Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 27

City May Sell Historic Landmarks
The antiâ€"Walmart
Mounting Foreclosures Draw Panel's Attention
Antibiotics, the Next Generation!

Will Bernanke Become 'Hurricane Ben'?
Is the US Dollar Headed for a Major Fall?
Can Bernanke Break the Dollar Rally?
Gold and China:

A Fistful of Euros
Is Barack Obama Advocating and Encouraging Treason?
3 Reasons to End Obamacare Before it Begins!
Recovery In Action:

More Bad News for the Dollar
Obama and Medvedev caught in unguarded missile remarks
Bernanke Says Accommodative Policy

Services Displace Factories

Treasury Said to Want Ally Sale With IPO Seen Unlikely
Fiscal Policy Pays for Itself, Stimulus was the Right Call
The 'Secret' American Laws You Have to Pay to See
Bernanke â€" Additional Accommodation Is Entirely Possible
15 Fundamental Problems with Fiat Currencies
The U.K. Is Not O.K.
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Resistance

Bernanke getting angry at the bond market
Bernanke says U.S. needs faster growth
Fed should not pump more money

Supreme court unlikely to delay healthcare ruling
Gray Nation:

FTC urges transparency law for Internet data brokers
Army overwhelmed by massive lots of waiting vehicles
Obamacare on Trial: Day One
A World Headed for De-Globalization?
FTC Tells Net:

Apple Seeks Help With 'Next Generation' Data Centers
Anti-Obama urologist Jack Cassell interview
Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 5/5:

Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 3/5:

3 Reasons to End Obamacare Before it Begins!
Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 2/5:

Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 4/5:

Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV 1/5:

Bernanke Just Admitted the Fed Failed...

Bernanke Decrees: Gold Rips, VIX Slips, And Volume Dips
Chinese Business Media Cautions

The Fed Is Losing The "Race To Debase"
Obama Promises Russia To Be More "Flexible" After Election
Presenting The US Economy's Coming Fiscal Cliff

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