Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Headlines in the News March 09, 2016

Walmart's customers are too broke to shop, and it's sending the brand toward crisis
Cash Could Be Victim of Economic Collapse
Operation That Illegally Debited Consumers’ Bank Accounts Must Repay $43M
Patriotic Millionaires want higher taxes
Lockheed Martin aims to trim 1,000 jobs with voluntary buyouts
Peddling Fiction, Ignoring Fact - By Peter Schiff
Gregory Mannarino-System Already Failed & Coming Apart
US Economyâ€"â€"â€"- Still on the Edge
Bernanke: A Fresh Approach to Fiscal Stimulus Is China's Only Solution to the Impossible Trinity
Billionaire to central banks: We don't want negative rates
There Is No Spending Growth
Fundamentals Lining Up For Higher Gold Prices - Pershing Gold CEO
Economists Weigh In On Obama’s Claim Financial Regulations Are Working
When Did the Recession End?
Freezing of Tax Refunds on Pre-Paid Debit Cards Disrupts Finances of Thousands of Americans
What's next for gold?
IMF Says the Global Economy Could Soon Go Off the Rails
China’s Shocking Drop in Exports â€" What Does it Mean?
Fed Fischer - "We Injected Cocaine & Heroin Into The Markets For A Wealth Effect"
Consumers ran up big credit card bills last year
Largest Primary Silver Mine Productivity Falls To Lowest Ever
USDollar/USDX Index

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