Monday, December 7, 2015

Headlines in the News December 07, 2015

Why Janet Yellen is wrong
FTC Says Staples-Office Depot Deal Is A No-Go, Files Antitrust Lawsuit To Stop Mega-Merger
Oil Tumbles as OPEC Opens the Taps on Output Target
Momentum is beginning to run out of the jobs market
Smith & Wesson Hits 8-Year High On Gun Control Push
Wall St. Welcomes Oldest Gold Coin, Most Expensive Gold Monopoly Set
US Consumer Credit Rises $16 Billion in October
Morgan Stanley axes 400 bankers as bond-trading income dives
Is the Fed About to Light the Fuse on a $9 Trillion Debt Bomb?
Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Plunged Below 38 Dollars A Barrel?
Ben Bernanke joining PIMCO
Dean Baker on jobs
Why China's Reserves Fell $87.2 bln in November
U.S. to roll out new terror alert system
Fed̢۪s Bullard says post-liftoff attention to shift to inflation
Sweden Declares War on Cash, Punishes Savers with Negative Interest Rates
The Postal Service Will Try Emailing Your Mail to You
Better enjoy your pay hike while it lasts
Obama Speech: Don't Give In To Fear...But Be Scared To Death
Gold & Silver Prices Will Surge On Fundamentals Not Technical Analysis
AIG offering up to $1 billion stake in Chinese insurer
USDollar/USDX Index

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