Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Dec 22

Russian Oil Output May Fall in 2017 due to Tax Regime
Oil's rout can't temper optimism as experts count on an oil rebound
India's crude oil production dips 3.3 per cent in November over lower output
Iran Delusional About Oil Potential
Morgan Stanley: Oil's Road Toward Rebalancing Could Take a Detour in 2016
American LNG exporters turn to Europe as Asian demand sputters
Bulgaria's Energy Regulator Expected to Lower Natural Gas Price
Chevron agrees deal to sell Australian Gorgon LNG to Chinese firm
Australia ok's vast coal port expansion near Great Barrier Reef
China, Pakistan ink $820m Thar coal agreement
Half of world's coal may go unmined to meet Paris
Russia Set to Build Nuclear Power Plants in Iran
Beijing nuclear expansion leads to buying Canadian uranium
Renewable energy sources become Scotland's biggest generator of electricity for the first time
Gamesa lands contract to supply 30 MW to a wind farm under development in the US and maintain it for 12 years
Selling Solar to Rural Africa is Emerging as a Hot Market
General Electric (GE) to Provide 43 Wind Turbines for Two Projects in Eastern France
India doubles ethanol blending target to help sugar mills
UK consumed more ethanol than biodiesel during second quarter
GAIL extends bidding deadline for hiring LNG carriers

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