Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 27

22 Statistics That Prove That The American Dream

Stockton braces for possible bankruptcy as key vote looms
Where Does Money Come From? The Giant Federal Reserve Scam That Most Americans Do Not Understand
Syrian Regime Growing More Desperate

Stimulus: One Last "High" - Then Disaster
Bond Traders Shunning Freddie Costs Taxpayers: Mortgages
Consumer Confidence In U.S. Declines To A Five-Month Low
IRS Says Offshore Tax Disclosures Have Yielded $5 Billion
Spain Poised For Downgrade To Junk

Spain's Short-Term Debt Costs Nearly Triple
The Black Hole of Deflation - Part 1
Facebook's Lame Attempt To Force Its Email Service On You
A Futurist Explains How The Internet Will Reboot Civilization
Busted! Health Insurers Secretly Spent Huge To Defeat Health Care Reform While Pretending To Support Obamacare
François Hollande and Angela Merkel

Germany's indifference to Greece

Cyprus's request for a bailout

Italy gives world's oldest bank €2bn lifeline
Turkey threatens Syria with military retaliation over downed jet
Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster
Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure
Turkey Says It May Target

Banking Disunion
Assad says Syria at war as battle reaches capital
Home prices up again, but consumers less confident
OECD raises red flag on U.S. long-term unemployment
S&P says U.S. faces 20-percent risk of double dip
Norway's Housing Bubble

Why China Is in the Business of Building America's Houses
Scarlet-Letter Status:

The Triumph of Artificial Intelligence! 16,000 Processors Can Identify a Cat in a YouTube Video Sometimes
Citizens Petition Federal Reserve: Fire Jamie Dimon
Euro Must Have Reform, Not Americanization
Syrian downing of Turkish jet serves as warning
Assad declares 'state of war' as regime's grip on Syria loosens
Consumers hoarding more than spending
Foreign law rules in U.S. courts
Mandate or no, Obamacare will fail
Obama to shoot down armed pilots
Apple Rolls Into Reno, Eyes $1B Data Center Bet
Turkish Tanks Deploy to Syrian Border -- 26.06.12
Dynamic Duo:

How the Rich Convinced America's Middle Class

Niall Ferguson--

Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense 2012/06/19

Niall Ferguson - SIEPR Economic Summit 2012
Liquidation Is Vital
Turkey Mobilizing: Media Manipulation, Provocation Or Reality?

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