Friday, November 13, 2015

Headlines in the News November 13, 2015

Record share of young U.S. women living with relatives
No New Bail-Out Bucks for Greece on Monday
Saudi Arabia: No Plans to Cut Oil Production
Surviving Poverty. In a Van.
Saving on the Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner
Celebrate Christmas Simply and Save
$944,143,000,000. Record Soc Sec Spending in FY 2015
Downsizing the Federal Government: The Department of Labor
Goldman. Yes, Goldman. Predicts 60% Chance Current Expansion Continues for Another Four Years.
The Anti-migrant Video Going Viral Across Europe
Scientists develop ‘nanopores’ that inexpensively filter the salt out of seawater
Space debris to collide with Earth today
Militia model for the military
Solar storm knocks out flight control systems in Sweden, grounds planes
GM solidifies plans to import Buick from China to U.S.
Americans are buying tons of gold
Fed should wait with liftoff to see firm inflation signs: IMF note
Rate Hike or No, Dec. Fed Meeting Will Be Bullish for Gold â€" Peter Schiff
Coming To A Balance Sheet Near Youâ€"-$2 Trillion In Debt Camouflaged As Operating Leases
Central Banks, Particularly China and Russia, Still Remain Strong Buyers of Gold
Fannie Mae economist questions affordable housing data
KFC begins home delivery for buckets of fried chicken
Gold Bulls Rejoice! Global Demand Grows in Q3
Facebook Says Government Requests For Data Are Rapid Increasing
Rising Silver Investment Demand Puts Record Squeeze On North American Supply
With the Economy in Shambles, More Americans Turn to Squatting: “Willing to Take the Risk”
Fed’s Dudley points toward hike, sees gradual pace
Keiser Report: Dead Industries, Zombie Banks & Broken Markets
Eighty million U.S. jobs at risk from automation, central bank official says
Walmart Black Friday 2015: Workers Launch Fast For Higher Wages And Full-Time Status
Boomers Worried Sick Over Rising Healthcare Costs
US Isolationists Still Block Iran Trade - Ron Paul
Caterpillar dealer Finning to cut 1,100 more jobs, shut Canadian outlets
Obamacare’s Creation of ‘Too-Big-to-Fail’ Insurance Companies May Cause Financial Meltdown
Could a Fed Rate Hike Help the Economy?
US government budget deficit totals $136.5 billion in October, up from year ago
Illinois Lottery ticket sales plunge after announced payout delay caused by state budget fight
USDollar/USDX Index
The Age of Machines and Unemployment: “Robots Could Steal 80 Million US Jobs”
If the System of Money Isn’t Changed “Rising Inequality Will Trigger Social Disorder”
Americans Stockpile Gold Amid Market Mayhem: Sales Of Coins And Bars Surge Over 200%
Migrant Crisis Has Europe Shaking On Its Foundations: “Only Alternative To EU Is War”

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