Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Jun 28

Total Wins Bid to Operate Qatar's Giant Al-Shaheen Oil Field
Iraq's southern oil exports seen steady through 2016
Venezuela's Oil Output Decline Accelerates as Drillers Go Unpaid
Saudi Arabia's Oil Storage Falling As Exports Exceed Production
Iran's Oil Production Is Slowing Fast
Russia ready to ensure required natural gas deliveries to Europe — energy minister
UK's Brexit vote leads to bearish impact on LNG as currencies weaken
Israel, Turkey Clear the Way for Natural Gas Projects with Diplomatic Thaw
Coal prices rise on output cuts, strong demand in emerging Asia
Brexellent! UK burns no coal for first time since 1882
Dutch power stations use more coal to produce electricity
Switzerland backs India for nuclear exporting club
Russia's nuclear energy expansion – a geopolitical footprint?
Jordan, Saudi Arabia to cooperate on nuclear energy
Global Installed Solar PV Capacity Will Surpass 756 GW By 2025, GlobalData
Solar In Australia Saving $1 Billion Per Year
How to go solar without putting panels on your roof
Global sugar deficit to squeeze Brazil ethanol output


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