Friday, August 24, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 24

Hedge funds are betting on disaster
Oil near $100. Thanks a lot, Fed!
Big Income Losses for Those Near Retirement
Why A Gold Supply Crisis Looms?
Jim Rogers:  It's Going To Get Really "Bad After The Elections"
NIRP: The Financial System's Death Knell?
Why Cybercrime Is Such Easy Money
Venezuela Ramps up China Oil Exports Unsettling Washington
The Truth About Gasoline Price Volatility
IAE, Iran to Meet in Vienna
North Korea Progresses on New Nuclear Reactor
A Romney-Ryan Revolution?
Obama's Death Knell for the Elderly
The God Particle: I Don't Think So
Three Minutes to Midnight
Why Government Needs a Diet
GM Goes From Bad to Worse Despite Obama Bailout
Startling Evidence That Central Banks and Wall Street Insiders are Rapidly Preparing for Something Big
LIBOR Rates.
'Gold factoring in potential Fed QE but not aggressively yet'
Is the golden era of Silver about to dawn?
US job data drives MCX Silver to dizzying heights
US, UK, French elite units on standby

Is Germany Entering a Recession?
Fiscal Choice For America: Gloom Or Doom, Says CBO
Will Bernanke Pull The Trigger Or Pocket His Peashooter?
Former RBS trader claims 'anyone' at bank could change rate
RBS may be bigger Libor culprit than Barclays, says MP
Aurora shooting suspect was banned from campus over threats
US and Turkey meet to discuss Syrian chemical weapons
[UK] Bank's stimulus plan 'has lined pockets of the rich'
German dip sounds the alarm in eurozone
Obama asks eurozone to keep Greece in

Spain mulls bailout request

West could intervene on use of chemical weapons in Syria
US government developing ultimate cyber weapon; Prime-factoring quantum computing makes encryption obsolete
Wall Street falls as Fed doubts knock equities
PIMCO's Gross says Fed easing "almost a done deal:" CNBC
Fed's Bullard plays down odds of imminent easing
Fitch is targeted by Italian magistrate
Fed joins stimulus party as global trade slumps
The Cheapest Generation Objects:

Greece ready to start selling islands to pay down debts.
What does it take to be middle class?

Keystone pipeline clears a hurdle
For Russians, August is the cruelest month
Obama to break recent precedent, will stump during RNC
Top U.S. General:

Google Crunches One Trillion Pieces of Data With Single Click
Michael Levy interviews Doug Casey
'Greece is bankrupt. Full stop. Game over'
Fed's Finger On The Trigger
2012 ~ Think it's a Fairytale?

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The Vatican and Alien Connection / Petrus Romanus
Keiser Report: Liquidity Drought (E331)
Keiser Report: Suicidal Skullduggery (E330)
War on the Saints steve quayle full length
'China real target for US missile shield in Asia'
'US not our daddy to punish us' -

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