Friday, January 20, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 20

The Nine American Cities Nearly Destroyed by the Recession
The US-GCC fatal attraction
Overweight people can't fly, airlines say
Future EU bail-outs only for treaty signatories,

Iranian oil, gold and banks on EU hitlist
Russia: EU and US want war with Syria
Europe Must Move Quickly After Downgrades--Merkel
Oil Pries Waver On Concerns About Global Demand
S&P Downgrades Eurozone's EFSF Bailout Fund
How Deflationary Forces Will Be Turned into Inflation
Greek debt talks remain elusive
Is trading dead?
Downward Mobility is Crushing the American Dream
How to Prepare for the Difficult Years Ahead
Secretary Clinton won't testify on Keystone pipeline rejection
The Intrinsic Value of the Dollar and Gold
NATO Drilling For Nuclear Attack On Iran and Syria?
Bank of America Says

Congress’s Six-Figure Benefits

ECB Says Banks’ Overnight Deposits Plunged From Record High
Kodak Files for Bankruptcy as Digital Era Spells End to Film Charged

MF Global Commodity Customers

Lawler: Housing Forecast for 2012
How gold to quickly triple in price?
How will Gold and Silver perform in 2012?
Physical gold purchases increase
The Substitution of Debt for Productivity
The World Continues Preparations

Money Insider: US Will See Violent Civil Unrest In 2012
South Carolina retirees are changing the discussion
The Middle Class Disappears, Rise of the Praetorian Class
Key Pillars of Gold Bull Market Intact
Eye on U.S. Dollar vs Commodity Index
China's banks urge man on the street to invest in gold
Repairing the Global Plumbing
Deutsche Analyst Sounded Alarm

One million homeowners may get mortgage writedowns: U.S
In MF Global, JPMorgan again at center of a financial failure
The IMF is no longer serving its purpose
EU treaty draft:

Portugal to need "debt haircut"

IMF slashes global forecast on eurozone crisis,

The 10 Fastest-Growing

The Many Benefits of Creating a Single Food Safety Agency
China Brings US Treasury Holdings To One Year Low, Russia Cuts Treasury Exposure By 50% In One Yea
USS Stennis Supposedly Leaves Straits Of Hormuz,

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