Monday, January 23, 2012

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Jan 23

OPEC: World Oil Demand to Near 89mb/d
U.S. oil imports to drop as drilling hits 24-year high
UAE to pump $98bn in oil sector
Nigeria needs to quit oil refining business
Chinese company Sinopec ready to boost LNG stake
Surplus of natural gas causes producers to scale back
Indian government may make coal imports cheaper for power companies
Thar coal can energize Pakistan
IAEA begins review of Japan's nuclear stress tests
3rd reactor shut down in Czech Republic
Ohio nuclear plant woes in middle of US House race
UK at the forefront of Europe's 866MW offshore wind surges
Global Solar PV Market Volume to Reach 15,895 MW by 2020
Russia Orders Oil Companies To Freeze Gasoline Prices -Report

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