Monday, March 26, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Mar 26

Fed's Lockhart: Economy Appears to Be Gaining Traction
Spain Starts to Feel the Heat
10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet

New Homes Sales Slip, Prices at Eight Month High
For the Long-Unemployed, Hiring Bias Rears its Head
Silver Now Outpacing Gold and Fed Frightened
Bernanke: Fed didn't cause housing bubble
Colleges slashing tuition, offering 3-year degrees
U.S. Picks Physician to Head World Bank
Obamacare's Contract Problem
The 4 Best Legal Arguments Against ObamaCare
Saudi Arabia And China Team Up To Build A Gigantic New Oil Refinery - Is This The Beginning Of The End For The Petrodollar?
Gretchen Morgenson:

Brics’ move to unseat US dollar as trade currency
Long-Term Bond Bubble Getting Ready to Burst: Ross
Contagion Risk in Europe Is Back and Spain Is Top Worry
New Home Sales Unexpectedly Slip 1.6% in February
When Central Banks Fail
Silver Manipulation Caught in the Act;

What Gold Sees, and Ben Bernanke Does Not
Why Corporations Should Get Out of Cash, and Into Gold
Iran planned to bomb Israeli ship in Suez Canal
Hippies head for Noah's Ark:

Dollar eases further, with eyes on interest rates
Fed warned not to keep rates too low for too long
Trichet warns of nations’ ‘behavioral contagion’
A Bailout by Another Name
How Housing Affordability

Saving the Syrians
The American Recovery
Why Fair Trade?
Major quake rattles Chile but no serious damage
Memo Reveals: Corzine Did Steal Investor Funds and Perjured Himself Before Congress
Health reform at 2:

FDIC closes small banks in Georgia, Illinois;

As Supreme Court justices review health-care law,

Don Berwick looks ahead on health care
Homeland Security's morale is at code red
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's recall:

Bank of America hopes underwater homeowners

For long-unemployed, hiring bias rears its head
As gas went up, U.S. cut down by 3 percent in the past year
Ruling on health care case hard to predict
Keiser Report: Selective Amnesia

Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Radio - 22 March 2012
Mysterious Sounds And Rumble

The Plan for The United States with Alex Jones
If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey
An Annotated Paul Brodsky Responds To Bernanke's Latest Attempt To Discredit Gold
The Fed Is Losing The "Race To Debase"
Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK

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