Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Headlines in the News March 16, 2016

World’s Second Largest Reinsurer Buys Gold, Hoards Cash To Counter Negative Interest Rates
Wall St. gains as Fed signals fewer rate hikes for year
The War on Cash Is Already Lost
China to Close 240 Steel Mills, Fire More Than 1 Million Workers
Debate heats up about Fed policy after March meeting - with Peter Schiff
QE Program â€" An Embarrassment Of Stitches
Here Is What Janet Yellen Answered When Steve Liesman Asked If The Fed "Has A Credibility Problem"
JPMorgan and Citigroup Investors Are Asked to Vote on Breaking Up the Banks
LivingSocial Lays Off 280
Best Bet for Gold? U.S. Global CEO says This Candidate Sticks Out
Former Fed Employee Avoids Jail, Gets $2,000 Fine For Stealing Fed Secrets On Behalf Of Goldman Sachs
Carl’s Jr.'s CEO says he dreams of a day when human workers are obsolete
Michael Pento-Global Currency Depreciation Derby-Gold Big Winner
Is America Facing Another Real Estate Bubble?
Citigroup Mulling Job Cuts, Numbers to Base on Q1 Results
Americans fear a life of 'dead-end crap jobs with crap wages'
Doctors On Demand: Would You Use an Uber for Doctors?
UBS to cut around 300 investment banking jobs
Largest U.S. Coal Producer On The Edge Of Bankruptcy
US inflation rears its ugly head as global cycle nears danger zone
Big-Oil Bailout Begins as Debt Spirals Down
The Fed under Yellen and the gold trade
USDollar/USDX Index
‘Thunderstorm Spiral': Pentagon Trains for Underground War/Disaster In Densely-Populated MegaCities
Trump is Riding a “Rising Tide of Discontent Within the U.S.,” But Can He Really Change Things?
China’s 7,000 Year Old Strategy Hints That A Massive Move Is Coming : “Largest Gold Rally Of Our Lifetime… It Will Go Ballistic”
How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse?
Self-Driving Cars Programmed to Sacrifice As They Hit the Road: “Someone Is Going to Die”

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