Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Headlines in the News December 22, 2015

We Are Now Entering The “Discovery” Phase Of Financial Collapse
The Reason For The Coming Breakout In The Gold & Silver Market
Why Capitalists are Repeatedly Fooled by Business Cycles
Junk Bonds Finally Capitulate to Lower Oil Price Environment
The History of Junk Bond Meltdowns Points to Trouble
Junk Bonds Send Ominous Warning to the Market
Oil Prices Hit Lowest Since 2004 as Supply Balloons
Brazil’s Worrying Change of Finance Ministers
7 Austerity Measures for Your Personal Budget
Just Grow Up.
Human Rights Campaign Calls on Christian Colleges to Repent of Their Christianity
The Fallen of World War II
Anti-Gun Sheriff Negligently Discharges Weapon, Shoots Himself
Most Asylum Applicants Are Interviewed by Telephone. Feel Safer?
U.S. economy set to grow less than 3% for the 10th straight year
Pension risks point to higher 2016 borrowing costs for some US cities
What still scares the Federal Reserve
Deutsche Bank Identifies $4B in Suspicious Transactions
U.S. Exports More Gold To Hong Kong Than It Produces
The World of Work Has Changed, and It's Never Going Back to the "Good Old Days"
N-ZIRP Goes Nuts In Swedenâ€"-Banks Furiously Dumping Cash At Year-End
"When Is The Crash Going To Happen?" - Mark Spitznagel Revisits "The Ticking Time Bomb"
Campaign Ad Spending Tops $111 Million in 2015
More blood-letting for Europe's banks?
Morgan Stanley to pay U.S. SEC $8.8 mln in 'parking' scheme case
Big Government Still Named as Biggest Threat to U.S.
Oil prices hit new lows | FT Markets
100 Year Old Christmas List From A 7 Year Old Boy Shows How Materialistic Our Society Has Become
US home sales plummet 10.5 percent in November
Is now the time to buy gold, U.S. Treasurys? Marc Faber thinks so
Saving Puerto Rico
56% of Americans Now Want Fewer Refugees
IPOs Collapse, “Worst Year Since 2009,” Worst Dec. since 2008
USDollar/USDX Index
The IRS Can Nix Your Right to Travel: “They Could Revoke Your Passport on Your Honeymoon”
Dictators of the Roman and American Empires – The Blue Ribbon Has To Go To Obama
The Fear Is Visible: The Ugly Truth Donald Trump Has Exposed
Pope Goes Full Doomsday: “For Those Who Celebrate Christmas… It May Be Their Last”

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