size Planets Are Discovered
American Commander in Afghanistan

Will Ron Paul kill the caucuses?
Beware the Coming Bailouts of Europe
Euroland euphoria on Mario Draghi bank rescue
Britain's credit rating could be cut, Moody's warns
Syria conducts war games to deter attack
America is retreating from the world stage
Even in a Best-Case Scenario,

The Other 9 Percent:

Data for background checks may belong to someone else
Business leader: Regulations stunt growth
House rejects Senate’s two-month payroll-tax cut

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 21

China's Nov oil demand at 9.54 mil b/d as refiners boost diesel output
Petrobras to Expand Pre-Salt Oil Drilling to Angola in 2012
UPDATE 1-Libya awards oil supply in 2012 to major traders
Turkey's Tupras renews annual Iran crude oil deal
UPDATE 1-Japan 2012/13 oil demand may drop 3.9 pct if reactors restart
Indonesia Expects Chevron Kalimantan Gas Field to Start in 2015
Cyprus' foreign minister briefing US officials on natural gas development
China looks to natural gas generation as pollution worries mount
Germany Abandons Coal... Slowly
Rising coal costs to hit India's power projects: Fitch
Bulgaria's Sole Nuclear Plant Sets Production Record
Japan releases 40-year nuke plant cleanup plan
US Government Approves Major Wind And Solar Farm Projects
Wind energy adoption and the increasing cost of electricity in the U.S.
U.S. Gasoline Consumption Increased Last Week, MasterCard Says

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 20

US judge to determine

First Amendment Under Attack:

The Sacrifices I Made to Survive
Sharp Drop in Shopping Since Thanksgiving Weekend
Thief Injured Attempting to Steal Copper Wire From School
Fed close to new financial buffers for banks
Creditors challenge Jefferson County bankruptcy
The Defining Issue:

North Korea:

Pathogenesis of Central Bank Ruin
Jefferson County Judge May Seek Bankruptcy Advice From Alabama High Court
Euro Trades Near 11-Month Low

Industrial Property Delinquencies Reach 22-Year High, S&P Says
Obama Passes 'Hot Potato' to States
There Goes the Neighborhood
Wall St. seeks dismissal of Ala. record bankruptcy
Why Social Security Is Still Falling Apart
Census Shows 1 in 2 People Are Poor or Low-Income
A financial Dunkirk: Britain draws up plans to rescue expats if Spain and Portugal are hit by financial oblivion
Saab files for bankruptcy after GM veto
Draghi warns of new year contagion
Illinois Debtors Thrown Into Jail
Solar Power becomes cheaper than diesel generators in India
12 Bullish Factors Driving Gold to $2,000 and Higher Despite Recent Setback
Swedish Automaker Saab Files For Bankruptcy
Eurozone agrees €150bn

ECB says eurozone leaders created 'cycle of risk'
Spain grits teeth yet again as austerity deepens
50 fascinating facts: Kim Jong-il and North Korea
Kim Jong-il dead:

North Korea on lockdown...

Nicolas Sarkozy in fight for political life after dangerous rival enters French presidential election
Economic Predictions Are Usually Wrongâ€"

Is Nanotechnology the New GMO?
How the Fall of the Soviet Union Changed the News Media
What If Kim Jong Il's Successor Isn't Ready?
Think Our Wild Horses Are Safe?
The Case Against Alleged WikiLeaks Supplier Bradley Manning Takes a Strange Turn
If Spain's banks collapse, UK may send in Navy to save ex-pats
FCC official delivers warning on threat to 'Internet freedom'
North Korea conducts missile test
Supreme Court to hear health care suit in March
AT&T agrees to drop bid for T-Mobile
U.S. takes delicate approach to North Korean succession
White House monitoring North Korean situation
Holiday Sales Up, But Returns May Set Record
Public Confidence in California Falls as Economy Improves
There Goes the Neighborhood

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 20

A Severe Decrease in Oil Supply Could Devastate the World Population
Canada Is 'Very Serious' About Selling Oil to Asia, Harper Says
Nigeria to Cut February Qua Iboe Crude Exports to 11 Cargoes
Japan refuses to stop Iranian oil imports
Russian Crude Oil Production Steady in October, JODI Data Show
Barclays:US nat gas drops at $3.10/MMBtu
Pak-Turkmen gas pipeline pact this month: NA told
BP Azeri Gas Exports to Turkey Fall 11% in 11 Months, Turan Says
Sharp rise in Mozambique coal output requires more rail and port facilities
Westinghouse And KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Joint Venture Begins Production Of Control Element Assemblies In Korea
Saudi Arabia looks worldwide for nuclear collaborators
French nuclear energy under pressure
Siemens Energy Receives Order to Construct Offshore German Wind Power Plant
Concentrating solar power: its contribution to a sustainable energy future
Study exposes sugarcane ethanol's environmental flaw

Monday, December 19, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 19

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il, 69, Has Died
Congress' bill may slow switch to efficient light bulbs
Where Is the Volcker Rule?
Financial Panic Sweeps Europe

New treaty in force when 9 countries have ratified
EU foreign policy must not become a casualty of the euro crisis
About Gold: Don’t Panic!!!
Trustee to Seize and Liquidate

Seniors mind their business
Price of Oil to Remain High

From The Comedy Store
Testing the Waters of Economic Liberty
Is America Waging a Covert War on Iran?
Debt-Free United States Notes

Is The Gold Bull Really Dead?
Congress Blocks Enforcement

Southwestern U.S. braces for blizzard conditions
Vaclav Havel, Czech dissident,

Bargain time for gold and silver investors
Gold: How to invest safely in this financial crisis?
The single biggest gold buying opportunity

Why gold seen extremely bullish in 2012: Twelve factors
Money supply explosion will lead to accelerating inflation
French credit downgrade could come 'within days'
Backlash from Beijing raises fears

Watches that compute

China uncovers $45 million in slush funds
U.S. troops leave Iraq after nearly nine years
Bank Closures in Florida, Arizona Bring Total to 92
50 Economic Numbers From 2011 that are Almost Too Crazy to Believe
Massive Downward Revisions Imminent:  National Association Of Realtors Miscounted Millions Of Home Sales Over Last Five Years.
Workers of Europe unite, you've only euro chains to lose
Why the euro turkey is well and truly stuffed
Divisions in eurozone over ECB bond-buying
Markets are on alert as EU bosses face big decisions
Boomers vs. Millennials: The Fight of a Generation (or Two)
For the Last Time,

The 60-Something Entrepreneur:

How the iPod and Other Audio Devices

No Great Game:

'That's Our Job':

Congress approves $10 million for Gulf War illness research
Payroll tax cut extension in doubt

Mobile Carriers Claim

Europe's Crisis:  Goldman Warns of Big Risk to US
Australian Banks Given One Week to Prepare (Stress Test) For European "Meltdown"
Did The Fed Quietly Bail Out A Bank On Tuesday?
America’s Iraq Experience: Invasi-Eradicavi-Turbav

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 19

OPEC Raised Exports in October on Higher Global Demand for Oil
US, Europe, Arabs talk on Iran oil embargo
Oil boomlet sweeps U.S. as exports and production rise
Iraq Increases December Oil Exports by 1.9% From Month Earlier
Saudi Arabia's domestic oil use at 10-year high in Oct
Post-Iran deal fiasco, India gets Israel's gas offer
UAE's TAQA gets European firms for Dutch gas storage
Egypt's Gas Export Pipeline Hit by 10th Explosion This Year
Coal mega-mines a 'global threat'
Colombia Mine Halts Coal Exports After Blast, Espectador Says
Indian Nuclear Plant Expected to Start
Canada's earliest nuclear projects will haunt landscape for centuries
Solar Panels Still Going Strong After 25 Years
A Solar Trade War Could Put Us All in the Dark
U.S. Gasoline Declines to $3.24 a Gallon, Lundberg Survey Shows

Friday, December 16, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 16

Gold and Money in Extremis… One Man’s Story
Looking Past Gold’s Poor Performance
China Keeps Slapping America In The Face

UK Public 'the Worst Off'

Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

Morgan Stanley slashing 1,600 jobs
Iran, Besieged by Gasoline Sanctions,

Like Lazarus,

Tech moguls to Congress:

50 Economic Numbers From 2011

Hope Indefinite Detention Bill

The Last Bill of Rights Day
Minyanville Interview With Lee Adler:

China Halts Project

Coffee Market Braces for Espresso-Bean Jolt
BofA, Goldman, Barclays Have Fitch Credit Ratings Cut
BlackRock Says Euro Area

China’s Manufacturing

Chinese Cut Back on London Luxury Home Buying

Corzine: MF Staff Said Fund Transfer Legal
Euro Set for Biggest Weekly Drop in 3 Months
Global Demand for U.S. Assets

IMF’s Lagarde: Europe Crisis 'Escalating'
BlueCrest’s Platt Says

Obama Concerned That Iran is on Verge

Wholesale Prices in U.S. Rose in November
Yuan Strengthens Most

Fitch downgrades world's top banks
U.S. to fund 46 transportation projects

Dissolve the EU and let free market decide: Marc Faber
'Gold’s price fall reflect dollar, global economic outlook'
'Silver still to hit $75/oz by 2012 year end'
Making Sense of the European Chaos
IMF chief warns over 1930s-style threats
Coca-Cola moves top-secret formula

Lawmakers Agree on Spending Bill, Avoiding Shutdown
The ABCs of Re-hypothecation

Bank of America

Talk of 'nuclear default' sums up Left's anger at EU dictates
So When Should You Default on Your Mortgage?
The Dark Side of America's Growing Social Safety Net
What's Up in China:

What Occupiers and Tea Partiers Should Fear Most
Tech Has Saved the Postal Service for 200 Yearsâ€"

Making Repression Our Business
There Goes the Republic
Electromagnetic pulse a real threat

Obama’s Watergate
U.S. no longer a leader of fiscal rescue
When unemployment checks check employment