Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Dec 27

China gets approval for Afghanistan oil exploration bid
Iran 4th largest world oil producer
IEA expects Iraqi oil boom
Sri Lanka oil exploration continues
Japex delays Canada oil-sands expansion decision
Turkey, Azerbaijan Deal to Transfer Gas to Europe
Pakistan State Bank fears gas crisis to be at its worst in 2016
Shenhua to Build Asia's Biggest Coal-Fired Power Station in Southern China
Babcock & Wilcox to supply equipment for 726MW coal-fired plant in US
India, Japan to Discuss Nuclear Co-op
Nuclear fuel storage to be commissioned in East Siberia
Wind Power Safety Increasingly Important as Industry Expands
Concentrating Solar Thermal Power India Map 2012 unveiled
Federal Gov't Finally Kills $6B USD Corn Ethanol Subsidy

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