Saturday, December 7, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 07

Expect Devastating Global Economic Changes In 2014
Bitcoin's roller-coaster ride gets wilder as Wall Street, China climb on
Rising rates nudging mortgage payments higher
2 million Internet accounts on Facebook, Twitter, ADP others hit by mass hack on dumb passwords
Venezuela jails 100 'bourgeois' businessmen in crackdown
Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations
Report: Government redistributes more than $2 trillion in one year
White House admits fabricating story about Obama meeting his uncle
Carney: 'Nobody spoke to the president' while issuing statement about Obama's uncle
Starved of gold, Indians may import record volumes of silver
The Chinese Want To Spend Billions Constructing A 600 Acre "China City" In New York State
The Biggest Money Printing Of All Time
Four Debt Collection Practices That Need to Change
Dow Ends Above 16,000 For First Time, Boosted By Data
Fed Could Taper Even Without Strong Job Market
U.S. Retail Sales Signal Rise In Demand; Inflation Tame
Nasdaq Closes Above 4,000 For First Time In 13 Years
US Existing Home Sales Fall 3.2 Percent in October
Why Were Foreigners Large Net Sellers Of US Assets In September?
USDollar/USDX Index
Cutting Back On Christmas?
Study: Union-Backed Fast Food Proposal Could Cost Half a Million Jobs
China’s Gold Rush Continues, Imports Another 131 Tonnes In October
Mike Maloney: Expect First Real Deflation, Then Hyperinflation
R.I.P. USA November 21, 2013
Richard Russell - Frightening Hyperinflation Coming To US
Warning - NSA To Oversee Individual Bank Accounts & Wealth 
Four Fantastic Charts Showing Gold Is Nearing A Major Turn
Blogger Mike "Mish" Shedlock is Fined €8,000 Euros by France for Freedom of Speech
Economy Not As Strong As It Appears
Gas under $3 - coming to a station near you
I will lose my jobless benefits by year end
Bernanke: Recent Jobs Reports Are 'Disappointing'
Federal Cuts Biting Into Home Heating Aid
Stamp Prices To Go Up 1 Cent In January
Inside Coin's techie vision for the all-in-one credit card
US Treasury: Ramps Up The Zimbabwe Style Printing Press
Gold Gives Back "Short-Covering" Rally as US Data Beats Forecasts
Taxes Don't Matter… Until They Do
Time for Goldbugs to Admit Defeat?
Soft November Retail Sales A Red Flag For Holidays
Bernanke Says Economy 'Still Far' From Ideal
Under Obama, Your Electricity Costs Have Already Necessarily Skyrocketed
Fukushima Clean-Up Chief Admits Contaminated Water will be Dumped into Ocean
IEA: Shale Boom is Only Temporary, we’ll Soon be Relying on Middle East Again
Why Bezos's Drone Is More Than a Joke
Is The Federal Reserve Looking At Monetizing Student Loan Debt?
Declining Prices Of U.S. Homebuilder Stocks An Indicator Something Not Right With Housing Market
Why Are the Bankers And Ex-Intel Types Running For Their Lives?
10 Facts About The Growing Unemployment Crisis In America That Will Blow Your Mind
15 Signs That We Are Near The Peak Of An Absolutely Massive Stock Market Bubble
Big Banks Are Being Hit With Cyberattacks "Every Minute Of Every Day"
China Announces That It Is Going To Stop Stockpiling U.S. Dollars
Collecting Donations For Wal-Mart Employees That Cannot Afford Thanksgiving Dinner?
Fake Employment Numbers – And Five More Massive Economic Lies The Government Is Telling You
Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing
How China Can Cause The Death Of The Dollar And The Entire U.S. Financial System
Wow – The Holiday Shopping Season Is Off To A Horrible Start
Latest Snowden leak? Sweden spied on Russia for US
Pelosi: No jobless aid, no deal
Record Number Of Volcano Eruptions In 2013 â€" Is Catastrophic Global Cooling Dead Ahead?
U.S. Dollar and Treasury Bonds are Dead - Dr. Jim Willie
2% growth will end U.S. as 'country of opportunity'
Paul Craig Roberts:  Federal Reserve And Wall Street Assassinate US Dollar
Is the US economy really accelerating right now?
Obama's big inequality speech: short on facts and vision
Expect Devastating Global Economic Changes In 2014
AT&T Follows T-Mobile by Splitting Phone Cost From Service Plans
Bitcoin Boom Spreads to IPhones With Mobile-Payment Apps
Bankers Balking at Bitcoin in U.S. as Real-World Obstacles Mount
Pension Threats in Illinois, Detroit Rattle Government Workers
Unemployment Benefit Lapse Will Cut Jobs, Report Says
Bitcoin's Volatility Problem: Why Today's Selloff Won't Be the Last
Banks Turn the Home Equity Spigot Back On
Mortgage Rates in the U.S. Jump to the Highest Since September
We’re in a worse position than in 2008: Marc Faber
Number of U.S. expatriations reaches record high in 2013
Bitcoin market value now exceeds $750 per BTC
China's rich fleeing the country—with their fortunes
Will Dry Shipping Cool Off Before it Heats Up Again?
Memo To The Fast Food Minimum Wage Strikers: Investors Don't Care
Biggest Bankruptcy Before Detroit, Alabama County Stages Comeback
Bitcoin Valued At $1300 By Bank of America Analysts
Israel's Kill List
The Most Important Video You Will Watch Today - Deflation Before Hyperinflation
ECB Calling U.S. Out on Its QE Mistakes
2014 – Internationalization Of The Yuan, The Opening Of Saudi Arabia, The Implosion Of The EU, And Three Of The Last Pillars Of The Dollar Crumble
Gold Price Trend Forecast Into the End Of 2013
Banks Syphoning Off The Financial Blood Of Their Customers
Jim Rogers On QE, Currency Wars, Gold And Inflation
Trickle Down Economic Recovery: Monetary Expansion, Excess Bank Reserves, And Leftovers For Main Street
‘Underground’ Economy Signals Soft Growth
Applications For Jobless Benefits Fall Again
US Car Sales Jump In November
U.S. Retail Sales Accelerate In October
The New American Retirement Nightmare: Many Americans Find They Are Completely Unprepared For Retirement
The Red Queen’s Race And The Real Winners From Quantitative Easing: Celebrating The Five Year Anniversary Of Redistributing Wealth To The Top.
The Average American Is Broke And Buying Things They Cannot Afford With Debt Again. Debt Based Consumer Financing Again Filling The Gap Of A Shrinking Middle Class.
The Two-Income Trap For Americans: How Dual Income Households Are A Financial Necessity In A Time When The Median Per Capita Wage Is $27,000.
The Two-Income Trap For Americans: How Dual Income Households Are A Financial Necessity In A Time When The Median per capita wage is $27,00
Moody's Cuts Top Banks' Debt Ratings; Doubts Feds Would Bail Them Out
Obama: Nelson Mandela 'Belongs To The Ages'
Illinois Governor Signs Pension Rescue Plan
C.I.A. Collects Global Data on Transfers of Money
Who Should Lead the Global Economy?
An Agenda to Save the Euro
Governance in the Information Age
Back to Housing Bubbles
Establishment Proposes: “Have the Government Give Every Adult a Basic Income”
Fake Employment Numbers – And Five More Massive Economic Lies The Government Is Telling You
“I Fear For What’s Coming” – 68 Percent Of Americans Believe The Country Is On The Wrong Track
It Will Implode: “We Will See The Demise of the Dollar”
Prepare For What’s Coming: “The Largest Financial Collapse This Planet Has Ever Seen”
Jim Willie:  Gold Fever: Coming Global Currency Reset Will Double Gold Overnight!
Diagnosis for Unrealistic Technology Expectations
An Artificial Hand with Real Feelings
Which Currency Is Up Over 9000% This Year and Sells for Almost as Much as an Ounce of Gold?
Which Currency Is Up Over 9000% This Year and Sells for Almost as Much as an Ounce of Gold?
Company accused of preying on faith, not delivering millions of dollars in precious metals
Israeli former security chief: failure to end conflict is bigger threat than Iran
Back in the Day, Minimum Wage Could Feed a Family
Factory Production Rises 0.3% In October
Ann Barnhardt: The Survival of Civilization Depends on You
Peter Schiff: Another Bubble Set to Burst
How to find out if your password has been stolen
JPMorgan Chase admits network hack; 465,000 card users' data stolen
Three Warning Signs Of A Potential Bloodbath Ahead
Part 2 - Deposit Confiscation Poses A Real Risk To Investors, Savers and Corporate Depositors
RBS: "The Fed Is Now Responsible For Monetizing A Record 70% Of All Net Bond Supply"
Citi Warns "Fed Is Kicking The Can Over The Edge Of A Cliff"
The Fed's 100-Year War Against Gold (And Economic Common Sense)
As Goes Wal-Mart, So Goes Global GDP?
90 Years Ago: The End Of German Hyperinflation
Foreign Purchases Of US Securities Drop To New Post-Lehman Low
Marc Faber Exposes The Consequences Of A Dysfunctional Political System
Ron Paul: "The Fed Steals From The Poor And Gives To The Rich"
Today's Wealth Destruction Is Hidden By Government Debt
53% Of Bankers Say Ethics Inhibit Career Progression - Here's Why
Will "Rising" Gas Prices Crush The Holiday Spending Spirit?
David Stockman Fears "Panic" When The "Lunatic" Fed "Loses Control"
Inflation Watch: Thanksgiving Dinner Edition
No CapEx Recovery: Durable Goods Disappoint As Capital Goods Orders And Shipments Decline
"We Are Playing Economic Russian Roulette"
Why It's Going To Be A Whole Lot Worse Than In The 1930s
Are Another 1.3 Million Americans About To Drop Out Of Labor Force (And Send Unemployment Plunging)?
Inflation Watch 2013; Price Of Christmas Surges 7.7%
Bitcoin - A Cost-Benefit Analysis
Deutsche Bank Exits Commodity Trading, Fires 200
As Fast Food Workers Go On Strike In 100 Cities
The Twenty First Century Abolitionist Project: Slavery and Taxation by Bill Buppert

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 07