Monday, October 12, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Oct 12

OPEC reveals forecasts on Azerbaijan's oil output
Chevron Sees Additional South African Oil Refinery Causing Glut
Indonesia's return to Opec complicates decision on oil output target
Kuwait says won't slow development of oil projects
Russia resumes gas supplies to Ukraine: Gazprom
Poland Opens LNG Terminal, Pledges to End Russian Gas Dependence
Statoil squeezing more gas out of North Sea
Gazprom Germania to expand natural gas filling station network
Australia's export revenue likely to go down as China gets serious with its coal curbs
India seen as driving next wave of coal M&A in Australia
Ship queue to load coal at Australian Newcastle port's PWCS terminals rises to 9
UK and Germany to disucss £10bn privatisation of Urenco
Gamesa continues to expand its global wind power presence
India plans to provide solar power at new low of Rs4.75 per unit to states
Siemens to supply 54 wind turbines in Scotland
Time running out to sell Ukraine's ethanol-producing monopoly
US ethanol production jumps 7K barrels/day to 14.65 billion gallon annual rate

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