Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Dec 27

The IRS & DOJ Are Grabbing New Powers

Occupy Movement -

The Spread of Occupy Wall Street
Franklin Roosevelt's 1936 Address
NLRB could be shut down in new year
The GOP's Payroll Tax Debacle
'Dysfunctional' Government Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Nevada Legalizes Online Poker
Reading the Persian Tea Leaves
Rep. Paul says defense bill assures

A new banking crisis: You can bank on it
Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales
Big Brother Is Watching You Shop
Three Types of People to Fire Immediately
Worse Than 2008
Investors Lose Faith In Stocks As Billions Pour Out Of Funds
Gold price set for hyperbolic increase
The nightmare after Christmas
Gold and Dow:

US Gold Eagle mint sales headed for a decline,

Why silver is real money!
The George Soros Connection to 'Occupy Wall Street'
The Koch Brothers and MF Global - Friends to the End
George Soros Funds Occupy Wall Street
Denver Broncos Star

Iraqi interpreters for U.S. military in dangerous limbo
Gold The Protector As Democracies Move Towards Totalitarianism
U.S. commodity markets shrink after MF Global failure
Yuan hits all-time high
Paul builds campaign on doomsday scenarios
U.S. stores hope "Mega Monday" led to brisk sales
Gold hovers around $1,600; U.S. data, Europe eyed
Hey, Barney Frank:

Who Is Really Responsible for the Housing Crisis?
The Book of Jobs
Jim Rogers 2012 Outlook: Pessimism With Scattered Crises
Mark Faber:  "I Am Convinced The Whole Derivatives Market Will Cease To Exist And Will Go To Zero
World's Second And Third Largest Economies

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