Friday, June 29, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 29

Why DeMint's Call For States

Former GOP Sen. Bob Bennett:

So how many Americans

Study: More Than Half a Trillion Dollars Spent on Welfare – But Poverty Levels Unaffected
2012 London Olympics:

Currencies Wait for the EU Summit
Stop Picking on Bankers, JPMorgan Chief Says
JPMorgan Trading Loss May Reach $9 Billion
15 Reasons Why The Obamacare Decision

Economy: We Are Living In The Greatest Debt Bubble In The History Of The World
Home Prices Rise:  A Sign That Housing Has Bottomed?
US Gasoline Prices Cheapest Since January
Business Bracing For Bad Summer?
Should J.P. Morgan's Jamie Dimon be fired?
Health reform upheld: What companies need to know
Whatever Happened to the Keystone XL Pipeline?
Half of German teenagers unable to distinguish

Barack Obama: Socialist or Nouveau Fascist?
United Faiths of America
America On Fire: Why Is The Number Of Wildfires

In 255-67 vote, House places Holder in contempt of Congress
Roberts court upholds Obama health law;

Boehner: Ruling strengthens GOP's 'resolve'

Did The Supreme Court Expose A Big 'Obamacare' Tax Lie?
Americans Are Being Prepared For Full Spectrum Tyranny
Consumer Confidence in US Declines to a Five-month Low
IBM freezes salaries of executives, many workers
An Ending Made for Gold
European Leaders Play with Fire
The Black Hole of Deflation - Part 2
Obamacare upheld by the supreme court,

Syria will receive attack helicopters from Russia,

Elderly To Be Euthanized Under Obamacare?
British Commandos Operating In Syria,

Obama Declares Emergency over Russian Enriched Uranium
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Obamacare
Was Turkey Jet Shootdown a Staged Provocation?
The Impotence of the Federal Reserve
Fed's Fisher:

Japanese reactor building has slight tilt
Angela Merkel isn't bluffing;

Angela Merkel defies Latin Europe and the IMF on bond rescue
Angela Merkel dismisses Spain and Italy's pleas for aid
Banks face billions of dollars of claims after Barclays settles
The Most Important Part

The Tiny Distinction That Saved Obamacare:

Aspen Ideas 2012: Revolution and Introspection
Ruling focuses election on Obama's health care tax
Russia Preps Mach 7 Missiles â€" With India's Help
Down Goes RIM:

Speaker John Boehner Reacts

Neurosurgeon calls Mark Levin about Obamacare
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Reacts to Supreme Court Decision Upholding Affordable Care Act
'US should be excluded from talks over Syria just like Iran'
Keiser Report: Gold vs Paper (E306)
Tipping Point Democracy
Romney: Supreme Court Ruling on Health Law Wrong

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jun 29

China, Singapore Exempted From U.S. Iran Oil Sanctions
Venezuelan oil company to drill off Cuba
Republicans Fault Obama Oil Plan Environmentalists See as Risky
Kuwait''s crude oil exports to Japan up for 4th month
UPDATE 2-US April oil demand down 1.77 pct from year ago-EIA
Gazprom warns Turkey over Azeri gas pipeline deal
Hungary's MOL Welcomes Nabucco Securing Natural Gas Supply
Malaysia makes big bet on natural gas from Canada
Mongolian Mining Bets China Will Double Coal Imports
TEXT-Fitch:Decision likely to reduce U.S. coal plant output
India grapples with coal shortages
Nigeria's Nuclear Power Is for Peaceful Purposes - Jonathan
Budget Cuts Force U.S. out of the Nuclear Fusion Race
Japan's 10 Most Dangerous Reactors Face Korea
Economies in Australia and New Zealand strengthened by wind power
A 2nd U.S.-Supported Maker of Solar Panels Will Close
Fifty-seven wind power projects get regulatory approval in China
Brazil Said To Consider Increased Ethanol Mix In Fuel

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 28

Top Democrat Says

When Cities Go Bankrupt: Stockton, California
'Girls Who Code' Seeks to Train Women for Tech Fields
The FBI's Secret Surveillance Letters to Tech Companies
U.S. Border Patrol Agents Are Being Trained

Stockton CA Bankrupt;

High-Tech Glasses Steal Show

The American War Racket
The iPhone Turns Five
European Disunion Faces Endgame
Oversight Committee Reports Bipartisan Legislation

One on One with John Williams
Betty Crocker faces boycott for endorsing gay marriage
Patrick Kennedy warns of Tea Party "rampage"

Anything Goes
What Did Turkey Think Syria Would Do?
1 in 5 smartphones will be NFC-capable by 2014
Karl Marx on a Credit Card: Priceless
If Americans 'Vote Their Wallets,'

Facebook's secret profiles, master passwords...

'UFO' at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Trauma of Colorado's Waldo Canyon fire:

Colorado wildfires: Several fires explode across Front Range

U.S. economy likely needs more help: Fed's Evans
Why Barclays coughed up so much for Lie-bor
Big Blue is turning into your Big Brother
More than 60 banks attacked in massive cyber fraud ring
NY's $51.71-an-hour summer job
Hard to understand why Fed won't do more, Evans says
The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia
How State Spending Cuts Are Killing the Economy
Buy Your Very Own Tuscan Village (on eBay!)
Google Glass and the genesis of the hive mind
Germany offers vision of federalism for the European Union
Russian heartland fears NATO transit
'Audit the Fed' bill advances in House
Peter Schiff: America the next Greece?
June 27, 2012 Full Committee Business Meeting
EU moves to boost growth will help U.S. economy:

Jim O'Neill: Everyone could be "taken down" by euro crisis -
Peter Schiff - The Real Crash:

John Williams of Interview:

Celente: The 2nd American Revolution STARTS NOW!
Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith
Tax Hikes in Obamacare: How Will SCOTUS Rule?

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jun 28

Oil companies resume most US Gulf output after Debby
Indonesia's Pertamina To Import Oil Directly From Iraq
US senators press for Myanmar oil investment
US should be open to crude oil exports-EIA head
Brazil awakens to offshore oil's mixed blessings
TAPI, IP gas pipelines long-term solution
Japan expects to import 20% of LNG from N.America
Natural-gas cars can drive US to better economy
Global coal prices: Oversupply, changing fuel usage could keep prices low
TABLE-Japan's May thermal coal imports by source; up 20.8 pct
Japan's TEPCO to drop nuclear exports: report
UPDATE 1-Poland's PGE delays nuclear tender
India to establish nuclear reactor that uses Thorium as fuel: Atomic Energy Commission
Offshore wind power: EC should help organise Europe's sea space
Germany Decides on Solar FiT Cuts, China Ready to Step In
Can the US Reach 23 GW Installed Utility-Scale PV Solar?
U.S. ethanol output and stocks slide in last week

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 27

22 Statistics That Prove That The American Dream

Stockton braces for possible bankruptcy as key vote looms
Where Does Money Come From? The Giant Federal Reserve Scam That Most Americans Do Not Understand
Syrian Regime Growing More Desperate

Stimulus: One Last "High" - Then Disaster
Bond Traders Shunning Freddie Costs Taxpayers: Mortgages
Consumer Confidence In U.S. Declines To A Five-Month Low
IRS Says Offshore Tax Disclosures Have Yielded $5 Billion
Spain Poised For Downgrade To Junk

Spain's Short-Term Debt Costs Nearly Triple
The Black Hole of Deflation - Part 1
Facebook's Lame Attempt To Force Its Email Service On You
A Futurist Explains How The Internet Will Reboot Civilization
Busted! Health Insurers Secretly Spent Huge To Defeat Health Care Reform While Pretending To Support Obamacare
François Hollande and Angela Merkel

Germany's indifference to Greece

Cyprus's request for a bailout

Italy gives world's oldest bank €2bn lifeline
Turkey threatens Syria with military retaliation over downed jet
Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure
Turkey Says It May Target

Banking Disunion
Assad says Syria at war as battle reaches capital
Home prices up again, but consumers less confident
OECD raises red flag on U.S. long-term unemployment
S&P says U.S. faces 20-percent risk of double dip
Norway's Housing Bubble

Why China Is in the Business of Building America's Houses
Scarlet-Letter Status:

The Triumph of Artificial Intelligence! 16,000 Processors Can Identify a Cat in a YouTube Video Sometimes
Citizens Petition Federal Reserve: Fire Jamie Dimon
Euro Must Have Reform, Not Americanization
Syrian downing of Turkish jet serves as warning
Assad declares 'state of war' as regime's grip on Syria loosens
Consumers hoarding more than spending
Foreign law rules in U.S. courts
Mandate or no, Obamacare will fail
Obama to shoot down armed pilots
Apple Rolls Into Reno, Eyes $1B Data Center Bet
Turkish Tanks Deploy to Syrian Border -- 26.06.12
Dynamic Duo:

How the Rich Convinced America's Middle Class

Niall Ferguson--

Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense 2012/06/19

Niall Ferguson - SIEPR Economic Summit 2012
Liquidation Is Vital
Turkey Mobilizing: Media Manipulation, Provocation Or Reality?

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jun 27

Oil supply surge could risk price collapse - Harvard analysis
Iran makes first oil discovery in Caspian Sea in 100 years
Saudis keep oil tap on for world growth; Russia hurts
Declining US oil imports from Nigeria
France criticised over oil drilling as environment minister removed
Vietnam protests China's oil bids in disputed sea
Insight: As Congress looks away, U.S. tiptoes toward exporting a gas bounty
Turkey and Azerbaijan ink deal for $7 bln gas project
Iran To Start LNG Exports In 2013‎
US coal consumption to stay below 2010 level through 2031 - DOE
Turkey coal available to serious investors free for 30 years
Mongolian coal mine sought by China to stop output
Russia, US eye deal on nuclear cooperation
New EU sanctions will hurt nuclear talks: Iran
A Vibrant Future for MENA's Concentrated Solar Power Industry
Solar production glut to persist to 2015: study
Canadian Solar to deliver 122MW US solar capacity
US gasoline demand down on uncertain outlook-MasterCard

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 26

Hedge funds short stocks, bid up gold
"Fiscal Dip" May Make Europe Look Like a Dip
Jim Rogers: Don’t Be Fooled by the Dollar Rally
Turkey calls emergency Nato talks on Syria
The Fed is Out of Ammo
Housing Continues its Steady Rise
Facebook Confirms Changing

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

Muslim Brotherhood Takes Egypt, Cleric Declares:

Mystery of Explosives at Swedish Nuclear Power Plant Deepens
Saudi Aramco's New Venture Capital Firm

The Tax Rules for Renting Out Your Vacation Home
Birmingham: That's Not Our Problem
Chinese in Talks to Fund U.S. Homes
Court Splits on Arizona Law
SCOTUSblog Is The Talk Of The Twitterverse

Shiller Goes Off The Deep End- Wants to condemn millions
Pimco's Gross Warns Of Risk Assets

BRICs Biggest Currency Depreciation Since 1998 To Worsen
U.S. Banks Aren't Nearly Ready for Coming European Crisis
Greece Seen Blocked

Greek Finance Minister Quits Days Into The Job On Illness
Merkel Hardens Resistance To Euro-Area Debt Sharing
Moody's Downgrades 28 Spanish Banks On Sovereign Risk
Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High,

Facebook Wants To Hire This 17-Year-Old

Germany's Resistance

Beyond iPhone and Android:

HP to trim 9,000 jobs in U.S. as part of cost-cutting plan
Egypt has a new president: Let the fear mongering begin!
Bernanke Ponders The Plunge
Regulators to Classify Gold as Zero-Risk Asset
Government Debt: The Price We Pay
Enter, the Blindside Recession
DHS Cellphone Alert System 'Follows You Around'
Commodities trading thrives as equities dive
The end of the road for Europe
Consumer confidence falls in second quarter: Nielsen
High court splits its verdict on Arizona immigration law
Cato at Peace
The euro should now be put to the sword
Angela Merkel defies Latin Europe and the IMF on bond rescue
Peter Sands documents show warning

The Dollar Union: Could We Boot Alabama?

When Your Data Becomes More Useful Than You Want It to Be
Who's Propping Up the U.S. Treasury Market?
Court Rejects Montana Challenge to Citizens United
Hedges Is L.A. Press Club's Journalist of the Year
Why We Fight
Top secret: $80B a year for food stamps,

T-Mobile USA to buy, swap spectrum with Verizon
Companies cry foul over new guidance on social media policies

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jun 26

Oil turns lower in Asian trade
Iran May Lose More Than Half a Million bpd in Oil Exports - Expert
UPDATE 1-U.S. "tight oil" output to double by 2035-EIA
Chavez: Drop in oil price will not stop Venezuela development
Russia's Gazprom keen to participate in developing Israel's gas sector
China to speed up shale gas exploration
U.S. Dry Natural Gas Output to Rise 1% Annually
Coal inventories in China hit new highs
Rio Tinto Export First Shipment Of Coal‎
French uranium plant attacked
Iran will never abandon peaceful nuclear activities: Daily
British businesses remain hungry for nuclear
Question mark hangs over Germany's offshore wind park plans
"Nanoscale sandwich" technique could mean thinner, cheaper solar cells
Europe Gasoline/Naphtha-Crack rises, U.S. demand eyed

Monday, June 25, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 25

Israel Jittery After Brotherhood Victory in Egypt
Syria Forms New Government; Key Posts Unchanged
Turks do not want to live in the EU any more
EU watchdog sets out ethics code for eurocrats
EU hands personal data to US authorities on daily basis
Euro Risks Have US Businesses Readying For The Worst
Why Gas Prices Are Headed Below $3
JPMorgan Chase Gets $14 Billion Per Year

Private Sector Pensions Under Attack
In suburban America, middle class begins to confront poverty
Panic in the New World Order
Hands Off Syria
Blame the Rich!
Surprise Strength in Gold
Health-Care Tax Credit Eludes Some
Domain Wheeling and Dealing
Turkey Promises 'Necessary Steps' After Syria Downs Jet
Financial TIme Bombs
Data Mining: Big Corporations Are Gathering Every Shred Of Information About You That They Can And Selling It For Profit
Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First Major American City

Health Care Reformers At Odds

Reading The 'Obamacare' Tea Leaves As Ruling Looms
Issa Staffer Offered To Stop

Moody's cuts ratings of 15 banks,

Schaeuble says "no" to throwing money at euro crisis
Turkey blames Syria for jet attack, consults NATO
States Face Pressure on Pension Shortfalls
Turkey Says Syria Downed Plane In International Airspace
Central Banks Face Power Limit As Debt Persists, BIS Says
Germany Plans Joint Federal-State Debt In Merkel Fiscal Deal
Why Doesn't The Stock Market Reflect The Imminent Global Depression?
How Does Gold Fare During Hyperinflationary Periods?
The Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act
Germany's Constitutional Conundrum
Starving Greeks queue for food in their thousands

Mario Monti: we have a week to save the eurozone
Yes, there is an alternative to capitalism:

Scientists warn US east coast over accelerated sea level rise
Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi declared president of Egypt
Thousands in Phoenix protest

Tropical storm Debby prompts

Tropical storm Debby

Turkey goes to Nato over plane

New World Order Blueprint Leaked
As economy stutters, confidence is key
BIS backs pan-European banking system
Starting life in the negative net worth column. What the Fed does not want you to know about American net worth figures.
Mohammed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood

Koch: I helped change Obama
HHS pushes out cash ahead of ruling
Emerging Markets' Europe Problem
"Pretty high hurdle" to QE3: Fed's Bullard
Welcome To Doomsday, Warns Wall Street Seer
Eurozone nations are stuck in a 'doom loop'
All the bail-out systems under the sun

Angela Merkel defies Latin Europe and the IMF on bond rescue
US to fall off 'fiscal cliff', warns Joseph Stiglitz
Tony Blair says only Germany

Germany tells Greece to stop asking for help

Stimulus Package Ahead for the Eurozone
Dispatches From Cairo: Ms. Clinton, Kindly Butt Out
Fast and Furiousâ€"the Witch Hunt
Keiser Report: Feta Cheese Trap (E305)
The Collapse of American Society
Marc Faber, gold, economic collapse,

Gerald Celente on Capitalaccount - 22 June 2012
Lord Monckton: UN Teaches Children They Need to Die!
Peter Schiff on Fox Business - Monday, June 18, 2012
Forget the PIIGS, the EU as a Whole is Insolvent
The USD Trap Is Closing: Dollar Exclusion Zone Crosses The Pacific As Brazil Signs China Currency Swap

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jun 25

Iranian oil tankers change names as EU ban looms
Gunmen blasts oil pipeline in E Syria
Venezuela recalls ambassador, halts oil supplies to Paraguay over president impeachment
Iran to build pipeline to transfer oil products to Afghanistan
Tapping Alaska's Arctic oil is a must for America
Japan, Russia agree to support huge gas project
Australia's Gas Boom Very Good for Economy, But Brace for Labor Shortage
Indonesia to import LNG to meet rising gas demand at home
US Coal Industry seeks to boost exports through Gulf of Mexico
Coal-Plant Plunge Threatens Billions in Pollution Spend
Russia: 'Six-Party Talks Still Valid To Solve North Korean Nuclear Issue'
EDF shuts one UK nuclear unit, restarts another
China-made solar module prices drop in US market
Solar power has bright future
Vestas Wind Systems to stop output at China plant, cuts 300-350 jobs
U.S. Gasoline Falls to $3.48 a Gallon, Lundberg Survey Shows

Friday, June 22, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 22

Spanish banks need up to $78BN
Does Ben Bernanke Have Any Ammo Left?
Pelosi: 'Let's Hope and Pray the Court

Sebelius: Congress 'Carefully Weighed Its Authority' on Obamacare--Even Though Members Couldn't Say Where Constitution Authorized It
The Government's Plan to Steal Your Money
The End of the Euro Is Not About Austerity
Verbally Abusive Middle School Kids

Iran's President Renews Call for New World Order
Obama's Overplayed Hand

Moody's downgrades 15 of the world's biggest banks
Syrian fighter pilot defects to Jordan
Wichita City Council faces big decision on airport terminal
Treasuries Remain Higher On Stocks

Shimon Peres on the New Middle East
The Fiscal Cliff Just Got Steeper
IMF Sees Euro Crisis at Critical Stage
The Economic Abuse Of Veterans In America
The JPM Derivatives Propping Up U.S. Debt
Abandoning Ship
A Wet Blanket of Debt
Senate passes five-year farm bill cutting subsidies for some
German, Chinese and US industry

Size of Spanish banking crisis revealed

Mario Monti: we have a week to save the eurozone
Drone strikes threaten 50 years of international law,

Greek coalition government unveiled
Greece Sells Assets, Including Island Resorts,

Iceland PM: Europe should copy us
Billionnaire CEO Larry Ellison buys Hawaiian island
Google reveals 'alarming' increase

Moody's downgrades credit ratings of giant global banks
How to make U.S. healthcare even worse
Storm may be brewing in Gulf of Mexico
Factory, jobs data highlight struggling recovery
Bank 'throws kitchen sink' at credit problem
The IMF helping the euro

Debt crisis: desperate Monti needs Merkel summit deal

Half of Current Workers Won't Be Able to Retire at 65
iLawyer: What Happens When Computers Replace Attorneys?
House committee suspects 'Fast and Furious' cover-up
Clemency With a Catch:

Petrus Romanus The Final Pope is Here:

Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense 2012/06/19 -

Keiser Report: Runaway Greek Cash (E304)
Detained for Open Carry, Portland, Maine
Rick Santelli & Congressman Huelskamp (R-KS)

Making The Bus Monitor Cry
Money As Debt II: promises unleashed (FULL MOVIE)
Rio + 20 Times Eco-Tyranny We Faced in 1992:

Vatican Insider Malachi Martin Revealed

WWII Vet Warren Bodeker Needs Your Help:

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jun 22

Indonesia to Acquire Harvest's Oil Reserves in Venezuela
Japan's Mitsubishi renews Iran oil imports deal -sources
Saudi halts oil shipments to Motiva expansion-source
Ecuador OCP pipeline to transport Colombian crude
Estimated 3 Billion Barrels of Oil in America's Heartland
Gazprom Biggest Loser as Shale Gas Upends World Markets
3 companies bid for gas drilling in Bulgaria
Natural Gas for Vehicles Could Use U.S. Support
US Senate blasts coal industry
India clamps down on private coal development
BHP invests in Australian coal
Japan gives nuclear industry a reason to cheer
Lithuania parliament approves nuclear deal
US solar market moving in from the coasts
Middle East's US$6.8 billion investment in solar power creates new industry platform
Gasoline demand at lowest level since December

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 21

J.P. Morgan Misleads Pensioners, Bails out Hedge Funds
Israel after the Six-Day-War:

120 Powerful Pieces Of Advice For Preppers
Weak Factories, Sentiment Show Shaky US Recovery
There's A Positive Sign For Housing

Bernanke 'prepared' to do more
A Grievous Evil
Gold Becomes a Tier 1 Asset Class for Banks
The Most Immediate Threats to Global Energy Security -

Report Finds Fracking Causes Fewer Earthquakes

America is Greece… On Steroids
Prime Real Estate Up for Grabs in a Rapidly Rising Market
Dimon on Display
V's Response to Greek Election Facade-Just Watch and See--The Euro is C'est Finiem> Forget The Election Results--Greece Is Doomed And So Is The Rest Of Europe
Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First

Bernanke Implores Congress To Help Him Fix Economy
Syria 'truce agreed' to evacuate Homs civilians
Congress contempt charge for US Attorney General Holder
Fed Expands Operation Twist By $267 Billion Through 2012
Fed Officials Sees Lower U.S. Growth, Slow Progress On Jobs
Merkel Balks At Sovereign Debt Purchases To Overcome Crisis
Greece Faces Downgrade

Commodities Drop After Fed Cuts Growth Estimates;

Treasuries Gain Before Spain Auction On Contagion Concern
Would Rachel Carson Find an Audience Today?
Are Bitcoins Becoming Europe's New Safe Haven Currency?
[UK] Top doctor's chilling claim:

The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV:

Fed Downgrades Economic Outlook and Buys Insurance
Have A State Pension? Don't Count On It
Dimon Lambastes Loans

That's All Folks: Why the Writing Is on the Wall at Microsoft
In FOMC Rate Decision,

World leaders accused of failure

San Bernardino considers eminent domain

Ron Paul, Social Security opponent,

Supreme Court could reveal healthcare ruling Thursday
Bove: To Fire Up Growth, Scrap Excessive Bank Rules
Bernanke says Fed open to another round

Dimon gets grief from pols â€" and cleaning lady
The Euro and us
Will Central Banks Unload Gold?
Debt crisis: markets bet Germany

From Rust Belt to Drone Belt
Global Leaders Are Still Dithering on Syria and the Eurozone
Eisenhower's Warning Ignored,

'U.S. Per Person Debt to Increase

Russian Ship, Loaded With Attack Helos,

Irredeemable Currency Session 2, 1/2
Keiser Report: Elite Losers & Heroes of Fraud (E303)
Gerald Celente - Steve Crowley - June 19, 2012
HuffPost's Sam Stein Challenges Ron Paul On Social Security
Irredeemable Currency Session 2, 2/2
Irredeemable Currency Session 1, 2/2
Irredeemable Currency Session 1, 1/2
Gerald Celente - A War With Iran is Imminent -

Peter Schiff on Fox Business - Monday, June 18, 2012

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jun 21

Output beats global oil consumption
French Guiana offshore oil drilling to restart: lawmakers
US crude oil supplies grow by 2.9 million barrels
UPDATE 1-India 2012/13 oil product demand seen up 6.1 pct
Iran oil exports fall, sanctions bite
German RWE delays Libya oil start up
Shale-gas industry 'must win public confidence' says IEA
U.S. Natural Gas Gains After Falling On Weather Forecast
Australia has black coal reserves to last 128 years - Mr Ferguson
32000 MW power projects in India shelved or delayed on coal uncertainty
UPDATE 1-US autumn nuclear plant outages seen up slightly
US NRC certification of GE Hitachi's new reactor design delayed to 2013
Wind power and solar energy can meet 80% of U.S. generation in 2050
Toward super-size wind turbines: Bigger wind turbines do make greener electricity
Toshiba to build Japan's biggest solar plants in Fukushima
US weekly ethanol production shrinks to six-week low: EIA

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 20

Mr Barroso, Europe's crisis has nothing to do with America
Will Russian And Chinese Military Forces On Syrian Soil

EU to G20: We will not take 'economic lessons'
Italy proposes 'semi-automatic' funding to avert bail-out
Greek bail-out to be renegotiated this summer
Why it's time to outlaw credit default swaps
More from DHS insider
MF Global Customers "Get the Chance"

Recount Officially Ordered In Wisconsin State Senate Recall
G20 pledges to support global economy
How Shorts on Gold ETFs are Nearing a Big Squeeze
Egypt Brotherhood dissolution case adjourned to 1 Sept
FOMC "Influencing Gold More Than Eurozone",

Report: Russia to send marines to Syria
G-20 Leaders Divide Over Euro-Zone Crisis
DoD Current and Future U.S. Drone Activities Map
Oh Crud! 19 Reasons Why It Is Time

The Mancession: 16 Signs

Germany Set To Allow Eurozone Bailout Fund


Did Dimon and JP Morgan Steal MF Global Funds?

Gold in wait and see phase ahead of FOMC meeting
Russia, China, Iran plan to stage in Syria
"biggest Mid East maneuver"

Gold More than 50% Below Real Record High of 32 Years Ago
John Williams:

Muslim Brotherhood supporters

Merkel ready to relent on bailout deal

Spain forced closer to precipice

Russian ship thwarted in bid to reach Syria
William Hague halts ship

J.P. Morgan's Dimon battles over disclosure, pay
Europe gets lengthy homework assignment from G-20
Fiscal cliff is closer than you think
Iran, Russia, China, Syria to launch joint war game in Syria
Israel deploys tanks near Egypt border

Greece and the Limits of Anti-Austerity
Geithner encouraged by Europe's crisis plans
G20 backs Europe's plans for overhaul to fight crisis
U.S. recovery risks may stir Fed to action
Higher gold, silver and interest rates

Dimon Double Gives Congress Wasteful Distraction
G20 summit: perils of a half-baked rescue for Spain and Italy
G20: don't expect any solutions

Spain and Italy to be bailed out in £600bn deal
Radio interview on DHS
Koch brothers, Cato Institute reach settlement
Greek parties close to forming coalition government

Among Syrian rebels, a shared sense of commitment
U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus

Flash Update Causing Problems for Firefox Fans
Peterbilt Crowdsourcing Future Big-Rig Designs
Iranian Missile Engineer Oversees Chavez's Drones
Female Passenger Groped by TSA Gropes Back,

California Nuke Simulator Is World's Most Powerful Computer
François Hollande on Collision Course with ... France
Beggars Can Be Choosers As Pro-Bailout Greeks

In Case Of NEW QE, Gold To $1,900-$8,500 Says SocGen
The Consequences Of The Rise Of European Nationalism
Europe Launches Ban On All Policy Criticism

The Inevitability Of US-China Conflict

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jun 20

Iraq PM asks Obama to stop Exxon-Kurdistan oil deal
WRAPUP 4-Mexico awards 2nd round of mature oil field contracts
Colombia Speeds Oil Permits Posing Threat to Production Targets
India, China in pact for exploring oil, gas assets overseas
US crude, distillate stockpiles off last week -API
World natural gas consumption growth below average
LNG priority in supplies to Japan and eastern China
Chinese coal imports in May up by 62pct YoY
Coal: The rising star of global energy production
China cash for UK nuke plant
EU member nations call for increased renewable energy commitments to 2030
Canadian Solar Buys 11 U.S. Projects, Expands Development
UPDATE 2-Ethanol sector braces for bad patch as Valero idles plant

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 19

All Over America Government Control Freaks

Europe's darkest cloud hangs over Italy
The Greek drama that just won't end
Euro crisis far from over, stock analysts warn
A Brief Primer on the European Crisis
App Developers Who Are Too Young to Drive
Verizon Raises Prices, Speeds on FiOS Service
Forget The Election Results -

Dollar Shortage Seen In $2 Trillion Gap Says Morgan Stanley
Euro Crisis Shifts To Spain As Merkel Faces G-20 Pressure
Euro Remains Lower As G-20 Leaders Discus Europe Crisis
Greek Coalition Talks Enter Second Day

Banks Worry As Breakup Talk Revived After JPMorgan Loss
Gold to hit above $1,900/oz by year end: HSBC
Silver to double over next few years
Does Gold Keep Up In Hyperinflation?
The Bang! Moment Is Here
New Middle East for Old
Back to the 1930s: the hammer, sickle and swastika
Google reports 'alarming' rise in censorship by governments
G20 summit: Barroso blames eurozone crisis on US banks
Spain forced closer to precipice

Spain's debt costs break 7% level
Apple's iOS 6 Includes 'Government Alerts'
CIA's Hacktivists May Have Had Access to Flame and Stuxnet
Morgan's big secret
Writing Off The Elderly
Why Inflation Could Rise Over the Long Term
JPMorgan bets sent false signals to wider debt market
Relieved Europe hints at more time for Greece
French Socialists eye tax rises after big poll win
Obama, Putin say Syria violence must end, no plan agreed
Obama encouraged by talks with Merkel on debt: U.S
G20 ramps up pressure on Europe over debt crisis
Spain goes to market as debt costs soar
Syrian forces pound cities as Obama, Putin meet
Falling house, stock prices erode household wealth
We've been brainwashed
The Economic Police State
Dithering Europe is heading for the democratic dark ages
Global warming: second thoughts of an environmentalist
Spain pleads for ECB rescue as bond markets slam shut
The Filthy Stinking Rich Are Creating Their Own Economy
Why the Euro Zone Should Be Terrified of the Greek Election
An Eye Without an 'I':

Inside Google's Plan to Build

It's the Euro, Stupid: The Roots of the Euro-Zone Crisis
Occupy Will Be Back
Sectarian Violence Undermines Syrian Regime
Rick Santelli Reacts to Global Liquidity Rumors
Biderman's Daily Edge 6/18/2012:

Keiser Report: City of Biggest Crooks (E302)
Jim Rogers on Fox Business News - 13 june 2012
Biderman On Europe:
"Germany Must Say No To Greece, Spain, & Italy"

As Part Of Its NEW QE Q&A, Goldman Warns

Right Now In Greece