Thursday, September 17, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Sep 17

Stalled Oil Field Project Adds to Iraq's Woes
BHP adds voice to U.S. oil export debate
Kuwait to start offshore oil exploration in two years - KUNA
UAE oil and gas jobs on the wane amid price rout and regional security concerns
Australia should start looking to Europe to sell LNG as Asian growth wanes
Asian nations call for shake-up of LNG trade
Shale Oil's Retreat Threatens to Leave U.S. Short on Natural Gas
Vietnam's Aug coal imports surge 80% on year to 564,329 mt on heavy rains
New Data Shows Higher Coal Consumption and Production in China
World's largest PR firm won't represent coal producers or climate change 'deniers' anymore
UAE and Korea sign nuclear safety pact
Russia 'may have jumped the gun' on SA nuclear energy deal
Pakistan to generate 40,000 MW nuclear power
Siemens to supply its first offshore wind power project in Taiwan
Shell boss: Solar will be 'backbone' of global energy system
Wind power to serve a quarter of Europe's electricity demand by 2030
Ethanol Production, Exports Rise Despite Low Energy Prices
Total, Shell to build 100 gasoline stations in Iran
U.S. gasoline demand flattens out
China ethanol imports seen increasing in months ahead

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