Thursday, June 23, 2016

Headlines in the News June 23, 2016

These Conditions Ensure That Gold Stocks Will Continue To Rise Over The Coming Years
7 Stupid Things Bankers Say About Bitcoin
More Kids Now Living At Home Since The Great Depression
Watch How Hyperinflation Bloats Venezuela By 2020
You’re Not Helping, Part MCXII…
leaves several high end guns on SUV seats
Guns, Islam and Orlando
Air Force Veteran Assaulted for Speaking About God
The Supreme Court Just Created a Full-Blown Police State â€" The End of the USA Cannot Be Far Behind
Donald Trump says the whole economy is 'rigged'
IMF says U.S. should raise minimum wage, offer paid maternity leave and overhaul taxes
High school graduates are way worse off today than 40 years ago
Goldman Sachs Notifies Regulators of 98 New York Job Cuts
What housing recovery? Appraisal volumes barely moved this month
Gold Prices: A Summer Retreat Regardless of Brexit Outcome - CPM Group
Feds charge $900 million in fake medical bills, kickbacks and other health care fraud
Yellen agrees it is too soon to take her ‘foot off the pedal’ to help labor market
IRS Admits To Illegally Seizing Bank Accounts; Agrees To Give The Money Back
New Minimum Wage Laws Kill Opportunities for Low-income Youth
Middle Class Jobs That Will Be Gone Soon
Sanders supporters may vote for Trump over Clinton
11 million Americans dedicating half of income to pay the rent
Ex-Deutsche Bank Trader Admits to Rigging Libor in U.S.
Are Buybacks Overly Driving Stocks?
Sanders Staying in Race Could Cost Taxpayers Over $1 Million for Secret Service Protection
300,000 Muslims Have Registered to Vote Since 2012
Nurses Say "No" to Staffing by Robot: 5,000 Strike in Minnesota
IMF cuts US growth outlook
Inflation To Reach 720% In Venezuela As Melt Down Unfolds
Royal Bank of Scotland 'plans further 900 job cuts in UK
USDollar/USDX Index
Democrats Whine About No Gun Control, As Rep. Says Citizens “Just Shouldn’t Need a Gun”
Destructive Potential: West Coast Megaquake Probability “Significantly Greater” Than Most Thought

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