Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 19

All Over America Government Control Freaks

Europe's darkest cloud hangs over Italy
The Greek drama that just won't end
Euro crisis far from over, stock analysts warn
A Brief Primer on the European Crisis
App Developers Who Are Too Young to Drive
Verizon Raises Prices, Speeds on FiOS Service
Forget The Election Results -

Dollar Shortage Seen In $2 Trillion Gap Says Morgan Stanley
Euro Crisis Shifts To Spain As Merkel Faces G-20 Pressure
Euro Remains Lower As G-20 Leaders Discus Europe Crisis
Greek Coalition Talks Enter Second Day

Banks Worry As Breakup Talk Revived After JPMorgan Loss
Gold to hit above $1,900/oz by year end: HSBC
Silver to double over next few years
Does Gold Keep Up In Hyperinflation?
The Bang! Moment Is Here
New Middle East for Old
Back to the 1930s: the hammer, sickle and swastika
Google reports 'alarming' rise in censorship by governments
G20 summit: Barroso blames eurozone crisis on US banks
Spain forced closer to precipice

Spain's debt costs break 7% level
Apple's iOS 6 Includes 'Government Alerts'
CIA's Hacktivists May Have Had Access to Flame and Stuxnet
Morgan's big secret
Writing Off The Elderly
Why Inflation Could Rise Over the Long Term
JPMorgan bets sent false signals to wider debt market
Relieved Europe hints at more time for Greece
French Socialists eye tax rises after big poll win
Obama, Putin say Syria violence must end, no plan agreed
Obama encouraged by talks with Merkel on debt: U.S
G20 ramps up pressure on Europe over debt crisis
Spain goes to market as debt costs soar
Syrian forces pound cities as Obama, Putin meet
Falling house, stock prices erode household wealth
We've been brainwashed
The Economic Police State
Dithering Europe is heading for the democratic dark ages
Global warming: second thoughts of an environmentalist
Spain pleads for ECB rescue as bond markets slam shut
The Filthy Stinking Rich Are Creating Their Own Economy
Why the Euro Zone Should Be Terrified of the Greek Election
An Eye Without an 'I':

Inside Google's Plan to Build

It's the Euro, Stupid: The Roots of the Euro-Zone Crisis
Occupy Will Be Back
Sectarian Violence Undermines Syrian Regime
Rick Santelli Reacts to Global Liquidity Rumors
Biderman's Daily Edge 6/18/2012:

Keiser Report: City of Biggest Crooks (E302)
Jim Rogers on Fox Business News - 13 june 2012
Biderman On Europe:
"Germany Must Say No To Greece, Spain, & Italy"

As Part Of Its NEW QE Q&A, Goldman Warns

Right Now In Greece

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