Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Energy Stories in the News Apr 27

Iran seeks interest on $6.5 bn due from Indian oil refiners
Falling output and weaker dollar push oil to 2016 high
Venezuela tops list of countries most vulnerable to low oil prices
First Shipment of US Natural Gas Arrives in Portugal
Nigeria's LNG Export Falls
US LNG in Europe May Push Russia to Produce Gas at Full Blast
Peabody, World's Largest Private Sector Coal Company, Takes a Fall
Six Polish companies agree to invest $620m in new coal mining group
Russia can sell its 49% stake in Turkish NPP project — media
UAE nuclear power focused on safety
Ukraine cannot stop using nuclear energy, but must think of new energy solutions – Poroshenko
French and Russian nuclear utilities extend collaboration
Sunshine Coast builds Queensland's first-ever council solar farm
Siemens wins order for offshore wind power plant in the German Baltic Sea
First Solar, Enel and EDF among elite bidders for Abu Dhabi solar project
Egypt to build massive $3.5 billion suite of solar power plants
Refinery outages, stock draw boost U.S. gasoline futures, margins
Iran Plans to Stop Gasoline Imports Once New Refinery Completed

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