Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jul 19

Iranian currency revamp
Daily brief: Report - bin Laden wanted 9/11/11 attack
What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund?
Portugal Loses Patience With Europe
Deflation and the Gold Price Trajectory
As The Dollar And The Euro Continue To Collapse,
Goldman says recession risk rising
Economic Outlook Grim If No Debt Deal Reached
Regulators Shut Two Banks in Georgia, One in Florida
15 Examples That Show Many Americans Have Become So Desperate That They Will Do Almost Anything For Money
The US Tax Burden Falls Disproportionately
GAZA STRIP: Israeli military warns Gazans in leaflet drop
The Critical Flaw in Keynes's System
The problem with 'Cut, Cap and Balance'
Borders Forced to Liquidate, Close All Stores
Debt Worries Roil Markets
What the Debt Limit Battle Is All About
THE QUIET COUP: The implementation of Agenda 21
Don't Fumble the Debt Ceiling
It's About Jobs
Too Big To Fail?:
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Doing The Global Currency Shuffle
Moody's Will Cut 7,000 Top-Rated Muni's if U.S. Downgraded, Reviewing More
More Bidders at Foreclosure Auctions
Central Banks' First-Half Gold Buying Surpasses 2010 Total
Comex Gold hits new record high above $1,600;
Dollar landslide imminent; commodities can go up
Gold buying by central banks rise sharply this year
Gold creates another history, breaks $1600 mark
Silver is the new gold
Speculators take big long positions in gold: CFTC
A Critical Difference Between U.S. and Europe
U.S. Approaching Greek Style Debt Trap
Earnings Season Kicks Off, Gold Reaches New All-Time High
US Debt Standoff Threatens to Turn Crisis into Catastrophe
Debt Ceiling Drama
Facebook Foreclosure Notices
Gold's Historic Rally Fuelled
Gold and Silver Ready for Big-Time Run
Four Charts: Shanghai, S&P 500, U.S. Dollar and the Dow
15,000 US Troops to Remain In Iraq, Renamed "Diplomats"
Defaulting to Big Government
The EurozoneĆ¢€™s Last Stand
Interest on U.S. Debt Ć¢€" Big Problem!
Portugal's Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho
Another Dust Bowl?
The Head Of The World's Biggest Hedge Fund
Steve Wynn Annihilates Barack Obama:

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