Monday, March 19, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 19

Proposed UN Environmental Constitution

The Obama Administration:

James Grant Says Bond Market Is
"Bubble of Modern Banking,
Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It
Damning the Demimonde:

Doomsday Survey:  51% of Americans Believe A Financial Collapse Is Imminent
Five Charts That Prove We're In A Depression And That The Federal Reserve And D.C. Are Wasting Money
Power Struggles at the Persian Gulf -

The Ugly Politics of Higher Gasoline Prices
Praetorian Progressives and Their Imperial Dreams
Costs for ObamaCare Skyrocket
Shutting Off Iran's Finances
Afghan Ambivalence
America's Real War on Women
What Occupy Wall Street Gets Wrong
Update: Obama Executive Order Peacetime Martial Law
80 Percent Of Americans Say

The Crazy Things That One Whistleblower Says

The U.S. Economy: Soul Crushing Total System Failure
Why You Should Be Concerned About ICLEI?
Boeing in $300 million C-17 deal with Britain
Gas prices up 18 percent in past month
Wealthy Families Skip Waiting Rooms

China Buys Fewer Weapons as Local Industry Expands, Sipri Says
Iran Central Bank Says Rial Can Be Traded at Market Rates
Monti to Meet Labor Unions

OPEC Recycles Dollars Into Debt 50% Faster Than Foreigner
Money Supply booming, seeds of the next Greater Recession
Wall St braced for hit to soaring markets
Far-left firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Time To Accumulate Gold & Silver
Gasoline prices rise for 9th straight day
Too Smart to Fail
A shadow inflation hits shoppers through economic sleight of hand: Inflation and the hidden side of finances.
Untouchable Pensions May Be Tested in California
Hawks Steering Debate on How to Take on Iran
PIMCO chief Mohamed El-Erian

IMF chief Christine Lagarde fears oil spike

Liberals Are Wrong: Free Market Health Care Is Possible
Did Obama Resuscitate a Corrupt Banking System?
When Americans Made Toys by Hand:

Progressives Accuse AARP of Double-Dealing
Infiltration of Political Movements Is the Norm in America
We'd better talk about this while we still can.
Chevy Volt - Building a Better Tomorrow (spoof)
Peter Kiernan on "Becoming China's Bitch"
Gerald Celente - Lew Rockwell - 13 March 2012
Keiser Report: Rip out eyes, tear off head (E263)
Paul Craig Roberts Admits Israel Controls America

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