Thursday, March 10, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Mar 10

Iran offers Kurdistan region oil shipment through Persian Gulf
OPEC cuts unlikely before US, Russia, Iraq reduce output: FGE
Oil producers' meeting on output freeze postponed in Ecuador
Iran seeks to reassure oil investors
Russia's Novatek to launch 1st Yamal LNG train with no additional financing
India allows free pricing of natural gas for new projects
Minister: Azerbaijan's gas reserves enough to fill Southern Gas Corridor
Petronas Creates Offshore LNG Facility
Chevron starts mega-LNG project in Australia
Thermal Coal Imports at INndian State-Run Ports Over Apr-Feb Rise 13% on Year: IPA
Chamber of Mines applauds coal industry's improved safety performance
TransCanada dropping coal could cost consumers $500M, says Gary Reynolds
Coal Is Losing the Battle for the U.S. Market — Badly
Japan 'cannot do without` nuclear power: Abe
Unit 1 in UAE's first nuclear plant set to be completed next year
China boosts solar and wind energy in 2015
Europe's largest solar cell array floating on a reservoir near you
The US Solar Market Is Growing Ridiculously Fast

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