Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 28

Sears Will Not Close Enough Stores
ECB Blew Away 500 Billion Euros, and the Markets Still Fell
Economists React: China-Japan Currency Pact
Treasury Sees U.S. Debt Near Limit By End Of Friday
The Perfect Heist:

You Won't Believe How Corrupt,

"Full Faith and Credit"

A Run On The Global Banking Systemâ€"How Close Are We?
London Trader:  There are Tremendous Silver Shortages
Direct Government Interference with Consumption
Obama seeks $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase
Tokyo and Beijing Agree on Currency Pact
If Your Teeth Could Talk ...
Slowing Inflation Cheers Fed
How to Ace a Google Interview
Badly Written Bad Rules
Certain Prediction for 2012
The Worst Time Of The Year?
Firms Give U.S. Plans to Rent Seized Homes
U.S. Home Prices Fell More Than Forecast
Obama to Choose Powell, Stein for Fed Board
Real House Prices and House Price-to-Rent
Iran Could Stop Oil Flow If Sanctions Are Imposed
Peter Schiff predicts:

When can I buy gold and silver?

U.S. Homes Lose $700 Billion in Value in 2011 --

How Goldman Sachs Sees 2012
Hospital is facing a bleak prognosis
Sears to shut up to 120 stores as woes deepen
U.S. home prices drop in October: Case-Shiller
America's farmlands

Iran Threatens to Block Oil Shipments,

S&P Drops Second Downgrade Clanger on Goldman Sachs
If Our Debt Is So Dangerous,

President Obama and the Spread of Security Theater
The Big Lie
Will the payroll tax conference committee

Washington̢۪s year of drama leaves little done regarding debt
Many Sears, Kmart stores to close
China spared penalty on value of currency

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