Thursday, September 17, 2015

Headlines in the News September 17, 2015

Crossing Borders with Gold and Silver Coins Nine of world’s biggest banks join to form blockchain partnership
I Have No Fear Of Economic Collapse
How Is The Silver Bullion Product Shortage Impacting Gold?
Attacks on Internet Fiber Optic Cables Ongoing
How to Make a $1500 Sandwich in Only 6 Months
Kid Takes Homemade Clock to School to Impress Teacher; They Arrest Him for “Making a Hoax Bomb”
Freeze And Seize—-Not Conspiracy Theory: Legislative Fact
‘Allahu Akbar!': Migrants rampage, attack police
Fed holds rates steady in nod to global economic weakness
Gold and Economic Freedom
Why the Economy Is â€" and Isn't â€" Ready for a Rate Hike
Puerto Rico’s Debt Rescue Plan Called Into Question
Doctoring Deflation
Government employees flocking to sugar daddy website
Post-Obamacare: 115,470,000 on Government Health Insurance; 32,968,000 Still Uninsured
No Escapeâ€"â€"1300 Hedge Funds Liquidate In China’s $5 Trillion Stock Implosion
Harvey Pitt: Government should serve not dictate
NFL teams score $7 billion in taxpayer subsidies on stadiums
America’s Poverty Problem Hasn’t Changed
Agencies Say They Need Access to Americans’ Emails Without a Warrant
David Stockman-Debt Markets Unstable and Tottering
A PE teacher has $102K a year pension?
Fannie Mae says housing can survive market volatility this year
Uncle Sam's Promise To Millennials: Pay $600,000, Get $2 Million In Retirement
Why Americans Still Think the Economy Is Terrible
Does corporate welfare need to be cut?
A 'Sense Of Crisis' Now In A Chinese Boomtown Gone Bust
Typical American family earned $53,657 last year
Budweiser wants to buy Miller â€" and the Brazilian private-equity titan who bought Kraft, Heinz, and Burger King is behind the deal
Verizon Chipotle Exxon merger "verxxotle"- parody commercial
McRevolt: The Frustrating Life of the McDonald’s Franchisee
Why Classic Cars May Be a Better Bet Than the Stock Market
USDollar/USDX Index

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