Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thinking like the Chinese - We get into the real Poo

Welcome back to the Be Prepared Channel. Today we talk about the world economic situation, the demise of the dollar, and the IMF SDR, the Chinese method for turning increasingly worthless dollars into tangible things of value that ensure they have the ability to feed themselves, to have access to energy, to have commodities so that they can still make things and protect their own well being... Seems nobody wants the dollar these days and we should be taking similar actions ourselves. Please check out this episode of the podcast, and some interesting videos on humanure composting from the author of the Humanure Handbook... I hope you enjoy the show.

Loveable Loo:

Emptying Humanure Receptacles:

Humanure Compost System(The Hacienda):

Starting the Compost Pile:

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