Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Mar 09

Iran: Oil exports hit 1.8 million bpd
Russia may be running out of oil
U.S. Oil Output Headed to Four-Year Low as Shale Boom Wanes
Iran plays hardball with European oil buyers, slowing exports
Russia's Novatek Sees Yamal LNG Financing in 2-3 Months
U.S. 2016 natgas production, consumption at record highs - EIA
Australian coal prices under pressure from sagging Chinese demand
China's Coal Consumption Drops
Outlook for Indian coal demand remains strong
Turkey's nuclear sector needs Chinese experience: official
SA nuclear power plans going ahead this month: report
Japan court issues injunction to halt Takahama nuclear reactors
Uranium price increase around corner as China and India look to nuclear to reduce carbon emissions
GE To Design Wind, Solar Energy Storage Project In India
India to add nearly 4,000 MW of solar power in 2016: Mercom Capital
U.S. Solar Growth Will More Than Double in 2016, Study Finds
New Ethanol Plant For Jamaica
Iran May Become Gasoline Exporter as Refinery Plans August Start
EIA lifts US gasoline demand outlook

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