Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You just cannot make this stuff up...

Well just a quick post on the state of insanity that seems to have broken out everywhere. You just cannot make this stuff up.

Last year I did a podcast and talked about a man named Lindsey Williams. He has been telling us for decades now about things that are coming and what is happening. He has a long history of working with very high powered globalist elite types who for some reason have taken him into their confidence and tell him what they are doing and what the game plan is. Well Lindsey received an update and it isn't good. Last Oct Lindsey said he was told there would be major turmoil in the middle east. I connected the dots that it would be Iran, but that is what I get for thinking. When the puppet masters decide to do something big they mean it! They appear to be behind this Muslim Brotherhood organization and there appear to be deliberate attempts to destablize the region. We have now seen Tunesia, Egypt, and now Libya all in waves of protests and it appears to be spreading throughout the middle east. Oil prices are climbing fast. Well Lindsey gives us the scoop what he was told about what is happening and what it means for you and me. The headlines are the demise of the dollar by end of 2012, 150-200 dollar a barrel oil, a new global currency is introduced, and that the US will be forced to start developing and drilling oil in the US from major reserves that we have known about for 50 years or more. Watch the videos and decide for yourself. Lindsey says he was told there will be no food shortages, yet people will go hungry. Not because there isn't food, but because we cannot afford it.

Then to tie this all up in a nice ribbon the state of our food is getting worse by the day now with Monsanto given the go ahead for GMO beets and alfalfa. Cloned meat and milk appears to be on the fast track for approval, and yes they are now making and selling plastic rice in China. Where does your food come from again? You better look!

Do yourself a favor and know where your food comes from. Lindsey mentions in the YouTube clips below to get 6 months to 1 year of food saved in your food storage. If your not working on your garden planning NOW is the time. Contrary to popular belief food doesn't just spring out of the ground and if you don't have experience with gardening, or growing your own food you will need time to learn. I know that is the process for all of us old and new gardeners alike. Check out the videos below with Lindsey laying out the history and what is happening based on what is essentially insider information. Lindsey has been about 95% right on these predictions and people thought he was nuts, and some still do, but I would encourage you to watch it and decide where it fits in your own prepper plans. Remember you cannot eat precious metals and money. We don't know what the future holds, but one thing is for sure you need a water and food plan in place. Not just things you can buy, but a way to replenish your supplies as you use them. So give it some thought.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thinking like the Chinese - We get into the real Poo

Welcome back to the Be Prepared Channel. Today we talk about the world economic situation, the demise of the dollar, and the IMF SDR, the Chinese method for turning increasingly worthless dollars into tangible things of value that ensure they have the ability to feed themselves, to have access to energy, to have commodities so that they can still make things and protect their own well being... Seems nobody wants the dollar these days and we should be taking similar actions ourselves. Please check out this episode of the podcast, and some interesting videos on humanure composting from the author of the Humanure Handbook... I hope you enjoy the show.

Loveable Loo:

Emptying Humanure Receptacles:

Humanure Compost System(The Hacienda):

Starting the Compost Pile: