Friday, March 30, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 30

The Great Recession of 2007 Never Ended, We are in Fact in a Depression
Bashing Buffett…Once Again With Feeling
Debt Bubble: Why “Too Big To Fail” Banks Still Face Much Trouble Ahead
Crude Ends Lower On Inventory Rise, Reserves Talk
Housing Market Recovery Hits Pothole
Geithner Wants to Throw

Mises on the Basics of Money
Clock Ticks on U.S.'s Fiscal Time Bomb
The ObamaCare Reckoning
Spain Strike Challenges Austerity
North Sea Gas Leak Could Cost Billions
Best Buy to Close 50 Stores, Cut Costs
A TARP Auction Loss for Treasury
China to Contribute to Europe Rescue Efforts
ObamaCare and the 2012 Election
For Portugal, Moment of Truth Near
Netflix Risks Tangle With Cable
U.S. moving minesweepers to waters near Iran
Big Brother is Watching You â€" Even Closer
10 Reasons Why the Reign of the Dollar as the World Reserve Currency is About to Come to an End
A Cashless Society May Be Closer

Congress Passes JOBS Act for Small Business
Congress Introduces Bill

Spanish workers hold general strike over labour reforms
House passes Ryan budget with Medicare overhaul
Things are looking up for state budgets
Stocks Hit a Wallâ€"And May Need the Fed After All
Goldman maintains its 12 month

Azerbaijan denies giving Israel air base access
Behind-the-Scenes Attempt to Kill

Expanding the debt bubble to a tipping point â€"

Japan Admits Nuclear Plant Still Poses Dangers
BRICs attack QE and urge Western leaders to be 'responsible'
Spain to slash spending as economy slumps back into recession
Why a Brics-built bank to rival the IMF is doomed to fail
Germany launches strategy to counter ECB largesse
Wall Steet Thinks It Knows the Future of Obamacareâ€"Why?
'No Country Which Threatens Israel

Obamacare, Common Sense, and the Law
FBI Taught Agents They Could 'Bend or Suspend the Law'
The NSA Is Building the Country's



Judge Napolitano Day 1 Analysis

Keiser Report: Backstage Wall Street (E268)
Sheriff Joe Press Conference Arizona Capitol March 27, 2012
Gerald Celente - The Alex jones Show - 26 March 2012
Definitive on Derivatives Blowup - Ponzi's Fail in Contraction
Lindsey Williams spills the Beans - jeff rense - 26 March 2012
Financial Oligarchy and the

Sheriff Arpaio: Obama's Records Are Missing

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 30

Japan's oil imports up 2.7% in Feb., 1st rise in 4 months
China's crude oil production challenges
India may buy at least 260,000 bpd extra oil in 2012/13
Mideast Oil-Tankers Bookings Reach This Year's High, Marex Says
Nine companies submit 19 bids to explore for oil offshore Uruguay
Russia Gas Transit Through Ukraine Slumps on Lower Europe Demand
India's ONGC to sign gas exploration pact with ConocoPhillips
EIA Projects Lower Coal Use by U.S. Power Sector in 2012
Polish ambassador promises full cooperation in Thar coal project
SA playing both sides of the nuclear coin
E.ON says UK exit no rejection of nuclear power-paper
Turkish PM backs Iran's nuclear rights
Getting large amounts of wind power into the grid
Suzlon, China firm ink wind power JV
China Sunergy Begins Manufacturing Solar Modules in France
Russia gasoline, gasoil, fuel oil exports fell in February
Colombia sees ethanol output doubling by 2014

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 29

Goldman Sachs: Buy Gold!
Are Millionaires Pulling Out of Stocks?
Why Does The Department Of Homeland Security


Bill Gross Predicts QE3 and Operation Mortgage Twist
Why the April Jobs Report Could be a Disaster
Rethinking America's Supreme Judicial Dictatorship
Home prices fall to 2002 levels
Nike sues Reebok over Tebow apparel
Not Even Saudi Arabia Can Save Us From High Oil Prices
U.S. Outgunned in Hacker War
Demand for U.S. Debt Is Not Limitless
Liminal Christians: Christianity Without the Church?
Atheists Darken D.C.
Why Do So Many Believers

20 Signs That We Are Witnessing

Could U.S. Dollar take Big Hit by Summer?
Recovery? Housing says it's a Hoax
MF Global Treasurer Declines to Answer Questions From Panel
North Korea's Cyberwarfare Strength Grows, General Says
Gross: Fed to Shift Operation Twist to Mortgages
The Gold Groundhog Grind
The Three E's And The BRICS
Hyperinflation Isn't a Threat
Saudi Arabia will act to lower soaring oil prices
Denver Targets Homeless

Bill Gross:

Geithner says closer to Fannie, Freddie reform
Geithner urges no more debt-ceiling drama
Last day of high court hearing on Obamacare
The next leg of gold's bull run
Tiger Woods will never win back America
1 Big Chart: There Is No Social Security Crisis
Why Can't Ron Paul Get More Traction?
Health Care Mandate Threatens Progressive Legacy
The 3 ways the Court could rule against Obamacare's mandate
Obamacare and the Supreme Court expectations game
HATCH: Obamacare carries too high a price in liberty
Bernanke: Fed actions prevented a depression
Europe's Bazooka Will Fire Blanks…

Bill Gross:
"The Game As We All Have Known It Appears To Be Over"

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 29

Oil near $105 amid possible reserves release
Government seeks comment on Atlantic oil exploration plan
India to continue auctioning oil, gas blocks
East Libyans threaten to stop oil to press government
Colombia's Ecopetrol To Drill For Oil In Venezuela
India likely to pay $10 per unit for TAPI gas
Israel Willing To Sell Natural Gas To Arab Neighbors – Minister
U.S. Natural-Gas Stockpiles Rose 2.1%, Analysts Say
Euro coal rises with power and gas but outlook bearish
Kenya team visits China over coal mining
EPA rules may push coal companies to boost exports
Korea, Hungary agree to expand trade, enhance nuclear energy cooperation
Russia plans to build nuclear space engine
UPDATE 1-Bulgaria abandons Belene nuclear plant plans - radio
Vestas is still the world leader in the wind energy industry
Abu Dhabi's $600m solar power plant to be completed this year
Ethanol Sinks to Five-Week Low After Report Shows Ample Supply

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 28

Supreme Court Could Be Lining Up Against Obamacare
Housing Data Show an Uncertain Recovery Here in the US
Russia and Iran to punish the West with rubles and rials
Gold Rises 1.5% On Renewed US Easing Hopes
Bernanke's Words Drive Wall Street Up 1%
Critical Mass: The Mispricing of Derivatives Risk

Almost 2 out of 10 men in their prime are not working
Doug Casey:  It's A Dead-Man-Walking Economy
How Will the Court Decide? Arguments on Obamacare
Obamacare: Will the Court Vindicate Itself?
Bernanke Claims That The Fed Has Averted


Syria accepts Annan peace plan, but clashes continue
Abandoning Gold Helped Dollar Gain Preeminence (Part 2)
Bernanke Interview on ABC at 6:30 PM
Real House Prices and Price-to-Rent Ratio

BRICS blazes a new trail
Pentagon backs expanding Israel's Iron Dome
Not Worried About Debt? Really?
Home Prices Stay Flat as Housing Market Still Struggling
Obamacare Will Bankrupt US: Rep. Paul Ryan
Perception of US monetary policy key to gold rally: HSBC
Koch Brothers, Worth $50 Billion,

Gold's Getting Ready To Go Extreme
Stop Blaming the Gold Standard
Ben-Flation Caused By Fed's Failed Policy
Welcome to the United States of Orwell, Part 2:

The Great Escape: Delivering In a Delevering World
Ben Bernanke's Shocking Gold Standard Ignorance
2012 Home Prices Off to a Rocky Start

Spain to slash spending

Did the EPA Just Kill Big Coal?
The 12 Questions That Could Kill the Individual Mandate
Morocco: Anti-Israel Rally Kicks Off 'Global March to Jerusalem'
Bernanke:  Job Market Weak Despite Gains
Supreme Court turns to key constitutional issue

Lindsey Williams & Radio Liberty - March. 22, 2012
Are We Headed for Another Great Depression?
Secrets of The Hunger Games Revealed: Agenda 21
Richard Clarke: China has hacked every major US company
It's Official - The Fed Is Now Buying

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 28

Russia must overcome reliance on oil: World Bank
Global oil import bill heads for record $2 trillion
US oil output can climb 1.5 million b/d by 2015 on shale plays: EOG CEO
North Sea Leak May Dent Libya's Relief to Brent Oil Price
US natural gas prices fall again on supply concerns
Gazprom seeks Israeli gas
Turkey permits natural gas import from Iraq
UPDATE 1-Indonesia 2012 coal output seen rising by up to 5 pct -association
US EPA sets first cap on coal plant emissions
India's nuclear power generation reaches 32,000 million units
Saudi Arabia to Pursue 'Ambitious' Nuclear Program, SPA Reports
A new dimension for photovoltaic solar energy
Wind turbines that use human-like learning to improve efficiency
US Gasoline Weekly Use Down 1.5% To 8.645 Million B/D - SpendingPulse

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 27

City May Sell Historic Landmarks
The antiâ€"Walmart
Mounting Foreclosures Draw Panel's Attention
Antibiotics, the Next Generation!

Will Bernanke Become 'Hurricane Ben'?
Is the US Dollar Headed for a Major Fall?
Can Bernanke Break the Dollar Rally?
Gold and China:

A Fistful of Euros
Is Barack Obama Advocating and Encouraging Treason?
3 Reasons to End Obamacare Before it Begins!
Recovery In Action:

More Bad News for the Dollar
Obama and Medvedev caught in unguarded missile remarks
Bernanke Says Accommodative Policy

Services Displace Factories

Treasury Said to Want Ally Sale With IPO Seen Unlikely
Fiscal Policy Pays for Itself, Stimulus was the Right Call
The 'Secret' American Laws You Have to Pay to See
Bernanke â€" Additional Accommodation Is Entirely Possible
15 Fundamental Problems with Fiat Currencies
The U.K. Is Not O.K.
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Resistance

Bernanke getting angry at the bond market
Bernanke says U.S. needs faster growth
Fed should not pump more money

Supreme court unlikely to delay healthcare ruling
Gray Nation:

FTC urges transparency law for Internet data brokers
Army overwhelmed by massive lots of waiting vehicles
Obamacare on Trial: Day One
A World Headed for De-Globalization?
FTC Tells Net:

Apple Seeks Help With 'Next Generation' Data Centers
Anti-Obama urologist Jack Cassell interview
Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 5/5:

Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 3/5:

3 Reasons to End Obamacare Before it Begins!
Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 2/5:

Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 4/5:

Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 1/5:

Bernanke Just Admitted the Fed Failed...

Bernanke Decrees: Gold Rips, VIX Slips, And Volume Dips
Chinese Business Media Cautions

The Fed Is Losing The "Race To Debase"
Obama Promises Russia To Be More "Flexible" After Election
Presenting The US Economy's Coming Fiscal Cliff

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 27

India, South Sudan in oil infra talks
Iraq's Kurdish regional government says may halt oil exports
Kenya strikes oil, to check commercial viability
UPDATE 1-Greece buys Russia oil from Vitol as Iran embargo nears
India taps Canada for gas as domestic production falters
Korea Gas Rises Most in 4 Months on Mozambique Find: Seoul Mover
India's ONGC Plans Israel Visit For Gas Exploration Talks - Report
China Shenhua Energy targets 3pct growth in 2012 coal output
India, Determined to Reach 795 MT of Coal by 2016
China morning round-up: Nuclear security
US to wait for Pak request for nuclear technology
Jonathan assures the world of Nigeria's nuclear safety
Global wind farm market to grow 50 GW in 2012
Worldwide Solar Cell Production Growth Flattens but Still Gigantic in 2011
Gasoline rises to record premium over ethanol

Monday, March 26, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 26

Fed's Lockhart: Economy Appears to Be Gaining Traction
Spain Starts to Feel the Heat
10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet

New Homes Sales Slip, Prices at Eight Month High
For the Long-Unemployed, Hiring Bias Rears its Head
Silver Now Outpacing Gold and Fed Frightened
Bernanke: Fed didn't cause housing bubble
Colleges slashing tuition, offering 3-year degrees
U.S. Picks Physician to Head World Bank
Obamacare's Contract Problem
The 4 Best Legal Arguments Against ObamaCare
Saudi Arabia And China Team Up To Build A Gigantic New Oil Refinery - Is This The Beginning Of The End For The Petrodollar?
Gretchen Morgenson:

Brics’ move to unseat US dollar as trade currency
Long-Term Bond Bubble Getting Ready to Burst: Ross
Contagion Risk in Europe Is Back and Spain Is Top Worry
New Home Sales Unexpectedly Slip 1.6% in February
When Central Banks Fail
Silver Manipulation Caught in the Act;

What Gold Sees, and Ben Bernanke Does Not
Why Corporations Should Get Out of Cash, and Into Gold
Iran planned to bomb Israeli ship in Suez Canal
Hippies head for Noah's Ark:

Dollar eases further, with eyes on interest rates
Fed warned not to keep rates too low for too long
Trichet warns of nations’ ‘behavioral contagion’
A Bailout by Another Name
How Housing Affordability

Saving the Syrians
The American Recovery
Why Fair Trade?
Major quake rattles Chile but no serious damage
Memo Reveals: Corzine Did Steal Investor Funds and Perjured Himself Before Congress
Health reform at 2:

FDIC closes small banks in Georgia, Illinois;

As Supreme Court justices review health-care law,

Don Berwick looks ahead on health care
Homeland Security's morale is at code red
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's recall:

Bank of America hopes underwater homeowners

For long-unemployed, hiring bias rears its head
As gas went up, U.S. cut down by 3 percent in the past year
Ruling on health care case hard to predict
Keiser Report: Selective Amnesia

Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Radio - 22 March 2012
Mysterious Sounds And Rumble

The Plan for The United States with Alex Jones
If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey
An Annotated Paul Brodsky Responds To Bernanke's Latest Attempt To Discredit Gold
The Fed Is Losing The "Race To Debase"
Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 26

Oil prices rattle but need not ruin recovery
Shell scrambles to pay huge bill for Iran oil
Obama adviser: tapping strategic oil reserve still an option
Oil shutdown pushing S. Sudan to end row: Sudan
Japan, Canada agree to cooperate on developing natural gas, mineral resources
Alaska plans to build USD 40 billion gas pipeline
Gas fracking will revolutionise the US economy
AEP to retire fewer coal fired units than planned
Nigeria government urges to explore coal deposit
South Korea offers India nuke reactors
Japan down to one nuclear reactor after shutdown
US company says solar mission sourcing 'self-destructive'
Plastics put solar on the verge, again

Friday, March 23, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 23

Something Bernanke is Neglecting To Mention

What Is Causing The Strange Noises In The Sky

The Truth About Minimum Wage that Will Make You Gasp
"Eurozone Slides Back Into Recession"

Feds consider closing some courtrooms
Who Will Elect the Next President?
For Government: No Limits
Bend the Fed
How Quickly Can Price Inflation Explode to the Upside?
American Airlines tells employees

BofA Allows Some Homeowners to Rent, Avoid Foreclosure
Fed’s Bullard Says Monetary Policy May Be at a Turning Point
Why 3.5 Million Job Openings Isn't Great News
California Cities Scramble to Avert Insolvency
Martin Armstrong: The Debt Crisis Will Rotate from Europe to Japan to the USâˆ'We’re Past the Tipping Point
40 Behind-The-Scenes Billionaires Funding The 2012 Election
Obama's Love-Hate Relationship With Ben Bernanke
It's Helicopter Ben That Needs to Go Back to School
Are we all Muppets?
CFTC Gensler addresses budget at Senate hearing
Keystone XL pipeline:

Threat of US-China trade war

The Cracks in the BRICS
Congress members face new curbs on insider trading
Fed officials clash on view of economy
IMF Sees $160 Oil Risk Despite Libyan Boost
The Real Meaning of $1 Trillion in Student Loans
The Nanoscale Future of Pixels
Job creators brace for Obamacare impact
Rare bipartisanship as Senate passes jobs, insider-trading bills
Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural rights

Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural Rights

Rick Santelli vs Steve Liesman on Inflation Measurements
Gowdy: How Big Would Be Treasury Dept's

Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense 2012/03/20 - Multiple Updates
Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural Rights

SILVER is The Achilles' Heel

Jordan: U.S. Energy Priorities?

Lindsey Williams & Chris Waltzek - March. 20, 2012
Keiser Report: Unbanked & Unworthy (E265)

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 23

Squeeze on Iran's oil tricky for SA
Lukoil, Samsung in deal to up Iraq's oil output
Brazil oil regulator - Chevron leak not "negligence"
Global Spare Oil Output Capacity "Ridiculously Thin"-Barclays
Green light for new BP oil well
India Says Gas Price Policy Reforms Planned to Help Boost Output
Australia's booming LNG industry set to take a breather: minister
US spot gas slips, Hub discount steepest this winter
Asia takes 78% of SA's coal exports
Euro coal prices stable and China growth worries weigh
Nuclear power only option despite Fukushima: industry
Areva sees global nuclear market pick-up "soon"-CEO
Wind energy and solar power can meet all future energy needs
Germany, Denmark's Renewable Energy Transition Empowering Offshore Wind
Gasoline prices anger U.S. consumers

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 22

Swift blows to Iran and nuclear talks
10 Signs That America Is On The Verge

Portugal: General Strike -

In stress tests, Fed may have inflated grades for TARP banks
Saudi Arabia can't save us from high oil prices
February Existing Home Sales Fall 0.9 Percent
Inflation â€" Before and After the Federal Reserve
Postal Service: We need more junk mail
America Underwater
Concealed Carry Reciprocity - What's a Federalist to Do?
A Safer Society With Guns
The Federalist Solution
Ben Bernanke Tries To Convince America

Feeding The Homeless BANNED

It’s All About Control
Actually, There Is A Gold Standard Today,

Expecting Growth... And Inflation?
Oil Prices at $200 a Barrel? Some Think It's Coming
The Predatory State of California, Part 2
The HFT Revolution:

Europe faces 'long, hard road' to recovery,

Tennessee bill protects teachers

Facebook's 'dark side':

Russia and China join UN security council
European crisis is not over, Bernanke says
How to avoid becoming Wall Street’s muppet
Republican budget throws down election gauntlet
Spain Risks Default Now More Than Ever,

Bernanke Sees Threat to U.S. Growth From Higher Fuel Prices
Wilbur Ross: Treasury Bond Market is Bubble About to Pop
Zuckerberg Doesn't Want Facebook to Go Public
Foreign Policy Forgotten
Ben Bernanke tells EU to clean up banks
Millions of workers lose pension battle with government
'Everything Is Automated':

Who Is Responsible for The Israeli-Palestinian Impasse?
The Small Chance the Supreme Court

What Goes Up Must Come Down
Did Obama delay stimulus spending to aid his reelection?
Lawmakers fear Verizon Wireless deal

On unemployment, is Bernanke aggressive enough?
Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords
Beijing coup rumors

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 22

Nigerian oil exports set to rise to 9-month high
S.Korea would support oil stock release -econ min source
Korea snags a piece of the U.S. oil patch
Venezuela says oil output rose to 2.99 mln bpd in 2011
SA considers stockpiling crude oil
After fuel, India may export gas to Pakistan
COLUMN-European shale gas still a bargaining chip: Gerard Wynn
Exxon Says 'Significant Progress' Made to End Alaska Gas Dispute
China sees coal output growing 11 pc by 2015
India loses $210 bln in coal sales in 'mother of all scams'
Work at Iranian nuclear power plant remains on schedule: Rosatom
India Nuclear Deal Coming
USA Solar Companies To Lead The Way In Sustainability
World's most powerful wind turbine installed off Belgium
Higher potential for wind energy in India than previously estimated
Ethanol Output in U.S. Rose to 893,000 Barrels a Day, DOE Says

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 21

100 million TVs will be Internet-connected by 2016
With college kids, Bernanke gets away with dissing gold
Dark Clouds for Gold Seem to Have Been Dispersed
Fed Liquidity: Good as Gold
How Likely is a Blockade of the Strait of Hormuz?
Iran's Oil Fields are in Rough Neighborhoods
Why is Obama Lying About US Oil Reserves?
ObamaCare's Flawed Economic Foundations
Mein Amerikampf: The Hidden Liberal Doctrine
Obama's Daughter Vacations in Mexico,

President Obama's Debt Plan? More Debt.
The JOBS Act and the Maxine Waters Test
Architects of Economic Ruin
Supreme Court faces an unprecedented healthcare frenzy
The Main Event
Karl Denningerâ€"EU Debt Crisis and Coming Financial Crash
Holy Cow! How Senators and Movie Stars

New Scientific Data Forces Government

Welcome to the Predatory State of California -

John Williams: The Devil’s Choiceâˆ'Inflation or Deflation
IMF warns of oil risk from Iran
Eurozone banks and contagion risk
Europe faces 'long, hard road' to recovery,

The JOBS Act Is So Criminogenic

Nokia patents a tattoo that vibrates when you get a call
China Quietly Relaxes Controls on Foreign Capital
Ben Bernanke blasts gold standard

A Massive Spike In The Price of Silver Is Imminent
IMF sees $160 oil risk despite Libyan boost
The oil price is the new eurozone crisis
Pimco chief Mohamed El-Erian

Europe's fiscal pact in disarray as even Dutch break the rules
The Budget Wars:

Iran Says "Gold Is Money"
Fracking: Pennsylvania Gags Physicians
Health Insurers: We'll Deny Coverage

Medicare Costs Too Much and They Better Not Cut It
Senate to vote on STOCK Act
Obama to Iranian people in holiday message:

Can the Secret Service tell you to shut up?
At two-year mark, health law’s legacy is confusion
Bonnie and Clod Clinton in the air again
7.6-magnitude temblor shakes Mexico City
Troops stressed to breaking point
Keiser Report: Guns vs Gadgets (E264)
The Ultimate Agenda of The Medical Cartel
Obama's Executive Order Greases The Skids

Judge Napolitano -

Jim Rogers - Everything Financial Radio
Jim Rogers - 2013 Will Be a Disaster
Don't believe the hype --

Marc Faber

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 21

US exempts Japan and EU nations from Iran oil sanctions
Obama to visit New Mexico oil fields
REFILE-UPDATE 1-China end-Feb commercial crude stocks down 3.8 pct m/m -Xinhua
RPT-Norway's DNO strikes oil in northern part of prize Iraqi field
Venezuela: U.S. plan to tap oil reserves unsustainable
US natural gas supplies shrank last week
United Arab Emirates building natural gas receiving terminal that bypasses Strait of Hormuz
Mining companies prepare brown coal bids
U.S. coal stocks down on China, natural gas
Nuclear deal still on, insists N. Korea
Pakistan seeks end to drone strikes, civil nuclear deal like Indo-US
Building the largest Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Power plant in Latin America
South Korea to invest $1 bln into wind energy and solar power in 2012
UPDATE 1-US weekly gasoline demand up on warm weather -MasterCard

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 20

More Bankruptcy Concerns For Sprint (S)
The Six States Where Taxes Are Soaring
Russian Anti-Terror Troops Arrive in Syria
The U.S. Economy Is Running On Borrowed Money and On Borrowed Time
BRICS Bank Could Change the Money Game
A rally built on fairy tales
The U.S. Cruises Toward a 2013 Fiscal Cliff
FDIC suing former Silver State Bank executives for negligence
Bernanke Seen Not Knowing

Jefferson County Creditors Seek to Appeal Bankruptcy Ruling
No More Liquidity Needed for Economy: Fed's Fisher
California Cities Scramble to Avert Insolvency
$4 Gas? What a Bargain! (And, No, We're Not Kidding)
Why Most Employees Make Up to 30% Less

The Expanding Wealth Of Washington
Note to Krugman:

Federal Reserve to fine eight more banks

Gasoline price: Signs still point to a rise and to tight supplies
Treasury sells last mortgage bonds; program made $25 billion
$5 gas prices would tank consumer: Wilbur Ross
Gold ends higher as bargain hunting ensues
Metal markets are bottoming out
U.S. War Game Sees Perils of Israeli Strike Against Iran
CBO: Exploding debt under Obama policies
The Greek Tragedy, Act II
Iran sanctions seen spurring more Saudi oil sales to U.S.
Natural gas pain is oil's gain as frack crews head to North Dakota
Drug-resistant "white plague" lurks among rich and poor
Another Hidden Bailout: Helping Wall Street Collect Your Rent
The Great American Bubble Machine
Does the American Dream Exist Only in Europe?
When Does Fiat Currency Run Out?
Has the Great Recession Made Us Forever Poorer?
Is Our Economy Too Broken for the Fed to Fix It?
Why Falling Wages Are Good News for Jobs (Seriously!)
As Sweden Goes, So Goes the World:

Jobs of the Future: A Skeptic's Response
Niall Ferguson on China's Great Leap Backward
The Market Is Overvalued
After attack, MK calls on Jews to leave FranceYa’akov Katz says Jews’ fate cannot be left in hands of world leaders
At two-year mark, health law’s legacy is confusion
Retired military officers call for curbing China’s power

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 20

Oil falls from close to 10-month high to near $107
Saudi Arabia moves to calm oil market
Russian Arctic eyes Big Oil
UPDATE 1-Full return of Libyan oil to ease global pressure
Natural Gas to Boost U.S. Trade, Lombard Odier Says
Thailand energy giant seeks Western Canada gas asset
Iranian Conflict Puts UK Gas Imports at Risk
RPT-China coal prices may ease further, boon for power
Indonesia's Low-Value Coal Export Ban Not Final
Swiss plan to shut down nuclear plant by 2022
China grabbing up uranium to secure nuclear lead
South Korea Must Revise U.S. Nuclear Accord Terms, Group Says
World photovoltaic solar energy market grew to 27.4 GW
Canadian Solar says cheaper solar panels help U.S.
Russian Gasoline Exports Beat Domestic Prices, Kommersant Says

Monday, March 19, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 19

Proposed UN Environmental Constitution

The Obama Administration:

James Grant Says Bond Market Is
"Bubble of Modern Banking,
Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It
Damning the Demimonde:

Doomsday Survey:  51% of Americans Believe A Financial Collapse Is Imminent
Five Charts That Prove We're In A Depression And That The Federal Reserve And D.C. Are Wasting Money
Power Struggles at the Persian Gulf -

The Ugly Politics of Higher Gasoline Prices
Praetorian Progressives and Their Imperial Dreams
Costs for ObamaCare Skyrocket
Shutting Off Iran's Finances
Afghan Ambivalence
America's Real War on Women
What Occupy Wall Street Gets Wrong
Update: Obama Executive Order Peacetime Martial Law
80 Percent Of Americans Say

The Crazy Things That One Whistleblower Says

The U.S. Economy: Soul Crushing Total System Failure
Why You Should Be Concerned About ICLEI?
Boeing in $300 million C-17 deal with Britain
Gas prices up 18 percent in past month
Wealthy Families Skip Waiting Rooms

China Buys Fewer Weapons as Local Industry Expands, Sipri Says
Iran Central Bank Says Rial Can Be Traded at Market Rates
Monti to Meet Labor Unions

OPEC Recycles Dollars Into Debt 50% Faster Than Foreigner
Money Supply booming, seeds of the next Greater Recession
Wall St braced for hit to soaring markets
Far-left firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Time To Accumulate Gold & Silver
Gasoline prices rise for 9th straight day
Too Smart to Fail
A shadow inflation hits shoppers through economic sleight of hand: Inflation and the hidden side of finances.
Untouchable Pensions May Be Tested in California
Hawks Steering Debate on How to Take on Iran
PIMCO chief Mohamed El-Erian

IMF chief Christine Lagarde fears oil spike

Liberals Are Wrong: Free Market Health Care Is Possible
Did Obama Resuscitate a Corrupt Banking System?
When Americans Made Toys by Hand:

Progressives Accuse AARP of Double-Dealing
Infiltration of Political Movements Is the Norm in America
We'd better talk about this while we still can.
Chevy Volt - Building a Better Tomorrow (spoof)
Peter Kiernan on "Becoming China's Bitch"
Gerald Celente - Lew Rockwell - 13 March 2012
Keiser Report: Rip out eyes, tear off head (E263)
Paul Craig Roberts Admits Israel Controls America

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Mar 19

Iraq plans oil export routes for any Hormuz crisis
Mena oil investment blocked by unrest
India recoverable crude oil reserve is estimated at 757.4 MT
Turkey, Iraq to increase oil trade
Experts: Israel should not export natural gas
Shell steps up gas production, despite North American hurdles
US coal share drops to 33 year low in winter 2011
Australia's coking coal export to India likely to rise: Report
Korea Purchases Colombian Coal Amidst Rising Asian Demand
Oman calls for negotiations over Iran's nuclear energy program
Vietnam to return nuclear fuel to Russia
U.S. solar to get Obama aid in battle with China
BRIEF: Japanese company reportedly buying British wind power firm
Solar industry faces subsidy cuts in Europe

Friday, March 16, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 16

Your tax dollars went to lobbying for higher taxes
What's at Stake with Iranian Sanctions?
Washington Elites Queue Up

The Message of Motown
Republicans Join Democrats Supporting Colossal Tax Increase
The U.S., Israel, and Iran - It's About Time
Racial Quota Fallout
Independents Will Decide the 2012 Election
Foreign holdings of US Treasury debt hit record
Broken Promises:  Pensions All Over America Are Being Savagely Cut Or Are Vanishing Completely
US threatens sanctions against India over Iran oil
Facebook's 'entire social network model' is a copy, Yahoo says
PayPal launches new service for small businesses
China Adds Treasuries For First Time Since July on Europe Woes
Embraer Ecstasy Over U.S. Contract

Supreme Court Seen Influenced

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