Monday, December 7, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Dec 07

Oil Supply to Grow Faster Than Demand for Atleast Another Year: TOTAL
Russian rouble slips with oil after OPEC ditches output targets
U.S.-Iran deal could lead to more Iranian oil in N. Korea
Saudi Aramco CEO says he sees oil prices adjusting in 2016
Drillers Find Ways To Reach Billions Of Barrels Of Oil Trapped In Old Wells
Iran in talks for $4.5-billion undersea gas pipeline to Gujarat
$2 billion gas pipeline gift set to warm up Pakistan-Russia ties
Iran to sign $3 billion gas contract with consortium of Indian companies
Healthy Global Growth for LNG
Czech Republic embraces brown coal, a particularly heavy pollutant, as climate talks under way
Glencore cuts 180 jobs at Collinsville coal mine in north Queensland
Poland's economy will weaken the longer it depends on coal
India urges new exploration trust to focus on coking coal resource discovery
Russia expects Iran nuclear deal for sanctions relief to be implemented in Jan.
Why South Africa does not need nuclear power
80 New Nuclear Reactors by 2030: China Plans to Expand Nuclear Power Massively
Australian-Made Floating Solar Technology Headed To California
Gamesa and CFE sign a MoU for co-development of wind energy projects in Mexico
As Solar Pushes for U.S. Tax Break, One CEO Says Don't Bother
Tanzania Wind Farm to Be Ready By 2017
Michigan corn growers disappointed with new ethanol limits
Less ethanol is better for consumers and the planet
EU opens investigation into biofuel benchmark fixing
Gasoline Prices Continue to Drop Without End in Sight

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