Monday, December 19, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 19

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il, 69, Has Died
Congress' bill may slow switch to efficient light bulbs
Where Is the Volcker Rule?
Financial Panic Sweeps Europe

New treaty in force when 9 countries have ratified
EU foreign policy must not become a casualty of the euro crisis
About Gold: Don’t Panic!!!
Trustee to Seize and Liquidate

Seniors mind their business
Price of Oil to Remain High

From The Comedy Store
Testing the Waters of Economic Liberty
Is America Waging a Covert War on Iran?
Debt-Free United States Notes

Is The Gold Bull Really Dead?
Congress Blocks Enforcement

Southwestern U.S. braces for blizzard conditions
Vaclav Havel, Czech dissident,

Bargain time for gold and silver investors
Gold: How to invest safely in this financial crisis?
The single biggest gold buying opportunity

Why gold seen extremely bullish in 2012: Twelve factors
Money supply explosion will lead to accelerating inflation
French credit downgrade could come 'within days'
Backlash from Beijing raises fears

Watches that compute

China uncovers $45 million in slush funds
U.S. troops leave Iraq after nearly nine years
Bank Closures in Florida, Arizona Bring Total to 92
50 Economic Numbers From 2011 that are Almost Too Crazy to Believe
Massive Downward Revisions Imminent:  National Association Of Realtors Miscounted Millions Of Home Sales Over Last Five Years.
Workers of Europe unite, you've only euro chains to lose
Why the euro turkey is well and truly stuffed
Divisions in eurozone over ECB bond-buying
Markets are on alert as EU bosses face big decisions
Boomers vs. Millennials: The Fight of a Generation (or Two)
For the Last Time,

The 60-Something Entrepreneur:

How the iPod and Other Audio Devices

No Great Game:

'That's Our Job':

Congress approves $10 million for Gulf War illness research
Payroll tax cut extension in doubt

Mobile Carriers Claim

Europe's Crisis:  Goldman Warns of Big Risk to US
Australian Banks Given One Week to Prepare (Stress Test) For European "Meltdown"
Did The Fed Quietly Bail Out A Bank On Tuesday?
America’s Iraq Experience: Invasi-Eradicavi-Turbav

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