Monday, August 20, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 20

Sunny skies: China's gold ambitions
Foreclosures Called Into Question by MERS Ruling;

How Dangerous Is America's Debt?
Nassim Taleb: In the Investment Biz,

Standard Chartered and

Unemployment Rate Rises in 44 States in July
Why the Deflationists Are Wrong
Fiscal Cliff 2013 Will Bury Debt-Ridden U.S. Cities
Oil Prices Headed Higher after this Week's Boost
Wall Street Has Set You Up Like a Bowling Pin
Could the Organic Singularity Occur

Illuminati Networks Exposed
Obama's Federal Land Grab
The New Face of Health Care -- the IRS
Germany's New Breed Of Neo-Nazis
22 Stats That Show How The Emerging One World Economy Is Absolutely Killing American Workers
Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG
The Superfluity is Near:

LIBOR Rates.
HUD to Sell $1.7 Billion of FHA Delinquent Loans
Factory Output In U.S. Climbs As Prices Remain Tame
Diamond Censured Over Evidence In Barclays Libor Probe
Gold Bulls Expand

Google's Motorola Files New Patent Case Against Apple
Deutsche Bank Among Four Said To Be In U.S. Laundering Probe

Big Changes Ahead: Gold Just Became Money Again
Gold bullish for next week;

Chance of Fed Printing More Money Jumps to 60%
With friends like these ...
Singularity University: meet the people who are building our future [whether you like it or not]
Is Mark Zuckerberg in over his hoodie as Facebook CEO?
Debt bubble amnesia – 40 percent increase of Americans with accounts in collection in the last decade. System still heavily reliant on extreme consumption.
Is the singularity near, or is it already history?
Skilled Work, Without the Worker
Singularity Summit Exposed as Nazi Superman Project
More on Singularity...
Russian Bear stops Finland leaving euro
Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro
Greece must remain in eurozone, minister warns
Long-Term Unemployment Is Much Worse Than You Think
Germany's Neo-Nazi Flash Mobs
2012 Gas Prices Head For Record
N.Y. Fed says municipal bond defaults


2045: A New Era for Humanity
DARPA: Military's Martial Law Robots Herding Humans?
The Singularity - Terence McKenna
Keiser Report: Consumption-tration Camps (E329)
Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers
Ray Kurzweil about GF2045 and 'Avatar'
"The Euro Crisis May Last 20 Years" -

Gold Continues To Be Money:

The Portuguese Run Out Of Gold To Sell
The US Money Markets And The Price Of Gold

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