Monday, October 12, 2015

Headlines in the News October 12, 2015

The drop in the labor force is coming from prime-age Americans, not aging retirees: Examining the 94.6 million Americans not in the labor force
The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared
Anthony Wile: Let’s Get This Show on the Road
FOMC Minutes Confirm Economy Not Ready For Rate-Hike This Year, Worried About Inflation, “Global Risk”
It’s Time For Negative Rates, Fed’s Kocherlakota Hints
Claire Wolfe: Come And Take Them. Start Here
EPA spends millions on military-style weapons, watchdog group reports
The Collective Failure of Gun-Free Zones
Woman uses medieval combat training, sword to stop intruder
Fed's Fischer says 2015 U.S. rate rise 'an expectation, not a commitment'
U.S. Fiat Monetary Scam: $100 Bill vs Gold
John Williams-The Fed has Lost Control
The real fight to win the international currency wars
Lower gas prices means no Social Security increase next year
How the Fed Misplaced $2.7 Trillion Of US Debt And Then Buried It
The U.S. economy is causing ulcers again
Dow Jones & Co. discloses breach
Keiser Report: Slinky Economics
Freddie Mac sells off $305 million in seriously delinquent mortgages
Central bank cavalry can no longer save the world
It’s not just the banks â€" our companies too are now ‘too big to fail’
FDA launches $128 million anti-smoking hip-hop campaign
Truck drivers wanted. Pay: $73,000
1.5 million Americans are living on less than $2 per day
The Failure To Act Responsibly Will Be The Addendum To Bernanke’s Memoirs
Americans Are Feeling Pretty Glum About Obama and the Economy
Oregon 8th-grader suspended from school for wearing patriotic shirt showing gun
VW's home town blues
Where to Stash Cannabis Cash? Tribal Nations Make Bid to Bank It
It's time to start talking about a US recession
USDollar/USDX Index
North American Union: US/Canadian Generals Discussed Fully Integrating Their Militaries
The Fed Just “Discovered” Another $2.7 TRILLION In Debt: “Quietly Boosted Total Credit”
Begging WWIII? Western Pilots Get “Green Light To Take Drastic Action Against Russian Jets”
The Banking System Has Gone Rogue: “World Economic Order Is Collapsing”

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