Friday, August 31, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 31

How Obamacare Robs Medicare and Hurts Seniors
Top 3 Small Business Struggles
Staged crisis leading to suspended elections

Why Are the Big Banks Suddenly Afraid?
Why the Jackson Hole Fed Meeting Will Look Familiar
Ryan Pledges GOP Rebirth
'The Economy Stole My Retirement'
Barack Obama, Global Has-Been
The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream
By Focusing on the Economy,

Voters, Are You Bluffing?
Paul Ryan's Night
How Obama Succeeds By Failing
Ryan Rocks Republicans
Yuan Tipped to Replace US Dollar, Euro in Southeast Asia
Paul Ryan Speech

What Now for Ron Paul Libertarians?
Keiser Report: Fat Gorillas vs Middle-Class Monkeys (E333)
Gerald Celente - Mitch Henck:

Paul Ryan Speech

Paul Ryan Speech

Clinton staying as far away

Economic Crisis:  Riots, Food Raids, and the Collapse of Spain
Ron Hera:  We're at 2008 Crash Levels
LIBOR Rates.
Get Your Money Out of Morgan Stanley Fast
'Real' Homeownership Rate at Nearly 50-Year Low
Why Aren't Candidates Talking More About Housing?
What no-stimulus speech by Ben Bernanke can mean
Java zero-day exploit goes mainstream,

The Fed's Radical QE Policy Is on the Chopping Block
America, the Insecure
Gun ID legislation may trigger exodus

Apple will give you up to $345 for your iPhone
Mitt Romney appeals to America's optimism in RNC speech
A "close call" on more Fed easing
Romney makes appeal

TacSat-4 Participates

UN, Iran leaders duel over nuclear issue
US-China missile race
Carrier strike group rushes to PersianGulf
US pushes for a new phase of arms race
China's fears grow over eurozone crisis
Germany Calls for New EU Treaty
Illinois Credit Rating Cut Over Pensions
RNC 2012: Mitt Romney speech to GOP convention (Full Text)
Romney: Election about jobs, Obama failures;

Microsoft, Atari Bring Arcade Classics to the Web
Watch Your Back, Hasbro, 3D-Printed Games Have Arrived
New Flat Lens Could Revolutionize Cameras as We Know Them
Atari Arcade - Behind the Scenes
Dinesh D'Souza Obama 2016 YouTube
Monsters With Ominous Acronyms:

Is Cashin Cashin' In On Obama?
The Election: It's The Food-Stamps, Stupid!
Gold Option Traders Most Bullish

Spanish Bonds Slump Most In A Month As Europe Turns Red

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