Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 20

Central Banks Unanimously Prefer Gold Over Paper
Dow soars 200 points on 'Gang of Six' debt plan
Minnesota shutdown nearer to an end
IMF: Debt threatens to engulf Europe
Iran Opens Oil Bourse -
Where Will Silver Prices go from Here?
18 Signs That Global Financial Markets Smell Blood In The Water
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Gold to Extend Record Rally If U.S. Increases Debt Limit:
Greek Crisis Poses Serious Contagion Risk
Obama Embraces Senators' Deficit-Cutting Plan
Europe Update: Next Key Meeting on Thursday
On Track for Record Low Housing Completions in 2011
Default 'Off the Table,' Debt Deal Will Be Struck: Geithner
If US Loses Triple-A Rating, Almost Anything's Possible
Former Chilean President Allende's death confirmed as suicide
Gold rally to continue after a pause
Israeli navy takes over Gaza-bound French ship
Bonds, Inflation Expectations, and QE3
Obama erred in dropping Elizabeth Warren to head agency
And Then They Came For Your Gold
Mastering the Machine
Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio foresees a U.S. Dollar collapse by 2013
Bernanke: Gold Isn't Money
The Talmud and Greek Debt
Greece Threatened with Widespread, Long-Term Poverty
Return of the Gold Standard as World Order Unravels
Only Germany can save EMU as contagion turns systemic
Bernanke Warns Congress On Debt Default
S&P Joins Moody's to Warn of US Downgrade if No Debt Deal Reached
Slouching Toward Default, on Both Sides of the Atlantic
Israel's Boycott Bill and the U.S.-Israel Alliance
Elizabeth Warren Makes It Personal
Moody's eyes possible credit downgrade on 5 states
Some federal workers more likely to die than lose jobs
House approves balanced-budget bill
IMF says euro under 'a shadow,'
Obama backs 'Gang of Six' debt plan
Soros Goes To 75% Cash As Fed No Longer Telegraphing Trades
A Trillion of revenue is on the plate

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