Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Precious Metals Stories in the News Mar 23

Mar 23 Whither Peak Silver?  Silver Analyst 321gold   
Mar 23 Here We Go Again: Government Ramps Up Borrowing As Private Sector Slows  John Rubino DollarCollapse   
Mar 23 Silver – A Long-Term Perspective  DI   
Mar 23 The Fed Calls its Bluff & Blesses Gold  MA   
Mar 23 My Cynicism with the Stock Market  JB   
Mar 23 Catalonia Nears Default, Threatens Spain's Debt  WolfStreet   
Mar 23 The housing bubble is getting ready to implode  MB360   
Mar 23 Home of Key Palestinian Witness in Dawabshe Terror Murders Destroyed in Arson Attack  RS   
Mar 23 Shipwreck believed to be part of Vasco da Gama's fleet  CNN   

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