Friday, January 11, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 11

This Will Cause Oceans Of Paper Money To Panic Into Gold
Carney on coin gambit: 'There is no backup plan'
Eric Holder: Gun Owners Should 'Cower' in Shame Like Smokers
Obama Faces a Tough Task

Iran's Real Threat to the West
Turkey Overtakes Norway as the Largest Oil Producer in Europe
Biden's Gun Plan Draws NRA Ire
After the Fall: What Do You Do When You Conclude America Is (Temporarily or Permanently) Kaput?
By The Numbers: 20 Facts
Can America Survive If Americans No Longer Agree

NRA accuses White House of 'attack' on 2nd Amendment rights
Video game lobby CEO set to meet with Biden on gun violence
Rep. Becerra to Obama, Democratic leaders:

LIBOR Rates.
Consumer Credit Rose In November On US Auto, Student Loans
Fed's Bullard Sees Difficulty Tying QE to Economic Levels
Lew-for-Geithner Switch Ends Era of Tight Fed-Treasury Ties
Keeper of the Kill Lists
Washington Hands the Economy a Barbell
The True Significance of the $1 Trillion Coin
China, ECB, Currencies, and Commodities
Elio Motors' ultra fuel efficient 84 mpg 3-wheeler
Afghan MPs warn against total pullout of US troops
Boston flu outbreak prompts mayor

Jack Lew nomination hits snag

Google's Eric Schmidt says

NRA vows to fight Biden's gun control taskforce in Congress
$1T Coin No Way to Restore Investor Faith
Treasurys fall after global data, good auction
What's ahead for Social Security in 2013
Inflation By Any Other Name-Central Banks Around The World Increase Balance Sheets From $2 Trillion In 2008 To $6 Trillion In 2013
Lew Would Complete Transformation

A Metaphor for Obama
The Return of Mercantilism
Why No Glass-Steagall II?
Maker of high-mileage 3-wheel vehicles buys former GM plant
U.S., Afghanistan have reached "last chapter"

Jobless claims rise, but jobs market recovery intact
The latest foreclosure horror: the zombie title
Biden draws NRA ire in drive against gun violence
Central banks must switch off the printing presses

ECB rules out stimulus despite record jobless and fiscal squeeze
Yes, Money Does Buy Happiness: 6 Lessons

Forward to North American Union, for Europe's Sake
Jordanian PM: If we were to let in Palestinians from Syria, Israel would try to send more of them our way Hashemite kingdom, which holds general elections in two weeks, has closed its borders to 'brethren' fleeing Assad, fearing major influx
American Express to Cut 5,400 Jobs
Citing privacy, critics target drones buzzing over USA
Biden Hints at Outlawing Unregulated 'Private' Gun Sales
Why Stealing a $1 Trillion Coin

Top U.S. General Says Stopping

Jim Grant Exposes "The Bureau Of Money Materialization"

What A Record $220 Billion "Deposit" Injection

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 11

Europe Oil Demand: 20-Year Low and to Slide Further
Iraq Threatens to Seize Oil Shipments, Sue Dealers
Brazil Petrobras Oil, Gas Reserves Rise 0.1% in 2012
Venezuela's phantom oil
Lebanon, Cyprus agree on natural gas work
Eni signs LNG deal with South Korea, Japan
European Coal for 2014 Delivery Rises Most in More Than a Month
More Aging U.S. Coal Plants Hit the Chopping Block
EDF may bring Chinese partner to UK nuclear deal - report
Nuclear is clean energy
Flaws make restart of two Belgian nuclear plants 'hazardous': Study
Science proves wind energy is safe
Japan set for 92MW of new wind
Turkey wind power energy industry would grow 10 folds by 2023
Gasoline Prices Predicted to Fall in 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 10

Hagel can reveal the 'real' Obama
Chinese Government Ignores Appeals

CES 2013: Five technologies Apple users should watch
White House won't fully rule out $1 trillion coin idea
$1 million donations wanted for Obama inauguration
Islam 'Helped to Shape' CIA Nominee John Brennan's World View
Libyan Gun Control Policies

New data show 1 in 4 children on food stamps in FY 2011
Cracking The 2013 Tax Code
Here Is a List of -All the Assholes Handsome Law-Abiding Citizens Who Own Guns- Some People in New York City
Now the Government Wants to Track and Tax Your Mileage
The Conservative Anschluss Moment
Groupthink America
Muzzling Military Chaplains
Paul Krugman as Pontius Pilate
LIBOR Rates.
6 reasons not to buy a smartphone
Federal Reserve May Pause Quantitative Easing
Rising Wages A Balm For US Workers Facing Payroll-Tax Shock
California Cities Sue Banks Over Libor Rates, Law Firm Says
JPMorgan Will Contribute $2 Billion to U.S. Home Lending Accord
Morgan Stanley Said to Cut 1,600 Investment-Banking Jobs
Municipal Bonds' Treatment


CIB busts fake investment group, bring fraud charges
Microsoft will pull trigger on emergency IE patch
Intel CTO says we're watching rebirth of the PC
Bill Clinton crashes CES to talk politics and the Internet
Hedge funds face suspicious activity reporting requirement
Central Banks Ease Future Liquidity Standards

When Will Interest Rates Rise Again?
The Trillion Dollar Coin â€" This Is How Money Dies
Needed: 'Well-regulated militia' â€" and guns
Personal experience shouldn't drive policy
Public safety, gun safety not mutually exclusive
Concealed weapons everywhere could trigger some problems
The Second Nuclear Age
The Eurozone's Agenda in 2013
The World in 2030
USDA declares drought disaster in much of Wheat Belt
Is Obama pulling another Rick Warren?
US suffers far more violent deaths than any other wealthy nation
Biden Says Obama Considering Executive Orders on Gun Violence
Who Is Jack Lew, Obama's Nominee for Treasury Secretary?
Little Canada man videotaped sheriff's deputies,

Gun-control crowd using Gabby Giffords as a mascot
Obama to tap Lew for Treasury
Fast-Food Worker Hours Cut, New Health Care Law Blamed
Secret gun provision hidden inside Obamacare
Charlton Heston; From My Cold Dead Hands.
Gun control debate a national threat?
Rep. Gabby Giffords' Exclusive Interview with Diane Sawyer
Gerald Celente - Lew Rockwell Show
If I Were the Devil - by PAUL HARVEY
Biden After NRA Meeting:
"The President Is Going To Act, There Are Executive Orders

Piers Morgan and Guests Call for Shooting Alex Jones
Piers Morgan Owned by Ted Nugent on Gun Control
Ted Nugent and Peter Schiff Talk Gun Control
Gold and Silver Prices Are Down - So What, Buy More: Peter Schiff
Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 10

Saudi Oil Output Drops 5% in December
Iraq approves Kuwait oil exploration deal
Turkey Beating Norway as Biggest Regional Oil Driller: Energy
UAE oil production hits 2.6m bpd in December
African oil flows shifting to Asia as US imports drop
Natural Gas Advances on Estimates of Above-Normal Inventory Drop
Iran revisits Iraq, Syria gas pipeline
US coal exports to fall in 2013 as economic woes continue - EIA
Mongolian mining laws threaten biggest coal project
Impossible to restart all reactors in three years, says Japan's nuclear regulator
Reactor shuts down in Romania nuclear plant
Challenges of Wind Energy in the US
In India, solar ambitions are suddenly outsize
New Blade Design Are Longest Wind Turbine Blades Ever Built
EIA predicts strong ethanol rebound in 2014

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 09

C.E.S. 2013: Panasonic's TVs Can Recognize a Face
Lawmakers Warn A.I.G. Not to Join Lawsuit Against U.S.
America Is Being Systematically Transformed

It's Not Too Early To Worry About The End Of Fed Easing
Economy Adds 155,000 Jobs In December:  "It's A Slow And Steady Recovery"
IRS will accept tax returns starting Jan. 30
Cuomo Close To Announcing Sweeping New Gun Control Laws
A Graphic View of How Shale Gas Could Change the Future
Why 2013 Will End in a Severe Recession
The Transition Beyond Strategic Nuclear War
Oil Tanker Collides with San Francisco Bay Bridge
How European Banks Could Mess Everything Up
AIG might sue the US government for bailing it out. Here's why that's even more ridiculous than it sounds
How big would a $1 trillion platinum coin be?
The Cliffs of 1984
The Role of 'Educators'
If Obama Can Just Create A Trillion Dollar Coin,

Biden, NRA to meet on guns
House Democrat: 'Majority' of NRA members

Corker plans new bill on entitlement reform
Radio host Alex Jones blows up at CNN's Piers Morgan, TSA
LIBOR Rates.
Clearwire Gets Unsolicited Bid From Dish
Debt Limit Showdown Spurs Debate On Trillion-Dollar Coin
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Sued in Maryland for Unpaid Taxes
Goldman Sachs Said to Be

Secret Goldman Team Sidesteps Volcker After Blankfein Vow

Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly launch battle

First 1TB USB flash drive coming soon
Teachers In Ohio, Texas Flock To Free Gun Training Classes
Jamie Dimon doubtful for Treasury Secretary opening
The Trends to Watch in 2013
2013: Beginning of Long-Term Recession?
Rise Above - Two Outcomes to Debt Ceiling Debate
Why Stop at a $1 Trillion Coin?
Obamacare Guarantees Higher Health Insurance Premiums -- $3,000+ Higher
Man accidentally shoots wife

Doctor Shortage Becoming Crisis Under Obamacare
Major Companies Push the Limits of a Tax Break
Hillary Clinton to testify on Benghazi on Jan. 22
The Post-Crisis Crises
Fed's Lacker warns inflation could pick up next year
Detroit mayor: Takeover decision could come Friday
Mint the Coin
AIG's Board Meets Tomorrow To Discuss

We've Already Done $2.4 Trillion in Deficit Reduction
After the Debt-Ceiling Breach:

Everything You Need to Know About the Crazy Plan

Why Bailouts Will Continue Until the Big Banks Are Broken Up
To Democrats, deficits no longer matter
Freshman ND lawmaker 1 of many eyeing bills

U.N. wants to use drones for peacekeeping missions
Gun Appreciation Day
With U.S. fiscal problems unresolved,

Federal government balanced its books in December
Small-business confidence down to 'recession levels'
Meet the One-Handed Man

Help Wanted: Astronauts Needed for Mars Colony
Even if you raise taxes to 100%,

Keiser Report: Deadly Deflation (E390)
Time Out: Lindsey Williams - Obama Care Impact
Mars One introduction film (updated version)
Keiser Report: Wealth & Wage Extinction (E389)
Deja Broke: Presenting The Treasury's Options

"If Just 1%Of Japanese Pension Assets Shift Into Gold, The Gold Market Would Explode"
US Mint Sells Massive 3.9 Million Ounces Of Silver Coins

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 09

US Oil Output Hike: What It Means for Gulf Producers
European Oil Refiners on 'Alert' as Margins Slump in Past Weeks
Kurdistan starts independent crude oil exports
Canadian oil protest concerns U.N.
Growth in coal demand and supply to slow in 2013: Deutsche
China to coordinate annual coal supply contracts Jan 15-18
Iran says sole nuclear plant at 'full capacity'
Officials 'concerned' about Syrian uranium stockpile
China will rely more on wind energy in 2013
Kyocera's European solar module plant at full capacity
U.S. Gasoline Use Down 3.5% vs Week Earlier at 7.821 Million B/D - SpendingPulse

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 08

Yahoo Mail Endures Another Hacking Vulnerability
Krugman joins the $1 trillion coin brigade
Google's next search engine

The Daily Caller Social Experience
When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over
Zombie Nation
After The Fiscal Cliff, Challenges To Economic Growth Remain
Tiny gold bars latest rage for jittery investors
Max Keiser & Jim Sinclair & Bill Gross:  USD Will Collapse In 2013
The Middle Class In America Is Being Wiped Out -- Here Are 60 Facts To Prove It
US Sailors Sue Over Fukushima Radiation
The Real Reason the Natural Gas Industry

Iran Spent $25 Billion in 2012 to Retain its Position in OPEC
Dropping the Hagel Bomb
Religion Predictions for 2013
High court rejects Medicare challenge
Nuclear Security Helicopters

LIBOR Rates.
Housing A Sweet Spot For US Economy As Recovery Expands
$1trillion Platinum coins to pay US debt: Outrageous but legal
The Debt Ceiling and the $1 Trillion Coin
The Death Knell of the Economic Recovery
Issues 2013
Ending the Era of Ponzi Finance
Here Comes the Debt Ceiling
Finance and Decadence
US banks agree $18.5bn settlements

White House squares up for fight with NRA

Aurora shooting suspect 'was out of it' after arrest,

Washington's Hegemonic Ambitions

Money for Nothin'
Identity thieves go shopping for Apple products
In "fiscal cliff" bill,

Economists Use Shoddy Data
Israel to build 43-mile security fence in Golan Heights
1.8 Million New Jobs in 2012: Where Did They Come From?
State of Fear
The Hoax of Entitlement Reform
The Real Deficit Argument
Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases
Biggest lenders take a hit over mortgage market collapse
Court to hear 2 days of arguments on gay marriage
In Apple's War on Taxes, Surrender Costs $28 Billion
Why Facebook Data Tends to Condemn You in Court
Iran Targets Dissidents With 30,000-Strong Spy Army
3D Systems' Outsized Machine

2013: The year Gigabit Wi-Fi arrives
Dear Steve Liesman:

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 08

Oil prices dip slightly as analysts expect US crude stockpiles to grow
215 oil projects worth $261bn underway in Iran
UPDATE 6-Alaska oil rig reaches safe harbor after week on rocks
Argentina cuts oil export tax as it seeks to lure investment
Investment firms trim 2013 US gas price forecasts on winter warmth
Only 6 of explored coal blocks in India to come under hammer
Safe nuclear power not a pipedream
Fire breaks out at Australian nuclear facility
Rally in solar shares to continue: experts
New Path to More Efficient Photovoltaic Organic Solar Cells Uncovered

Monday, January 7, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 07

Federal Food Stamp Program Spent Record $80.4B in FY 2012
Beware Burst of the Bond Bubble in 2013
Fed hawks hint at early end to bond buying
Gold Market Update
The economics of gold and silver in 2013
Why Investors such as Jim Rogers and George Soros

Middle East's Largest Refuelling Station
Don't Burn Your Booksâ€"Print Is Here to Stay
The Stealth Tax Hike
Inconvenient Truths About Al Jazeera
Are Most Americans Utterly Blind About Gold? Yes.
Defense industry fears sequester delay won't stop Pentagon cuts
Sen. Graham blasts Hagel pick

'Shell-shocked' lawmakers shy away

House and Senate working quietly

Pelosi: More tax revenues must be part of next deficit deal
Heitkamp: Reported Obama gun-control proposals 'extreme'
LIBOR Rates.
Why We Must Go Off the Platinum Coin Cliff
Goldfinger Would Envy Latest Taxpayer Shakedown



Tax Code May Be the Most Progressive Since 1979
Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits
Lenders Said to Be Near Deal Over Foreclosure Claims
Monetary Malpractice
Egypt says it seized US-made missiles near Gaza
Netanyahu pledges to build fortified fence

The real player in the power struggle

The Region: Is Israel losing support?
Welfare recipients take out cash at strip clubs,

Geithner's planned departure puts Obama in tough spot
Obama says U.S. can't afford

Republican Sen. McConnell

What's Next? Reforming Corporate Taxes and Entitlements
Obama to tap Hagel for defense secretary
Iran Unveils Copycat Arsenal
Facebook's Questionable Policy

Gerald Celente - Alex Jones' Info Wars - January 4, 2013
Minting the PLASTIC Coin

'Saudi Arabia facing Egypt-style revolution'
'US dollar will collapse in 2013
Keiser Report: Hierarchy of Fraud (E388)

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 07

Iraq December crude oil exports fell 272,000 b/d from November: SOMO
Oil Exploration and Production in Libya Offers New Horizons for Turkey
China oil demand growth to accelerate this year on improved economy: analysts
Shell Leads S. Africa on Record Oil Rush as Coal Falters: Energy
Oil tanker concerns prompt U.S. Coast Guard review of Canada's oil export plans
China Shenhua's CNY 2.6bn Coal Power Project Approved
Indonesian Coal Swaps Rise a Second Day; China Prices Unchanged
Nuclear power fears rise in India
Japan Could Reprocess Nuclear Fuel from Korea
France launches emergency plan for struggling solar sector
Unlocking nature's quantum engineering for efficient solar energy
China Approves Subsidies For Rooftop Solar Projects

Friday, January 4, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 04

FOMC Minutes More Concerned With Asset Purchases

Home Foreclosures, Shadow Inventory Continue to Fall
Apple's iPad kills the netbook;

Nouriel Roubini is not an optimist
Pimco's Gross warns of 'inflationary dragons'
Is There a New Internet Bubble Blowing?
'Public Service Was Never Meant To Be An Easy Living,'

The $13.6-Trillion Man:

Gun Rights Advocates:

Peter Schiff:  Congress Sells America Down The River to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff
Roubini:  The Longer-Term Picture is Bleaker and the Next Crisis Could be Just Two Months Away
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly From The Fiscal Cliff Deal
Fiscal cliff deal protects family tax breaks
2 months until next budget crisis?
Our Decadent Democracy
My Name is Cash
Abandoned and Betrayed
65 Percent Of Americans Believe

Defense budget may be delayed due to 'cliff'
Geithner to leave at end of Jan.
Hopes high for strong jobs report to open year
Obama slouches toward Europe
Ryan: Now we 'focus on spending'
LIBOR Rates.
Geithner Said to Plan Departure Before Debt Ceiling Deal
Google's Schmidt Urged by U.S. Not to Visit North Korea
JPMorgan and BofA Get Delay

Treasuries Are World's Worst-Performing Bonds Before Jobs

The Worst Politicians Money Can Buy
Want to Understand Money?
Unilever sells Skippy peanut butter brand

Euro crisis as it happened: fiscal cliff deal euphoria wanes
Greeks ditch Euro
Greek debt crisis 'far from over'
Italy's web guru tastes power

John Boehner re-elected House speaker

Illinois Democrats Lose Bid to Pass Firearms Confiscation Bill
Cracking the 2013 tax code
Fed sees bond buying ending this year
Dynastic Asia
The Political Economy of 2013
Gun checks soar 39 percent, set new record: FBI
Fed becoming worried about stimulus side effects
House chooses Boehner as speaker again despite dissent
What's Inside America's Banks?
Rick Wiles interview with T.D. Hale
Obama's New Year's Resolution: Protect the Status Quo
The U.S. Intelligence Community's New Year's Wish
Return of the real Obama
Republicans question Obama's use of autopen to sign 'cliff' bill
Peter Schiff: US Economy Living On Borrowed Time
Jon Hilsenrath's 589 Word Instanalysis Of The Fed Minutes
Spain Plunders 90% Of Social Security Fund

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 04

Iran plans to reduce reliance on crude oil exports: president
Angola Energy Profile: Second-Largest Oil Producer In Sub-Saharan Africa Behind Nigeria – Analysis
Brazil November Crude Oil Output Up 1.7% From October - ANP
No S. Sudan Oil Exports Until at Least March
US utilities to burn more natural gas as prices decline
South Africa Eyes Natural Gas Boom To Cure Rampant Poverty
Australian coal industry remains dour as it becomes world's most costly producer
China to Dominate the 2013 Coal Market
Iran willing to resume nuclear talks with P5+1: lawmaker
Belarus, Russia to sign nuclear safety cooperation agreement
Wind energy will play a major part in shaping India's future: Tulsi Tanti
European Union pays for construction of solar power plants in Angola
U.S. API Weekly Gasoline Stock rises unexpectedly

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 03

3 Budget Battles Ahead for White House, Congress
Academic Economists React: Shortfalls of Fiscal Cliff Deal
Small-Business Tax Incentives Survive the Deal
Congressmen Confirm That Boehner

House Vote on Fiscal Cliff Bill

When the Deficit Will Be Fixed
Fiscal Cliff: The U.S. Debt Ceiling Is The Real Issue Still Ahead
FDR: Advice to Young Progressives
The Founding Fathers of Participatory Fascism
Fiscal Cliff Deal Averts the Crisis… But Now What?
U.S. Allies Ignore Washington's Iran Sanctions
The Imperial Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood
Fracking Activities Enter Urban Areas
Congress Passes Cliff Deal
Tax Cuts and Duplicity
2013: The Tenther Movement Hits its Stride
16 Things About 2013 That Are Really Going To Stink
50 Predictions For 2013
A Massive EMP Blast Could Collapse The Economy In A Single Moment
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly From The Fiscal Cliff Deal
Panetta: 'Cloud of sequestration' remains
Moody's: More action needed to avoid credit rating downgrade
LIBOR Rates.
How will economic history judge Bernanke?
Why the Obama Tax Hikes Have Only Just Begun
Bipartisan House Backs Tax Deal Vote as Next Fight Looms
Congress Deal Averting Tax Increase Curbs Risk to States
Ten Things You Should Know About the Cliff Deal (So Far)
When Governing Means Lurching Between Phony Crises
Venezuela's Inflation Rate Hit 19.9%
Despite Cliff Deal: 'Nothing Really Has Been Fixed'
Despite 'Cliff' Deal's Cuts, Your Taxes Are Going Up
Budget Deal Will Push Up Unemployment
The Dangerous Blindspots of Clueless Keynesians
Can the Bakken Reach 1 Million Barrels a Day?
Cliff Resolved - Deficit Set To Explode
Iran warns foreign planes near Strait of Hormuz
Missouri Company Wins Its Battle

Dollar turns up on 'cliff' deal
Gold rises as Congress passes budget deal
IRS Looks to Force Obamacare on Employers Who Cut Staff
Netanyahu the Palestinian
Europe's Next Great Mistake
U.S. economy to row against austerity tide in 2013
The Winners and Losers in the Fiscal-Cliff Deal
The Next Fiscal Cliff
Goodbye, Medicare:

Global Crystal Ball:

TD Hale's NEW Interview with Rick Wiles - Jan 2, 2013
The Fiscal Cliff Deal: It's Better Than It Looks
The fiscal cliff cuts $1.9 billion from Obamacare. Here's how.
Lawmakers clash over federal debt ceiling
Civil servants put on paid administrative leave

'Fiscal cliff' deal repeals part of 'Obamacare'
Colorado's gender-gap reversal defies 'war on women
TD Hale's Dreams Tell the Future of America

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 03

Russia emerges as world's biggest oil producer in '12
Brazil's Petrobras finds more oil in Santos basin
Chinese Oil Field Produces 40 Million Tonnes of Crude Oil in 2012
U.S. announces plan to manage Alaskan oil reserve
India govt to prepare list of power companies for coal on priority basis
Japan and China to compete for Zimbabwean coal
Koreans prospect for uranium in South Australia
Uranium Stocks Are Red Hot After Recent Deals
Muslim Brotherhood Egypt Moving Forward with Nuclear Power Plant
US tax move puts wind into renewable energy stocks
Mexico, Chile and Brazil to lead PV in the region
US solar grant safe - for now

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 02

House plans to act on cliff deal
Gun Owners Like Me Are Not The Problem

Paul, Lee, Rubio Vote No on 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal

"Fiscal Cliff" Deal Reached Between White House, Lawmakers
US Economy Is At Depression-Era Levels:  This Slow Motion Economic Collapse... Beyond the Obvious -- Mountains Of Deficit And Debt.  It Is About Polarization In Washington And Dysfunctional Structure Of The Current US Economy 
Perspective on the Deal
Syria's Oil Now a Target of Civil War
Why Riyadh Cares about the "Fiscal Cliff"
Shells Arctic Nightmare Continues

US Steel Industry Set to Grow on the Back of the Shale Boom
House Wavers on Cliff Compromise
Safeguard Your Phone from Malware
Text of Senate bill:
The Ongoing War: After the Battle Over the Cliff,

House Republicans blast Senate 'cliff' bill
CBO: 'Fiscal cliff' deal

Senate Democrats will reject House changes

House approves 'fiscal cliff' deal; bill headed to Obama's desk
Senate-passed 'fiscal cliff' agreement in trouble in House
Cantor opposes Senate-passed fiscal cliff bill
Graham: 'Save the powder' for debt ceiling fight
LIBOR Rates.
Economy Weighs On Shoppers In Final Holiday Weekend Dash To The Mall
Republican Cole Predicts House to Pass Senate Budget Bill
North Korea Picks Stronger Economy,

Senate-Passed Deal Means Higher Tax on 77% of Households
House Republicans to Seek Spending Cuts in Budget Bill
Michael Pento: It Would Be More Surprising If Gold Didn't Go To $10,000
Mind Over Matter?
Fiscal cliff: America goes to the brink,

Oil ship runs aground in Alaska
David Cameron sets free trade agreement as his G8 priority
Fiscal cliff deal in balance

Obama presses House of Representatives to pass 'fiscal cliff' deal

This dysfunctional system

Final fiscal-cliff hurdle: 218 votes in House
Stock market will blindside investors in 2013
Krauthammer: Cliff deal 'surrender'
North Korean leader, in rare address,

House Republicans balk at "fiscal cliff" deal
House passes 'fiscal cliff' bill
Congress approves 'fiscal cliff' deal in bipartisan vote
House GOP looks to amend 'fiscal cliff' deal
Deal or No Deal: A Tax Hike for Every Working American
Say Yes to the Mess
Keiser Report: Next American Revolution (E385)

Keiser Report: Year of Banking Death Penalty (E387)
Gold/Dollar/Debt: The Next Four Years: Lindsey Williams
Keiser Report: Banker Infestation (E386)
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12-31-12 ~

Peter Schiff On CNBC ~ 2013 Market Predictions
Gerald Celente - There Are Riots Going On Around The World

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 02

Abu Dhabi's oil sector peaks in 2011
China-Russia oil pipeline records 30m tons in delivery
Oil prices rise as US lawmakers avert 'fiscal cliff'
Nigeria: 2012, Year of Probes in Nigeria's Oil Industry
Natural gas futures fall on milder weather
BG Group Closes Gap in Funding LNG Project Due to Higher Cost by Borrowing $1.8B from EximBank
COLUMN-Asian coal volumes may rise, price may not: Clyde Russell
New figures show a steadily rising use of coal around the world
India exchange nuke list with Pakistan
Russian nuclear power team to arrive in Sri Lanka this month
Solar energy on the rise in Germany
Iberdrola Sells 32 Wind Farms In France As Part Of Debt Reduction Plan

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 01

2012 and the Scope of the New Lawless Capitalism
Too Big To Jail: It's a Dark Day For the Rule of Law
Here's Another Genius Mortgage Idea From Washington

Why Inflation is the Economy's Hidden Iceberg in 2013
Disdain All Around
A Massive Electromagnetic Pulse

Both sides get wins in tax deal
Treasury says US has reached $16.4 trillion borrowing limit
McConnell: Agreement reached

LIBOR Rates.
BRIC Dominance Fades as State Meddling Curbs Equity Returns
Geithner Tells Congress U.S. Reaches Debt Limit
China Manufacturing Index Shows Third Straight Expansion
Hewlett-Packard Says It May Dispose of Units


Silver 2013: All silver lining and no clouds
Gold and the Fiscal Cliff
2012 In Review
What the New Year Will Bring
Agenda Prevails Over Truth
Europe's New Year's Irresolution
Alternative Fiscal Medicine?
Fiscal Challenges and Fiscal Follies
Can A McConnell-Biden Deal Really Pass The House?
The rise of a new religious America
AIG to America: Thanks, guys!
Obama, Republicans reach deal on fiscal cliff;

Tax increase coming for many Americans
Strike likely averted at East Coast ports
2012 was both dubious and wacky
2013 looks good for Wall Street investors
Over the 'fiscal cliff' we go â€" for one day
Behold The Brains Behind Ben Bernanke's Binary Black Box

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 01

Iran to Launch 57 Oil Projects by June
Saudi Oil Minister Confirms Discovery of Oil Fields in Tabuk Region
Why the US Oil Market will go from Strength to Strength in 2013
Colombia Exceeds 1 Million bpd Oil Production Goal
Uzbekistan 'cuts off gas' to Tajikistan
Iran increasingly interested in resolving its nuclear issue: U.S. official
Coal trading goes online in China
Japan's Shinzo Abe to seek more nuclear reactors
GE leads deal to buy Iberdrola wind farm in France
Siemens Energy installs prototype of 4MW wind turbine in Denmark
Gasoline price sets U.S. record in 2012