Monday, January 23, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 23

There Are 1.4 MILLION Gang Members In The United States And More Pour Into The Country Every Single Day
Why it's time to break up the 'too big to fail' banks
Inflation: The Only Tool Left
Gold Confiscation, a Reality? Part III
Something to Argue About
17 Facts About The Decline Of The U.S. Auto Industry

The Global Elite Are Hiding 18 Trillion Dollars In Offshore Banks
Greek Debt-Swap Deal 'Coming Into Place' IIF’s Dallara Says
Mortgage Principal Cuts Don’t Help Homeowners,

PayPal Will Expand In-Store Payments
European Banks May Deepen

Davos elites to seek reforms of 'outdated' capitalism
FOMC Meeting Preview
Can the government confiscate your gold and silver?
Gold: higher prices are coming
Gold may remain bullish, but don't rule out silver in 2012
Is new gold standard a realistic option?
US workers spend $1000 a year on coffee,

Why Wall Street wants $2000 gold this year
Topping Dollar Likely Catalyst for Gold Breakout
Housing Recovery?
Gold Outlook 2012
Subculture of Americans prepares for civilization's collapse
U.S. aircraft carrier enters Gulf without incident
Bernanke near inflation target prize, but jobs a concern
America overcomes the debt crisis

Eurozone burns money

The IMF is no longer serving its purpose
WEF calls for action to stem crisis ahead of Davos
Greek debt talks stall over interest rate on bonds
Italy and Spain call for eurozone rescue fund booster
Regulators shut down small banks in Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania; first failures of 2012
Croatians vote in favor of E.U. membership
Islamic flag over the White House
China gets jump on U.S. for Brazil’s oil

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