Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Precious Metals Stories in the News Dec 22

Dec 22 "2016: The Golden Year"  Stewart Thomson 321gold   
Dec 22 Yellen has Lift Off, But Rates Won't Go To The Moon  SKot   
Dec 22 The Confidence Game Is Ending  AP   
Dec 22 The Rate Hike Stock Market Crash Has Thrown Gasoline Onto An Already Raging Global Financial Inferno  TECB   
Dec 22 Silver: May the 100 Year Force Be With You  DI   
Dec 22 A Holiday Gift and Investment Opportunity  GaOG   
Dec 22 17 staggering facts about Saudi Arabia  BI   
Dec 22 In the Internet Era, It's Harder to Make Memes  TDB   
Dec 22 Bashar Al-Assad Has More Popular Support than the Western-Backed "Opposition": Poll  IP   
Dec 22 Intelligence genes discovered by scientists  Telegraph   

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