Friday, November 13, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Nov 13

Record oil stockpiles an 'unprecedented buffer': IEA
OPEC sees oil surplus falling in 2016
Saudi Arabia Set for 'Oil War' Against US Shale Producers
Hurting Canadian oil producers signal further cuts to come
Iran Return to Intensify Europe Oil-Price Competition, IEA Says
China Oct natural gas production rises 1.4 pct – stats bureau
Iran signs second gas deal with Iraq
High-energy coal to help Australia miners steam ahead in Asia
Coal's Cruel Fortune: Its Biggest Market Is Also the Windiest
Coal is still King in China as 155 coal plants were approved so far in 2015
Opportunities in China's nuclear revival
List of six potential sites for storing Australia's nuclear waste released
Finland to build world's first permanent nuclear waste depository
EUROPE POWER-Surge in wind power and slow demand hit spot prices
Will U.S. Solar Suffer The Same Fate As Fracking?
Solar Power Is Booming and Its Biggest Component Is Dirt Cheap
Tight European ethanol market pushes prices to two-year highs

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