Friday, July 22, 2016

The dumbed down internet - we need your input and your insight

Time for a little rant...  I spend a lot of time doing research, digging up facts, details, reviews, and information on topics, products, and ways to continue to improve my own preparedness.  Lately I have been finding a disturbing trend when doing internet searches for information, and for videos on YouTube.  EVERYTHING has gone commercial.  You do a search and about the only thing you get back are the same canned PR statements by the companies with all the various outlets down to blogs, and web sites that are not commercial entities.

This is reaching a new level of ridiculousness.  Don't real people post blogs anymore?  Don't real people do reviews anymore? Don't real people offer their opinions, insights, and experiences anymore online?  What was once a very powerful way to get information is becoming practically useless very quickly. 

The other thing is when you do a search you find the exact same public relations article, post, or advertisement repeated EVERYWHERE!  It is all the same canned, scripted nonsense.  The wild west of the internet is quickly being dumbed down and consolidated to very little is different and very little are people actually sharing anything of value.  It is as bad as watching the "news" on the TV.  All canned, scripted, with the intent of manipulating our thought process.  Nothing of value, no real input from real people. 

All I can says is that is is very sad to see the internet resources that are out there all being so lazy that we are losing one of the best things that ever happened for communication, information, education.  It makes me also realize that we all have something valuable to share and other people just like you are looking for your input.  Your thoughts, your ideas, your suggestions, your creativity, you caring to share online with the community.

I will try to do better in starting to share more of what sorts of things I am doing and posting some reviews and insights on things that I am trying, using, or investigating.  Hopefully by sharing it will help others as well.  The internet is quicly becoming sterile, and boring when we don't add our own individual uniqueness to the mix. 

Don't be a stranger.  Share with the community.  Offer insight that only you have!

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