Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Headlines in the News April 27, 2016

Apple's nine-year iPhone juggernaut stops with first sales decline
The New Monetary Accord No One’s Talking About
US unions plan attack on Donald Trump in attempt to derail presidential bid
Saudi oil pledge explained in 90 seconds
U.S. workforce growth may give Fed one more reason to go slow on rates
The driverless truck is coming, and it’s going to automate millions of jobs
BP may cut back further as profits slump 80%
Cramer: ‘Massive layoffs’ main theme in earnings
More Liquidity for Banks? A Capital Idea
Study: White working-class mortality on the rise
Venezuela Declares Two-Day Work Week in Bid to Save Electricity
These Trends In China Will Change The Gold Market
Washington Lives In Luxury...Guess Who Pays The Bills?
The Federal Debt Violates the Constitution
China’s great wall of money just sprang another leak
Goldman Sachs Opens Savings Accounts and CDs
US oil companies lost $67 billion last year
A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows
Ex-McDonald's President: $15 Minimum Wage 'Wipes Out Entire Profit'
G. Edward Griffin: Donald Trump is an Amazing Phenomenon - Published on Mar 21, 2016
Retirement Crisis: U.S. phasing out popular Social Security benefit amid looming insolvency
Exxon Mobil Loses Top Credit Rating, Held Since Depression
USDollar/USDX Index
School Shushed for Singing Anthem at 9/11 Memorial: “Obey Authority, Even if We Don’t Understand It”
“Time Traveler”: Unearthed 1500 Year Old Mummy Wearing… Adidas?
Establishment Collapsing: Trump Beating Grand Ol’ Party Of “Serial Child Molesters” and Has Beens
The New Constantine: Putin Knows Religion Is The Opiate Of The Masses
Saudis and the Dying Petrodollar: “The Global Economic Reset Has Begun”

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